Jean Mamy AKA Paul Riche – Forces Occultes | Occult Forces (1943)

Forces Occultes | Occult Forces (1943)

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Forces Occultes | Occult Forces
Subtitled The Mysteries of Free Masonry Unveiled for the First Time on the Screen, is A French Film of 1943, Notable as the Last film to Be Directed by Paul Riche, the Pseudonym of Jean Mamy.

The Film Recounts the Life of A Young Député Who Joins the Freemasons in Order to Relaunch his Career.

He Thus Learns of How the Free Masons are Conspiring with the Jews and the Anglo American Nations to Encourage France into A War against Germany.
Jean Mamy, A Ex Free Mason Himself, was Executed after the War. Occultes


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