Joe Hoft – EXPLOSIVE REPORT! WE CAUGHT THEM AGAIN: New Findings Show Coordination and Collusion Between PA and GA in 2020 Election Steal

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REPORT! WE CAUGHT THEM AGAIN: New Findings Show Coordination and Collusion Between Georgia and Pennsylvania in 2020 Election Steal

We obtained a Report showing what appears to be a Coordinated Effort in Posting Results in the 2020 Election between the States of Georgia and Pennsylvania. The Time Stamps of Updates to the 2020 Election Results in these two States are too similar to be a Coincidence.

The Report below shows a Comparison between the Presidential Results recorded for Georgia and Pennsylvania in the 2020 Election. Per a Review using the Edison Data released after the Election, the Report shows Tabulations in the Election which are far too consequential.

Below is a Chart of the Results of the Presidential Election for each State. The Charts are similar and show similar Patterns at First Glance, especially noting the Time from when Counting started in the Election.

Next, the Study identified some Key Times in the Election Counting Process. These times were recorded by Date by Hour by Minute using the UTC Time Zone which is the Time Zone used in the Edison Data. For example, 07:41:48 is November 4th at 7:41:48 in the morning UTC Time.) Here were some Key Times identified in the Study.

Next, the Study shows these same Time Stamps which are only minutes apart between States in most Instances. The Chart shows that not much Activity was reported in the Time Periods between Time Stamps A and B, between C and D, and between E and F which was unique. This indicates that the Elections between the States of Pennsylvania and Georgia may have been coordinated.

Also, the Pauses that occurred between A and B, C and D, and E and F are to Date unexplained. Why was there a Pause in Reporting during these Time Periods that occurred at the Exact Same Time?  Was there Coordination of Reporting taking place?

The Report notes that the Time Period needed to Count Ballots in Ohio, for example, was 6.5 hours for 5.6 million Ballots. Why did it take so long for Pennsylvania and Georgia to count their Ballots? The study overall shows that there was a Coordination in Counting Procedures between States.

Finally, we also noted that President Trump’s Lead was ultimately overturned at the Time Stamp referred to as F above.  At that point, Biden took the Lead. In Georgia, another 12,600 Ballots were counted after Biden was given the Lead (after Time Stamp F) and nearly every Batch of Ballots was recorded with the same Percent of Ballots to Biden and Trump.

In addition, we noted that at Time Stamp F, in Pennsylvania is when Biden took the Lead there. From that Point forward all of Pennsylvania’s Ballot batches also were recorded at nearly the same Ratio giving Biden the Majority of the Ballots by the same Percent (50% for Biden to 49% for President Trump). In Pennsylvania, another 60,600 Ballots were counted after Time Stamp F.


The reporting of the Ballots counted after timestamp F we referred to months ago as the ‘Roll’ in the ‘Drop and Roll’.

In Summary

Even though these state Election Organizations are ostensibly independent, these Data show there is a definite Coordination of their Counting Procedures. It implies that some Entity had Control of both State Voting Systems and could possibly manipulate the Vote to favor a particular Candidate.

Georgia and Pennsylvania should audit their Voting Systems and all of their Ballots to establish that the Ballot Chain of Custody has not been violated and ensure the Results include only Valid Ballots. 

Joe Hoft is the Twin Brother of The Gateway Pundit’s Founder, Jim Hoft, and a Contributing Editor at TGP. Joe’s Reporting is often months ahead of the MainStream Media as was observed in his Reporting on the Robert Mueller Sham Investigation, the Origins of the China Corona Virus, and 2020 Election Fraud. Joe was a Corporate Executive in Hong Kong for a Decade and has years of Experience in Finance, Information Technology (IT), Operations and Auditing around the World. The Knowledge gained in his Career provide him with a Unique Perspective of Current Events in the US and globally. He has ten Degrees or Designations and is the Author of three Books. His new BookIn God We Trust: Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics‘ is Out Now – please take a look and buy a Copy.

The Gateway Pundit, June 25, 2021 at 1:30 PM

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