Jeffrey Epstein – A Vascular Cause for Alzheimer’s?

People With APOE4 Gene Have Higher Risk of Alzheimers (foto SciTechDaily)

A Vascular Cause for Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s continues to be a devasting disease around the world. Every year about 5.4 million Americans are diagnosed. 200,000 of those are under the age of 65. Today, one in eight people in the US, over the age of 65 have Alzheimers.

New Studies are coming to the forefront however, that Alzheimer’s could be treated not so much as an anomoly that occurs to the Brain, but as a more typical Vascular Disease.

There is a well known link between Alzheimer’s Disease and a Gene called ApoE4. In fact, people who carry two copies of the Gene have approximately eight to 10 times the risk of getting Alzheimer’s than those who do not have the gene.

Up to now though, little was known about how ApoE4 contributed to Alzheimer’s devastating deterioration of the Brain. However, in a ground breaking Study published in Nature and financed by the Alzheimer’s Association and The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation amongst others, scientists from Rochester University and the University of Southern California have shown how ApoE4 can unleash an excess of the Protein Cyclophilin A into the Cardio Vascular System, causing Inflammation in Atherosclerosis and other conditions. Critically, the study also found that ApoE4 makes it more likely for Cyclophilin A to accumulate in Cells that help maintain the Blood Brain Barrier, reducing Blood to the Brain and allowing Toxic Substances to infiltrate.

We are beginning to understand much more about how ApoE4 may be contributing to Alzheimer’s Disease,” said Dr Robert Bell, from Rochester University and senior author of the Study. “In the presence of ApoE4, increased Cyclophilin A causes a Breakdown of Cells lining the Blood Vessels in the Brain in the same way as found in Cardiovascular Disease or Abdominal Aneurysm. This establishes a new Vascular Target to fight Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Specifically, the Study found that mice carrying the ApoE4 Gene had five times as much Cyclophilin A in their Pericyte Cells, Cells that maintain the integrity of the Blood Brain Barrier. The Cyclophilin A caused an increase in the inflammatory Molecule NF Kappa B which in turn increased levels of MMP Molecules or Matrix Metalloproteinases that are known to damage Blood Vessels and reduce Blood Flow. The mice’s Blood Vessels died, Blood did not flow as completely through the Brain as it did in other mice, and harmful substances like Thrombin, Fibrin, and Hemosiderin, entered the brain tissue. When the team stopped the excess of Cyclophilin A by removing the ApoE4 Gene or by using Cyclosporine A to inhibit it, the Brain Damage in the mice was reversed. Blood Flow resumed to normal and Toxins from Blood Vessels into the Brain was reduced by 80%.

For years, Amyloid Beta, a Protein that accumulates in the Brains of Alzheimer Patients was seen as the main culprit for damage. However, this recent study shows that there is also a serious vascular origin. “Our study has shown major neuronal injury resulting from Vascular defects that are not related to Amyloid Beta,” said Dr Berislav Zlokovic, an Adjunct Professor at Rochester and Director of the Center for Neurodegeneration and Regeneration and professor. “This damage results from a breakdown of the Blood Brain barrier and a reduction in Blood Flow. Amyloid Beta has an important role in Alzheimer’s Disease,” added Zlokovic. “But it’s very important to investigate other leads, perhaps where Amyloid Beta isn’t as centrally involved.”

This Cyclophilin A, Genetic link is crucial,” Jeffrey Epstein asserts, whose Organization, The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, promotes cutting edge Medical Research around the world. “It will allow Scientists to Chemically inhibit Vascular Disease in conjunction with Genetic Therapy. But it will also help Scientists concentrate on other Protein inducing Genes as possible offenders.”

Jeffrey E Epstein is an Investment Manager and Science Philanthropist who currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Trust Company. Mr Epstein started his career at Bear Stearns with an Educational Background in Physics. He has been a Trustee of Institute Of International Education Inc since October 2001.

Mr Epstein is a Member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the New York Academy of Science and a former Rockefeller University Board Member. Mr. Epstein is also actively involved in the Santa Fe Institute, the Theoretical Biology Initiative at the Institute for Advanced Study, the Quantum Gravity Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and also sits on the Mind, Brain & Behavior Advisory Committee at Harvard.

Jeffrey Epstein’s philanthropic affiliations include the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, the Florida Science Foundations and The COUQ Foundation. He is a member of the Edge community, an internationally respected group of thinkers and achievers.

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