Jeff Warrick – PROGRAMMING THE NATION | Subliminal Messages to the Masses (Full Documentary)

PROGRAMMING THE NATIONSubliminal Messages to the Masses (Full Documentary)

Gepubliceerd 17 okt 2021

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Watch PROGRAMMING THE NATION, A Feature Documentary about the History of Subliminal Messaging in America!

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According to Many Authorities, since the Late 1950′s Subliminal Content has been Delivered through All Forms of Mass Media. The Modern Military has Even Been Accused of these Practices in the War on Terror. Director Jeff Warrick, leads this Journey through the Subconscious Mind While Examining the Reported History, Scientific Research and Potential Effects of Such Techniques on Society.

With Eye Opening Footage, Revealing Interviews, Humorous Anecdotes, and an Array of Visual Effects, this Fast Paced Film explores the Alleged Use of Subliminals in Advertising, Music, Film, Political Propaganda and the Military. It takes in the Entire History of Alleged Subliminal Messages, from Hidden Sexual Imagery in Disney Cartoons and Satanic Messages in Rock Music, to the James Vicary Experiment where “Drink Coca Cola” was Flashed between Frames at A Cinema, and the Infamous Republican “RATS” Campaign that won Bush the Presidency<.

Directed by Jeff Warrick
ProgrammingTheNation 👕
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