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At first, I figured it must be because people were upset about my take on Julian Assange (past and present).

That’s not it.

Checking stats, despite spring break, there are more people hitting this site now than usual, it is a super high peak day (the highest in a year). So I’ll say this again: Look at Julian’s arrest photos. It is probably his body. But it is OBVIOUS, BEYOND QUESTION, he’s not in it anymore, his entire spirit persona shifted to “looney house fruitcake” which likely means he was in a dark chamber somewhere, being drugged, shocked and beaten for the last two and a half years, and Ecuador played along with it for a HUGE payoff. He’s barely got enough left to give a crippled “thumbs up”, FAR from what he was before. Nothing that happens now can change the fact that his removal from the embassy in 2016 was live streamed out between 1 AM and 5 AM the night of the 16th-17th October and to confirm it, the next day his “internet was cut” Gee, that would explain why he was suddenly not online. I assumed he was dead. Judging from the current photos, he may as well be.

This site has been attacked relentlessly to screw up readability and make me appear to be illiterate.
I am fixing it now, for however long that lasts.

As part of looking into whether or not the recent appearance of Assange is real or not, I discovered the Gettysburg Address has been re-written, complete with totally convincing fake photos of the document and it’s text and an absolute re-write of all web sites and video that discuss the topic. However, I also discovered that if you look at language web sites that have it, whatever AI they used to re-write everything did not go into them and change them because they were designated as language, and not history. This includes music sites also, – they forgot about Johnny Cash, and that he did a musical presentation that featured the real words.

How deep does this rabbit hole go? Deep enough to prove the Mandela effect is a hoax fronted by the tech left in an effort to re-write history, and deep enough to prove that no matter how convincing a totally new photo of Assange looks, it probably is not real. The Gettysburg address, and it’s subsequent erasure from history as it really was, complete with false text embedded in every single photo of the document and photos of monuments to that document in a totally convincing way is proof.

The site is not in combat mode now because it is getting messed with so much I have to be constantly on the server to fix it.


ZERO, ZIP, NADA, EVERYTHING EVERYONE IS CLAIMING IS THE DUMP IS STUFF THEY RELEASED LONG AGO, ALL COMPILED ONTO ONE LARGE PAGE. And that’s exactly what I’d expect if Wikileaks is, as I suspected, dead, and was dead before this latest Assange “arrest”.

Here is what I really think went on: Assange got removed from the embassy on the night between October 16 and 17 2016. The live stream of this proved something went on the night after Pamela brought him that lunch. Ok, so what if it was spiked with pure psychedelic “whatever? ” Assange would be wrecked for the long haul but would survive. So messed up and delerious he’d think he was dying. Pamela herself said he was not feeling well after eating it. That’s a BIG red flag – probably a secret message to those in the know. He then agrees to be removed from the embassy. The black van takes him away, to a different location for a couple years, and Ecuador plays the game for a payoff while the CIA homogenizes his brain with a fruitcake cocktail for years. Then, when needed, (and recovered enough) they put him back in the embassy. He’s so messed up he really did smear poop on the walls, but not for more than a small time back, to stage the arrest, and Ecuador in exchange for going along with it for all this time, gets the 4+ billion payoff.

If it is Assange and not a body double, this has to have been what happened, I was online posting during the live stream and said that night he was gone right when he was taken, plus said the next day he was gone and then his internet was “gone” and that was not a coincidence. The media at the time stated openly Pamela hated him and they were wondering why she’d buy him lunch. Then the “love story” kicked off and I called B.S. the entire time. Now he’s a clearly screwed up dude, whacked out of his mind when all the previous years did not make him whacked out of his mind. What happened during the last two and a half? NO BALCONY APPEARANCE, NOT EVEN A CAMEO?

I know I am right about this, but feel it will be impossible to overcome the official lie this time. I think it was Assange in the photos, and they screwed him up GOOD. The Wikileaks saga is over. All we got was regurgitated crap in the “life insurance” release. This time, the deep state won.

Assange does not look right in the police van. SEE THIS (https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=julian+assange&qft=+filterui:age-lt10080&form=IRFLTR&first=1&cw=1455&ch=813). Compare photos.

He aged too much, and his base persona is very different from photos, even “recent” 2016 photos. It is either not the same guy, or something horrible happened to him that tweaked his brain to a different world. Like lots of shock therapy or really bad psych drugs.

Boeing has officially stated that the 737 MAX is not fit to ever take off from an airport that is more than a mile in altitude. That’s ridiculous, considering the 707 of the late 1950’s was fit to take off from La Paz Bolivia’s airport, at 13, 000+ feet. Clearly, there’s common core crap going on at Boeing now.
BIG PROBLEM: THE HACKS CONTINUE. I will clean up the mess below this top posted report tomorrow. Someone does not like the following:

My current take on Wikileaks and Assange
Pros (for ithe current events being legit:)

1. Assange looked absolutely real, and exactly how I’d expect him to look if he was holed up out of sight for almost 3 years.

