James Somerton – The Pink Triangles: The Story of the Gay Holocaust (Complete Documentary)

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The Pink Triangles: The Story of the Gay Holocaust (Complete Documentary)

In première gegaan op 22 jan. 2021

The vastly ignored history of Germany’s war on gay men during World War II.

A special note
Trans women were also persecuted but Germany categorized them as gay men so there’s no official records to refer to.

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00:00              Introduction
04:34          (1) Stormfront Approaching
09:51          (2) Paragraph 175
14:49          (3) The Night of the Long Knives
20:44         (4) The Mad Inquisitor
26:27          (5) It Begins
32:35​           (6) Legally Admissible
37:40          (7) Is He, You Know?
44:16           (8) Camp
01:00:19    (9) Does It End?
01:03:48  (10) Remember


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