Jim Stone – A full year after I drew the connection to the e cigarettes China is asking questions

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A full year after I drew the connection to the e cigarettes China is asking questions

About a year ago I pointed out how the e cigarette story and the original form of the Corona Virus con job were a perfect match, which indicated Covid was in the US months earlier than stated. Now China wants answers and is pointing the finger at Fort Detrick. If I believed the Corona Virus  con I might say China is onto something but I have grown beyond that, yes, the two events were probably the same thing but when a Vax is causing cells to sprout iron spikes I think the Vax is now a far bigger issue.

It is still nice to see China figure this out however, despite being a literal 20 media years behind the Americans (as usual with everything)

How many people are going to speak up about vaccine deaths of their loved ones if a big chunk of money could go bye bye if the insurance company finds out?

Another 3d AI blunder, Kamala Harris boards a plane that is not there.

Well aint that cute. It continues to all be fake. The original video of this has been banned and Twitter is banning all posts about this as fast as they go up. In the original video she gets to the top and there’s no plane but she does not fall.


Here is what happened. The plane was not put in place of the green screen. It was a total screwup.

This is NOT Kamala getting on the plane, but this is what happened, and someone screwed up and forgot the plane in Kamala’s case.


Don’t believe the lies they are pushing, only 37.5 percent of the U.S. population is vaxxed (and I don’t believe even that)

The population was already heavily informed when the percentage was only 19.5 percent and I don’t believe they were able to simply pull that many more idiots out of their butts. Biden said he’d get 70 percent fully vaxxed by July 4 and the media is lying the numbers up to both apply pressure on people who have enough brains not to, while they boost Biden by obscuring an abysmal failure.

Need I say they have predominantly damaged their primary support? Those who screamed “conspiracy theorist” and trusted them? They shot their own feet.


Pemex bought into the Deer Park refinery in Texas

They do not own the whole refinery, they just bought the rights Shell had. But I doubt this would have been allowed under Trump.

Pemex was already buying gas from the United States so if anything is noticeable from this, it will be in Mexico where gas prices will either go up or down because of this, and there is no way to know which one it will be. Americans will probably notice nothing.





People are wondering if the way the election fraud coverup is collapsing will make a difference

I gotta say, it is remarkable. However, it is no more remarkable than the Hunter Biden expose. It is no more remarkable than all the other proven fraud. Will the third time be the charm? One can hope, but I would not bet on it.



A George Soros backed candidate for one of his color movements called the “orange movement for the citizens” was shot dead in Mexico after showing up for a rally called for on Facebook live. The orange movement (called Movmiento Naranja or “The Citizen’s movement”) in Mexico is likely the one the cartels are supporting, – the cartels HATE Obrador who is backed by the Morena party – and they flourished under PRI and PAN. They and their sidkick Movmiento Naranja are the primary opposition for the Morena party.


Recently the Morena party called out Kamala Harris for supporting Soros backed NGO’s that are trying to oust the Morena party and Obrador. Obrador made it very clear that it was totally illegal for Kamala to be funding these NGO’s and that’s when Kamala cut him off (if you remember that)

Anyway, these idiots are running commercials about women who were physically beaten and saying Obrador and Morena did it, and other commercials where they drop concrete slabs on musical instruments and claiming Obrador took the music away from the children – the whole ball of wax, PRI and PAN are absolute filth along with their “Movmiento Naranja” and the public still LOVES Obrador. Somebody cracked. And I cannot say I am sad, I hate them too.

At least in Mexico where guns are illegal so “no one” has them, they still have the balls to shoot tyrants. They seriously upstage the American gun owner.




Who shot

Today I came across a Mexican vaccination center.

I imagined getting a covid jab and then grimaced at the thought of being filled with trillions of tiny metal spikes at the cost of my existence. Granted, Mexico has it’s own vax now that might not be so bad, but they DID have the American jab and still probably do in many places. What the hell are these people after getting these shots, really? People do not grow iron spikes in their cells. People do not have multi pointed red blood cells in their bodies, with the cells sorta looking like they are trying to be stars of david, (in case you missed that, that’s what is happening to people’s blood under a microscope after these shots – WHAT ARE YOU after the shot? Only God knows.