2. The media smear campaign boosted the credibility of this event a lot.

3. The payoff of 4.3 billion to Ecuador.

4. Supposedly a total wiki dump was done.

5. Anonymous cyber attacked the HELL out of Ecuador (https://www.eluniverso.com/noticias/2019/04/13/nota/7283765/ministra-interior-confirma-ciberataques-dice-que-solo-afectaron).

What hurts the legitimacy of the event:

1. The total “wiki dump” where everything was dumped appears to be a compliation of previous dumps, and contained far too many things I already have and have posted, even without Wikileaks. That’s a big problem. I predict ZERO items of relevance will be found that we don’t already know., but it looked good for politics, The entire dump is here: https://file.wikileaks.org/file/. Granted, I did not go through it all, but I have seen tons of what is on that list before. This is not what I would expect from the legit Wikileaks. Maybe someone will find something but I have heard NADA and first glance was not one of good impression.

2. As I stated before, none of the original top people on the Wikileaks staff are still around, the three top players got killed off in 2016 and then there was the anomaly with Assange, where his “internet got cut” for an ENORMOUS time span, right in the middle of it all, and he never once afterward showed up on the balcony, which he had TOTAL access to, the embassy gave him that room so there’s no explanation for why he did not ever show up there.

3. Deep fakes are absolutely real, and what has happened with the Gettysburg Address proves faking Assange would be a cakewalk. Add to this the fact that someone live streamed Assange being removed the day before his internet got cut, purportedly for medical reasons after he got poisoned, and things look really sketchy.

4. All of the original police van arrest photos were taken by RT staff. How did they get a monopoly on this? For HOURS, RT was the only one with the story, until others started referencing RT. Why? Because if it was done by deep fake, there would only be one source. The source the most people trusted was chosen.

5. When I went to post about the problems with the Assange story, someone was actually audacious enough to highlight everything I typed in blue right in front of me, and delete it. When that happened, It was obvious someone did not want it stated and placed in a prominent location. I don’t know how they expected me to just suck it up and not re-write it all, but they at least tried. And that speaks volumes.

I am skeptical it was assange and not a deep fake, but am also skeptical of it being a deep fake rather than Assange. I really do not know what to think. If we don’t see actual video of Assange soon, that alone will speak volumes, why would there be none, even from the court?
Granted, the Gettysburg Address “Mandela” fakery compliments of the tech left is not helping things either. It has nothing to do with Wikileaks directly, but does clearly show that extremely convincing and downright audacious fakery can and will be done.

Perhaps the real issue with my doubting all of this originates from a proven scamming press that can’t be trusted to tell the truth with anything at all, and instead repeatedly produces fake after fake after fake. Given the background of what went on with Assange, a fair degree of skepticism is certainly in order. I am going to have to sit this one out and watch for screw ups.

To be clear, (because I noticed people are not understanding this in forums and blogs – Wikileaks did not expose that the Gettysburg address was changed. The point I am making is that the deep fakes are so real, the tech left changed the Gettysburg Address and it was done in a very convincing way. If they can be that convincing with a historic document, where even old photos have had the text changed, there’s no question they can totally fake Assange now, especially if they are audacious enough to mess with such a well known historic document.
They were not complete in their purge of the Gettysburg Address, Johnny Cash preserved the original and you can damn well bet he did not get it wrong.


I discussed the topic of the Gettysburg address being changed with Claudia and how the revisionists were first noticed when they claimed Nelson Mandela was still alive (after everyone knew he died in prison) and as it turns out, Mexicans all know he died in prison long long ago and this hoax “Mandela effect” never happened in Mexico. It appears that it is all a stunt the tech left is pulling to re-write the history of Western civilization, even despite it all remaining intact in countries like Mexico. Claudia said they would never get away with it in Mexico because the old books are kept by everyone and not thrown away. I am not so sure this will work for them long term, but for now, the “Mandela effect” is not happening in Mexico, at least not as much.


It is now Four score and seven years ago our fathers! The tech left has replaced “forefathers” with “fathers” (https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Gettysburg+address&t=h_&iax=images&ia=images&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fspl225.files.wordpress.com%2F2015%2F11%2Fgettysburg-address.jpg) and have obviously employed supercomputers to comb every record everyone has and change it to fathers, including photos people have, even private personal photos. There is now NO QUESTION AT ALL that’s what operating system updates are really doing, they are going into everyone’s photos and documents and changing what is there to match the new narrative, whatever it happens to be. If this is hard for you to believe, go check the Gettysburg Address on all sites that claim to be for “history”, even the photos, and see for yourself.

