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The most pressing Issue

The most pressing Issue, probably until the End of this Civilization will be whether or not the People who got the Shot are contageous in a way that makes Magnets stick to those who refused.
Self spreading “Vaccines” were the goal, and it appears they reached that goal. However, if this went SO FAR that those who refused the shot yet were around the Shedders end up having Magnets stick to them, the world needs to find out PRONTO.

This cannot be ignored. People who have been around Shedders need to make sure Magnets are not sticking to them, and if they discover they are, they need to blow the Story to the Moon. I’ll tell you one thing: If this ends up being legit, I am going BSL4, Quarantining totally, and painting the Door Frame in Blood like Passover.

If the non Vaxxed start coming down with this, Play Time is over and People ought not be running around all proud of not wearing a Mask. You had better Isolate and Quarantine to protect yourself from becoming whatever this New Species is. For many who have received the Shot it is already too late.

Tim Truth – Dr Byram Bridle blows Whistle On Extremely Concerning Japanese Study On Vaccine Lipids and Clotting

First published at 11:45 UTC on May 31st, 2021

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They are prepping the Story Line for excusing their way out of destroying millions with the Vax.
Skip to 2:30 minutes in that video, the beginning is not really fluff, you will know Israel is behind the Con in that 2:30 but it’s not needed for the Core Message.
Let me sum up the Excuse they are going to use to back paddle their way out of destroying so many People with that Vax. Here it is, in a single Sentence.

We caused everyone’s body to produce only the Spike Protein while not realizing it was the Spike Protein that was doing the damage, NOT THE VIRUS.”
ONCE AGAIN, YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST, that’s EXACTLY what they are going to say.

They are not going to ever explain how that Spike Protein is shedding and self replicating in people that never had the Shot. They are never going to explain how the hell Magnets are sticking to People. They are never going to admit there was never a Virus, and the Spike Protein was the entire Weapon. They are never going to tell the Truth, NOT EVER, but at least now we know what the Story is going to be, and that is “The Vax was experimental and everyone was told that, and OOOOOOOOOOOPPPSSSS!!! WE SCREWED UP. But we warned you, so you can stick it, and you had damn well better accept our next concoction too.”

I find it even more galling and more damning that they are choosing to Beta Test this Story Line by releasing it on an Israeli Program first. That ought to tell you who’s in the know, and they just had to fake it even harder by saying the Symptoms are mild and Israelis are suffering from them too. But they are not, there’s no damn way they did this to themselves, before I pointed out their Autism Stats were near zero they were 1 in 80,000 and as soon as that Story broke they launched BS upon BS. About how Israel has such a horrible Autism Epidemic. They lie about everything, the ultimate “#metoo” because they don’t want the rest of us pointing at their Numbers and questioning why they are not suffering the same Fate everyone else is.

Magnets sticking to un Vaxxed People who were exposed to Shedders?
There’s a Video of this out there now and I am skeptical because the People doing it don’t come off as honest, and the Manner in which it was done could have been faked. However, HEADS UP, watch out for this Stuff to make good and sure it is not true. Because if that Video was true (I am not going to link it, if it is legit more will surface if People are paying attention) and if it is true, EVERYONE needs to go to BSL4 or Quarantine the hell out of themselves OR ELSE. The only way cells generate Iron Particles big enough to attract Magnets is if they are not coded with their original DNA. It’s that simple. This really needs to be watched out for because if Shedders are indeed causing this via shedding alone, there needs to be the most massive Separation of Groups that has ever happened, EVER.

Jim Stone Investigative Journalist, June 1st, 2021

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