And it is now perfectly obvious the entirety of the covid event was a psy op staged to con people into getting nose swabs and shots that will destroy who they are. There never was a virus. I will never believe there was. NOT AFTER THAT SHOT. How is a shot that was supposed to be for a legit illness never producing antibodies, and is instead causing iron spikes to grow in people? Easy answer: The ENTIRE OUTBREAK IS FAKE.

I don’t know if they counted on people discovering the magnetic properties after the shot so soon, and I bet they figured they’d bury any discoveries. But the genie is out of the bottle and clearly if that is happening the shot is not experimental, they know damn well what they were doing and exactly what that shot was for and clearly it was not for the aftermath of bat soup!.


I am beat from running around, but I discovered something big while doing so

You never see synagogues in Mexico. Yet there are Jews, so where do they meet? Perhaps there are synagogues that I have overlooked but to never have seen even one? Yesterday I did. On the 11th floor of the building Claudia’s specialist doctor was in.

I had to use the bathroom, but there was not one on the floor the doctor’s office was in. So I was told to go up the fire escape stairs. I missed it because it was IN the fire escape stairs. I went all the way up to the 11th floor, and asked where the bathroom was. There was the synagogue, totally out of sight, never to be discovered. Just my being there obviously panicked them like I discovered a big secret and they beyond politely (panicked politely) told me it was in the stairwell.

They are pushing a lot of crap in Mexico that the people absolutely hate and there is no question they are hiding their presence. I knew this for years, but did not discover exactly how they accomplished it in Mexico until now.

To get to where they are, you have to get approval and name exactly where you are going to security before you are even allowed into the building, and then you have to bump into them by mistake. They have kept it all a secret. They are at war with the world and do not want the Mexican public having anything to point at and say ’there they are’, especially at ground level.

Maybe there are synagogues at ground level somewhere in Mex, but I have never seen it. I figured they must all be in gated communities. Yesterday I discovered that is not necessarily the case.



Here is the Bloomberg report where they lie their butts off about “global supply chain problems”. I can prove this is a hoax and will, just wait until I take video of what is going on in Mexico.

I can confirm that the supply chain stories are BULLSHIT

Bloomberg, Yahoo and more are running reports today stating that “everything from Chicken to computer chips” is in short supply. Canada and the U.S. are afflicted with this. And it is all a HOAX.

Lumber is through the roof, cars are not being made because of a chip shortage and store shelves are bare . . . . . . . folks, this is all manufactured and I can prove it.


Meat prices in the Mexican chains have not budged a single percent. Not at all. They are the same as ever. All the car lots are full, and all models from all manufacturers are there. There is not one bare spot on a single store shelf anywhere. And in fact, prices are plummeting because China kicked it up a notch and and is blowing out amazing products for nothing. For example, I bought Claudia a medical grade otoscope that is like a long pen that she can shove down her throat and get updates on problems by getting a close look, the picture quality is absolutely amazing, and it cost $20. It is all metal, medical grade. How can this be the case if Bloomberg and others are not lying? They are.

Everything is in the Mexican stores, from a huge variety of bicycles to weight sets to all types of clothes, all cleaning supplies, everything you could imagine is there and stocked deep. All varieties of televisions and tech devices too. Nothing is missing. And at Home Depot, ALL THE PRICES ARE NORMAL, even the lumber.

Americans are getting played. I guess it is time for another stroll through the stores in Mexico, showing everything stacked and packed.



A new type of troll

There is a new type of troll out there. The new type is where they hire people who are professionals that have actually worked jobs related to the topic they are trolling. With the previous type of troll, they were paid $3.50 for every post they made while sidetracking legitimate posts by real people. The new type of troll is paid $120.00 to start a topic of their own, and to stick with the topic and supervise whatever original thread they posted until they get the thread to go the direction they want it.

I’ll tell you what. If I ever set up a forum again, I am going to use those nifty little lines of code I recently did to shut down attacks by ovewhelming the attackers with auto executing files (right now I use huge Youtube videos) and it really occupies the computers that have been told by my site to ask for them rather than get a non executable from my site which will load my server – people who manage private forums need to realize that if they want to get rid of a troll they should not ban the troll, they should instead send the troll stuff that basically overwhelms their computers so they can’t work. Once you know who they are you can single them out with ease and stifle them to death. That is WAY better than a ban, and if that does not work, start sending the trolls viruses. If you have identified someone that brought attention to themselves, you do not have to send them what they think they are going to get when they do a troll post, no, rather than get the page they expect to see why not a blue screen? I have not blue screened a troll or attacker yet, but the option is there, they are your “guest” and can be made to eat whatever you give them without tasting it first.


