Jim Stone – Europe to force tech giants to censor EVERYTHING

EVERYTHING, from memes to music to news will be outlawed.
I had to make sure this was not from one of the alt media sites I shun before I posted it, because it is THAT outrageous, but this time it is real:

Europe is going to force the tech giants to continuously scan all news the MSM or anyone else produces, all pictures the MSM or anyone else produces, all music, video, the whole 9 yards, and then cross check that text and video and pictures against what people are uploading. If it matches what anyone else uploaded it will be blocked from uploading.

The direct goal is to stop things from going viral on the web, and getting out of control of the powers that be. If the tech giants detect the same text, only the original copy will be allowed to exist. No more viral E-mails, because they will all be scanned and if they are duplicates of one someone else is sending, adios.

Most likely this is being done to stop social movements that are related to exiting the EU or stopping mass immigration. They want any “information disasters” to be contained within small clusters of people and for all information networking to stop, unless it comes from an official source, and is the original copy.

They do not want re-posts of MSM reports, because when people re-post they are able to put their own commentary along with the report and undermine it. Most likely, for all appearances, the material will be “allowed to post” and then be shadow banned, so people don’t realise they have been silenced.

I have more detail above than what is in this CNBC report (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/09/12/eu-lawmakers-pass-controversial-digital-copyright-law.html) because I have been paying attention to this for a while.

The law behind all of this is stated to “protect original content developers” but the problem is, for example, that even though this web site says right on it that anything on it can be posted by anyone anywhere, the filters that will be put in place will automatically detect a duplicate and prevent anyone from re-posting, with permission or not. They will probably manage special tokens for sites like AP to make sure those reports can exist on multiple MSM outlets at the same time, but as for the rest of us, ADIOS.

NO MORE: Viral cop beating videos, NO MORE evidence leaking out and spreading everywhere, NO MORE loss of control of the official narrative, WHO CARES if only 50 people see Aunt Judy’s cat trick, Aunt Judy, a stolen child, and a frazzle drip expose’ can just go to hell, “we” don’t want that, we are in control, and you will see what we desire you to see and NOTHING ELSE.

Jim Stone, 12 september 2018

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