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Editors Prepping Progress

Jim Reports

I LL start out with my Recently Visited Radio.Garden Stations.

Radio.Garden has been Glitchy with Recent Releases of Firefox, but it works well with the Opera Browser.

  • WUMB, Traditional Folk, Boston
  • KILI Radio 90.1, Porcupine, South Dakota
  • Radio Riel Ragtime, Detroit, Michigan
  • KBBI AM 890, Homer, Alaska
  • KSUN 103.7 FM,  Sun Valley, Idaho

This past week, I did some More Firewood Cutting. I also hauled Home Some Cedar Chips from A Local Sawmill, for my wife Avalanche Lily to use as Pathway Cover Material and as Mulch in her Garden and Greenhouse. And I put in some Time running our Rototiller.

A Few Errands and A Trip to the Dentist kept me away from the Ranch for Several Days.

With Federal Legislation brewing, I ve also been Heavily Stocking Up on Magazines. I LL discuss my Strategy on that in the Tangibles Investing Section of my Bi Weekly Economics and Investing Column.

Now, over to Lily.

Avalanche Lily Reports

Dear Readers,

I spent A Day in the Early Part of the Week, going through Three Bug Out Bags and reorganizing my Hiking Bug Out Bag.

I spent Quite A Few ours perusing Edible Plant and Flower Identity Books and Video S.

In the Greenhouse, Jim and I dismantled Three 4 foot by 12 Foot Beds that had Rotted Boards.

I laid down the Cedar Chips that Jim bought in the Greenhouse, around Black Raspberries in the Annex garden and in the perennial herb garden.

I weed whacked the Paths in the Main Garden, raked up the Grass and Dandelions and fed them to the Cows.

As you know, I have Not Planted Anything in our Main Garden to let it rest for the Shmittah Year, This Summer.  I have been taking Regular Walks around it to see what is coming up by it self.  Here is A List of the Volunteer Plants that I have seen, Dandelions (Lots!), Shepherd S Purse, Hen Bit, Dead Nettle, Garlic, Chickweed, Broad Leaf and Narrow Leaf Plantains, Clovers, Turnips, Red Russian Kale, Oat Grass, Fillarie, Pepper Grass, Mullein, Dinosauer Kale, Volunteer Fingerling and Regular Potatoes, Carrots, A Few Onions, Lambs Quarters, Johnny Jump Ups, Curly Dock, White and Red Clover, Daisies, and Rumex. There were also A Couple of Asparagus from A Very Poor Bed that I already replaced with the New Bed in the Perennial Garden. There are also about Five Other Plants that I am having Trouble identifying.

I dug up more Thistles in the Annex Garden, and Re Rototilled, laid down more Composted Cow Manure, then I planted my Green and Red Cabbage, Broccoli, and Cauliflower Seedlings.

Also Jim and I, together worked on Planting Four More Long Rows of Potatoes. Jim and I used our Quad Trailer. We filled it Five Times with our Composted Cow Manure. We spread the Manure on the Rows. I fertilized them with Magnesium, A Lime Calcium Mix, and A General Garden Fertilizer. We planted Purple Viking, Red Chieftain, Kennebec, Fingerlings, Dark Purples, and Yukon Gold.

I Weed Whacked the Paths of the Orchard.

After three Years of trying to grow Grapes, only Three out of Twelve Vines put out any leaves Last Summer, I pulled them up This WeekI suspect that it S Simply Too Cold for them here. Their Space will be used to expand the Annex Garden.

Revelation 13 Mark of the Beast Watch News

Mark of the Beast

WEF Digital Economy in Three to Five Years

Repost Of Ann Barnhardt S 2016 Mark of the Beast Explained on June 2, 2022

Rand Paul: This is the Danger of A One World Government

People are Carbon Polluters, are the “Gravest Threat to the World”. And reducing Our Carbon Footprint, is Depopulation

See Georgia Guidestones and the Deagel Report prediction for 2025

Hmmm, History may Not Repeat, but it certainly RhymesHaven T we seen this, recently?

Consider who might Disarm the People in order to Accelerate the Depopulation Genocide that is Currently Occurring. Awaken with JP Sears.


May You All have A Very Blessed and Safe Week.

Avalanche Lily Rawles

o o o

As AlwaysPlease Share and Send Emails of Your Own Successes and hard Earned Wisdom and we will Post Them in the “SnippetsColumn this Coming Week. We want to Hear from You.


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