A well-known Dutch artist, art collector and social commentator, ROB SCHOLTE, created his own museum in Den Helder, Netherlands, in a small vacant building. It is known, naturally enough, as the Rob Scholte Museum (https://robscholtemuseum.nl). Rob is hoping to expand his museum or perhaps to move it to larger quarters. Part of his online commentary on art and society involves finding interesting articles, books, news reports, columns and reviews to post at his museum’s site. In the past week I found that one of my articles had been posted on Rob’s site in 2014. Unfortunately, the article’s format was totally screwed up, just as it was in its original condition at my own website “An Independent Scholar’s Voice” (http://www.janetwasserman.com) I don’t have sufficient skill to know how to avoid hidden code or deal with glitches like problems of software interface. So my original article is still at my site in its messed-up and screwy format.
In 2014 Rob was looking for information about the 20th century Dutch art forger Han van Meegeren when he came across my article on Van Meegeren’s portrait of famous Dutch pianist Theo van der Pas which included the image of Franz Schubert. That specific art creation piqued my Schubertian curiosity. Why was Schubert in that portrait, along with six other Great Masters? So, of course, I researched and wrote and posted my article at my web site. No one has paid much attention to it because it is impossible to read. There are weird paragraphs, broken sentences, and a general air of typographical chaos in my article on which I spent a lot of time doing the research, copying articles, buying books, and assembling images. I originally titled the article “Han van Meegeren and His Portraits of Theo van der Pas and Jopie Breemer” and published it my page on 29 July 2013.
Rob is more interested in Van Meegeren’s problematic book of drawings Teekeningen 1 and the furor which surrounded it when a copy was found in 1945 in the charred ruins of Adolf Hitler’s bombed-out Reich Chancellery in Berlin. That copy was lovingly inscribed to Der Führer. The last page of the book is Van Meegeren’s portrait of Theo van der Pas with the ghost of Franz Schubert sitting on the piano bench beside Van der Pas while the other ghostly Great Composers are all standing. Well, Der Schwammerl does get around.
Rob had tried his best but I was alarmed at how my article looked at his site – not any better than on my own – and so together we were able to re-align the format and get it looking pretty good. The “we” is mostly Rob’s hard and patient work to get it all looking as professional as possible. He just posted my article today and, finally, “Han van Meegeren and His Book Teekeningen 1” can be read online. It is still about Theo van der Pas and a bit about a wonderful Amsterdam bohemian of a much earlier era, Jopie Breemer. Jopie is a near-total unknown in his own country and I’d hardly expect any interest here in the US nearly 60 years after his death. Still, it’s nice to see my article at the site of the Rob Scholte Museum.
My sincerest thanks to Rob Scholte and his valiant efforts. He made it happen. He conquered the technological bugs. It’s there – today. To Rob – Een miljoen bedankt!

Schubert Society of the USA Inc., 30 maart 2016 om 21.05