Due to the fact it was released in an inefficient format, government servers are crashing.
I rendered it to a file size 8 percent of that of the original, so share this one. I don’t think my servers will have problems, I have many to put this on. It will be worth it to blow secrets over this if need be.
One sentence summary: All this does is prove Trump has no ties to Russia, and that people acted illegally against the Trump campaign.

Yes, it is worse than watergate but I think this has been white washed anyway. Wait for tweets to see if it is complete or not. Sit on Twitter for all the representatives and see if they post anything about this being redacted. You are going to have to be vigilant because Twitter will work overtime to bury any tweets about this not being complete. Also keep an eye on any other social platforms.

To save this, click here and you will get a file that is still very small, but as clear as the original posted by the white house. If you want to serve it somewhere else from this web site, use the one that is showing on the front page.

FISA Memo by Anonymous MS54FL on Scribd