JEHM Films – THE YOGI S OF TIBET (Very Very Rare Documentary)

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THE YOGI S OF TIBET (Very Very Rare Documentary)

Gepubliceerd  25 mei 2020

Vivekananda Samiti, IIT Kanpur

Official Channel of Swami Sarvapriyananda

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We do Not Own Any of the Rights to this Film, this Video is Not Monetised, I am Simply Sharing as this Incredible Film as it has been Discontinued, yet it is A Very Important Representation of A Culture that has Much to Offer Modern Day Humanity.

Original Film Description

YOGI (yo ge)
An Individual who has Spent Years in Isolated Retreat Practising Secret Self Transforming Physical and Mental Exercises, and through these Techniques has Developed Extraordinary Control over both Mind and Body. The Yogi S in this Film took Unprecedented Risks. Once vowed to Extreme Secrecy to Maintain then Purity of their Practices, they agreed to these Unique Interviews and Rare Demonstrations to help preserve for Posterity their Vanishing Culture.


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