COVID when read exactly as written in Hebrew the way we see it means posession by a demon

I saw this going around and discovered it is a big topic that is 100 percent legit when I checked to see if it could be real. Most modern languages are written left to right. A lot of ancient languages are written right to left. If you spell out covid in the direction they are using on us in hebrew characters and then put it in a Hebrew sentence and read it, it will sound out as DIVOC which in hebrew means ‘posessed by a demon’.

‘COVID shot’ would literally read as ‘posessed by a demon shot’ in Hebrew. Perhaps that is one of the functions of this shot as many people have stated family members change after receiving it. Additionally, satan is the top demon, and if this is the mark of the beast shot as many people fear, having it literally read as ‘posessed by a demon’ shot in hebrew provides substantial support to this notion.

Why are things magically working out like this so often now? How likely is it to be coincidence EVERY TIME? I would say not likely at all. It is not likely to be a miss to spell this out as we see it, and have it mean ‘posessed by a demon’ as they see it. It is as if it was done on purpose. And it probably was.

I would like to add something here that I think of and keep forgetting to post –

If this shot commands your body to build the mark of the beast within you, and one day it starts appearing on people after the mods take full effect, you will not get it off you. If you gouge it out, your body will heal and put it right back because ’that is what you are now’. Imagine that.


BOOOOOOM! Rense posted proof blood is being robbed of iron by the vax

Under a microscope you can tell the blood cells have changed, and are not as dark anymore and the more the damage progresses, the more the cells appear to be changed from their original form. This is not going to end well, one of the slides has the blood cells changing from round to having many points on them. They are round for a reason. One way clotting is triggered is by having red blood cells come in contact with uneven surfaces (like what an injury creates when it ruptures a vessel), how are jagged edged blood cells going to get along? Quite obviously not very well.


About the vax and the mark of the beast

There is no telling what the vax really is, but anyone ought to know that if it modifies your DNA (and obviously it does, the magnet test proves it) – if it modifies your DNA it is obviously forbidden so that alone puts you on not very good ground even if it is not the mark of the beast. But about the mark of the beast –

I think mankind passed the test better than predicted. There is some variance allowed for in the prophecies for how many fall. I would say the mark of the beast is not doing very well. Even a large number of melinnials will not go for it. Do not be among the fools who accept it, there are a lot more people resisting it than predicted. Obviously people have not been tested to the fullest extent which will mean accepting the loss of everything (an obvious outcome to not being able to buy or sell) but I will hedge my bets that there are a lot more people out there who will refuse the mark and accept the sacrifice than people think. I know it all looks hopeless and it may end up being so but I believe those who choose the correct path will be in far greater company than they realize.

So go for it. Do the right thing. You will not be alone, even if it kills you.


Something I have been meaning to post for a while but keep forgetting –

It appears that the goal of the shot may be to produce iron crystals everywhere in the body, and not only at the injection site. The reason would be to have so many crystals throughout the body that they automatically end up being where they need to be in the brain to cause remote control of thoughts.

Earlier posts to this site cover how they already experimented successfully with controlling rats. However, that process involved injecting the rat brains directly. They cannot get away with doing that to people, so a different method was formulated via genetic modification to cause the body to make crystals, probably everywhere but they show up near the vaccination site first. The shot is too crude to select where the crystals are going to grow, they just grow everywhere and eventually enough turn up in the brain to do the job. This would obviously be horrible for health, but remember my post about the bad farmer? they clearly do not care.

Remember the covid swabs that went very far in and swabbed the cribriform plate? My guess is that they were attempting to place gene modifying materials right on the brain to accomplish the same thing and it failed, so they moved on to shots that basically took the sledge hammer approach.

Once again, this is only a guess, but I bet I am right.


Covfefe – Covid-iron-ferritin?

I really hate to post this, but it is being said and makes sense:

CovFeFe really does match Covid, the elemental symbol for iron (fe) and Ferritin (the huge iron crystals made by the shot that are making the magnets stick). Is this mere coincidence? If so, that would be one hell of a coincidence. No one knew what covfefe meant, and if it does mean that, then what?


Fertility clinic warns covid shot kills sperm and ovaries

Jim Stone Investigative Journalist, June 29th 2021