Jim Hoft – Democrats Drag Out a Clearly PANICKED Al Gore to Attack Arizona Audit as Officials Prepare to Release Preliminary Evaluation this Week (VIDEO)

Al Gore in Panic on CNN (foto YouTube)

Democrats Drag Out a Clearly PANICKED Al Gore to Attack Arizona Audit as Officials Prepare to Release Preliminary Evaluation this Week (VIDEO)

Democrats and the Fake News Media are clearly in a Panic over the push to audit the Results of the 2020 Election.

Why is that?

The Fake News Media for years pushed that the 2016 Election was stolen by Russia’s Involvement with the Trump Campaign. This was a complete lie created by Deep State Operatives and pushed by the FBI and the toxic MainStream Media for years to damage President Trump and his Administration.

But now, after a Senile Man who hid in his Basement “won” the 2020 Election, the Democrat Media Complex is outraged and panicked that Republicans want to audit the Results.
Since when do Innocent People put up such a Fight to thwart an Audit that “should” prove the Election Results in their favor?

On Sunday a clearly PANICKED Al Gore went on CNN to attack the Arizona Audit.
This comes as the IT Specialists behind the Audit prepare the Release of a Preliminary Evaluation of their Results this week.

Gore calls the Audit an “Alternate Reality.”


CNN – Trump lost the Election | By a Lot | Al Gore has a Message for him

Published 27 jun. 2021

CNN’s Pamela Brown talks to Former Vice President Al Gore about Republican Liz Cheney’s Remarks about the Democratic Ticket’s Election Loss in 2000 and Former President Donald Trump’s Refusal to accept the Results of the 2020 Race.

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Gateway Pundit, June 27, 2021 at 11:52 AM


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