Jim Stone – Someone is obviously using space based lasers to carve up polar ice shelves and fraud global warming

If you can’t get enough “ice shelf depletion” to justify a carbon tax naturally, all you have to do is use a laser to cut the ice shelves off as you see fit to “prove” global warming is real. There is cold hard proof they did this, and were rock stupid about how. Nasa has a pure bullshit explanation and claims this iceberg is perfectly square “because it is new”. BULLSHIT, SEE THIS (https://www.rt.com/news/441906-strange-iceberg-nasa-climate/) now that this ONE image is out there, it won’t matter how they fake this in the future, the scam is BUSTED. Someone is cutting off chunks of ice from polar regions with space based lasers and blaming global warming for ice depletion.

Jim Stone Freelance Journalist, Oktober 22-23 2018

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