Johnny Edgecombe – Calypso train

Sam was the first one to crack the silence, “But did you see
that rass clart coil I’m carrying, sar?” He started to say
something else, but Georgie cut him off, “Listen gentlemen,
it’s a three-way split, you hear, sar.” Like he was only throwing
that remark at Jake; he figured that Jake was probably following
the guy and was waiting for him. He knew that it was a taste of
luck that Sam and himself had happened to appear on the scene
when they did, but like the whole thing was that they sighted
at the same time Jake did. Jake and Georgie agreed with Sam
that it was really a fat coil – must be more than a G but like,
they both warned him that if he made the take and they catch
him sinking – off, they would break his fucking head.
Like always Slip would pretend to get very up tight about such
remarks that the cats throw at him all the time; strongly
defending his honour and swearing to all the gods that he
never sink on no – mother. They followed the American
to a bar about ten minutes from the Express,
against Sam’s sound advice, who was all for taking
his chances and digging their Man on the street.

Kitty Blue is a very beautiful half Chinese chick, about nineteen
years old. Her mother was a hooker, so like she learned her trade
young – been brought up in a cat shop. She had a very uncanny way
of sussing out a mark who was carrying a lot – a bread.
She was sitting in Paris bar at the corner of the counter facing the
door as the American walked in and she too knew. Some of the
other hookers that was in the bar, also got the vibes; like,
I mean, that’s their business. If a hooker couldn’t ping a
live one when she sight of it – anyway, like they knew that
the Fish wouldn’t make it past Kitty B.

Kitty had a way of raising her titties under a Fish’ eyes
and their reactions never fails to turn her on.It was like she was
dangling a bone under a dog’s noise to dig him dribble – and sometimes
the marks did just that. The three cats pinged Kitty almost at the
same time as she was going into her thing for the American.
Jake saw the funny side and smiled to himself; Georgie cuss his luck
but like, he was still cool and didn’t give anything away; only Sam
couldn’t keep himself together- his face fell to pieces.
Kitty cought the expression on Slip’s face and connected – a fat one !
She figured that the mark just had to be carrying a lot – a green
for Jake to be operating with those two mother-fuckers –
especially that thieving bastard Sam. She didn’t really have
anything against Jake. As a matter of fact, she fancied him for a
long time, and had even made it obvious a few times; but Jake was a
very cute cat – you just couldn’t get into him.Like he never have no
conversation for no-one and if you said anything to him, he would
look at you and smile; yes, he’s a deep cat but he is so velvet
like you just had to dig him. Still it was tough that he was with
Georgie and Sam. Kitty just didn’t dig those two cats for nothing;
like they had encouraged her baby’s father. Danny, to split-out
on her to London when she was carrying his son and she never
missed out to take a dig at them anytime it was going.

Published in the magazine ABRACADABRA 1, edited by Marcello Angioni
Franco Beltrametti & Harry Hoogstraten, cover by F.B., layout Suse Hahn, 1977

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