Juan O Savin – Many Politicians and Government Appointees Jobs at Risk for Not Signing Oath of Office to Protect the Constitution + Intel Report with Lewis Herms

Many Politicians and Government Appointees Jobs at Risk for Not Signing Oath of Office to Protect the Constitution

I heard from Ann Vandersteel who did A Broadcast Yesterday with Breaking News

On Friday, A Bunch of Politicians and Appointees had been NOTIFIED 

that their Documentation and Certification for taking the Oath of Office (…)

which is REQUIRED (…) for All Office Holders, whether they are Elected or Appointed (…)


Was NOT on Filed. They had been FOIAed and could Not Produce those Documents

There might be A Ceremonial Taking of the Oath when A Person takes Office, 

but it MUST be Followed Up with A Signed and Notarized Written Oath that is FILED Correctly


The Penalty for Violating the Oath of Office is Perjury.


Signing these Documents is MANDATORY


They must Certify their Oath BEFORE they begin the Duties of their office

And the Signed Document must be Witnessed (…)

By the Notary who puts their Seal on it (…) and Filed Correctly People like the Head of the CDC,

and Secretary of the Army, et cetera. need that Signed Oath.


The Breaking News Also said that Vice President Kamala Harris did Not Certify and File her Oath of Office

She was Put on NOTICE in the Last 48  Hours (…)


That she has 10 Days to Get that done, she is Out of Office.

I have been going over This with Other People in the Legal Arena.


The Reality is (…) Anything these Uncertified People have Done Up until that Documentation is Filed Correctly (…)


Monday 17 April Ann Vandersteel

Do we have Public Servants in Office Right Now Acting as ‘Elected Officials’ without Swearing Allegiance to the Constitution? 


Immediately Terminate Positions for Those who can Not Produce an Affidavit Swearing Allegiance to the Constitution


Full Situation Update and Intel Report with Lewis Herms (Video)

Streamed on Apr 16, 3:03 pm EDT


An In Depth Situation Update and Intel Report with Juan O Savin.

Don’t Miss this One!

Contributed by Nicole Morgan


Before It’s News, Monday, April 17, 2023, 07:28


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