There’s no other way this historic document could have been purged so well, and so completely, and the quality of the hoaxing of photos is so high there’s now reason to believe Julian Assange is in fact dead and they are hoaxing even him.
It might be hard to believe you did not remember the Gettysburg Address wrong after bathing in 500 photos “proving” you remembered it wrong but I found proof you did not remember it wrong. As it turns out, Johnny Cash put it to music. Since the revisionist AI was not set to hunt out music and destroy even that, it stayed preserved via Johnny Cash (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_hYZFUsOuw).
Their revisionist AI made a fatal screw up and I found it there. It can be assumed that the AI will change that Johnny Cash tune as soon as the tech left figures out it was preserved there, but I checked again this morning and it was still legit and also saved it. It is evident now that saving it on a computer will not be good enough however, the AI will find it’s way in and wipe it out. This is obviously what all those huge supercomputers are at least in part, really for.

If you still have those old encyclopedias, or there is a set you can go get, DO IT, AND GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE. Believe nothing, the tech left is clearly hell bent on destroying true history.

End of Wikileaks timeline

October 23 2016 – Wikileaks director Gavey Macfadyen dead.
April 16, 2016 – Wikileaks lawyer John Jones dead (“jumped in front of train”) (suicide)
May 11 2016 – Wikileaks Chief Counsel Michael Ratner dead.
October 16 2016 – Pamela brings Assange “lunch”, claims he was not feeling well after eating it, and on October 17 Assange had his “internet cut”.

At an unknown date, suddenly the Gettysburg Address was re-written to “four score and seven years ago, our FATHERS set forth . . . . instead of forefathers, including perfectly re-written photos confirming that’s what the text always was. Yes folks, the deep fake is for real.
And then Assange makes his mystery miracle appearance, after being totally unseen since Pamela brought him lunch. YEAH RIGHT.

I was going along with the Assange story until I found out what happened with the Gettysburg Address, and how convincing it is. Fortunately I was able to bust it, scroll down to that report. It proves they really could totally fake Assange, and I am more skeptical than ever now.

I am now convinced Assange is not in court, and the embassy did not kick him out this week (he has not been there for years)

Here is why. I can prove they probably faked the Assange photos with a simple image search of the Gettysburg Address. GET A LOAD OF THIS: They back wiped all the digital copies of photos, probably even via windows updates for those who had them, and the Gettysburg Address now, even in the photos, says FATHERS, not forefathers. Yet the AI missed references to the Gettysburg address in Johnny Cash tunes, computer programming forums, and English structure web sites. It purged only the places that claimed to record history and forgot music, other forms of education, and off topic blogs that happened to reference it. The AI actually over wrote ALL PHOTO REFERENCES and re-arranged the text in all photos perfectly. If this happened, software can do anything now, and can do it in bulk, automatically. See this: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Gettysburg+address&t=h_&iax=images&ia=images&iai=https%3A%2F%2Flegallegacy.files.wordpress.com%2F2013%2F10%2Fgettysburg-address2.jpg. No matter how the photo appears or what font it is in, it has been perfectly corrected to (replace “forefathers” with “fathers”. Yet this Johnny Cash tune still has forefathers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_hYZFUsOuw), and you can “take it to the bank” that Johnny Cash did not screw this up. The proper reference he provided was overlooked because music was not in the genre the AI was set to hunt out.

It has become obvious that what is happening now is that revisionists, who want to destroy history, have started using massively powerful artificial intelligence to back write everything digital, including even photos and locations of historic reference, provided they are in digital form. There is probably no “Mandela effect” per se, instead there likely are revisionists using advanced AI to back write everything and erase reality from the internet. This time they screwed up and only re-wrote direct historic reference that claimed to be historic reference and missed music. I’ll believe Johnny Cash long before I’ll trust a Google linked history site (or any site or photo any search engine pulls up nowadays.) We are obviously in the middle of a war, and the tech left is doing all it can to erase who we are in this war.

Due to the fact that the fakes of all the documents and photos of the Gettysburg address are totally convincing, no matter what font, paper, material, camera angle – you name it – I am going to call it like I suspected all along. Assange is yet another one of these fakes, if the AI could fake all those photos so well, in addition to finding them, hacking the computer they were on and replacing them with something that looks perfect, there’s no reason at all to believe we got the truth with Assange over the past couple days. Pamela is faking a love affair after bringing him “lunch” in 2016, the base reality of it all is now written in the Gettysburg Address, PERIOD.

Jim Stone Freelance Journalist, April 13 2019

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