James Red Pills America | Janet Ossebaard – CABAL19: The COVID Great Awakening!

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CABAL19: The COVID Great Awakening!

First published at 23:49 UTC on January 23rd, 2022.

James Red Pills America

MASTERFUL Documentary! BANNED On Most Social Media!

THIS EPIC DOCUMENTARY of Janet Ossebaard is SO WORTH your Time and, BY FAR, One of the BEST I have Seen on the Subject at Hand. Once you Watch THIS MIND BLOWING VIDEO, You’ll understand that the CRIMINAL ACTIONS TAKEN by the POWERFUL ELITE and the GLOBALIST DEMONS are ABSOLUTELY SINISTER AND DEMONIC in Nature! The Narrator UNLEASHES THE KRACKEN of TRUTH on the DEEP STATE DEMONS who are Attempting to Spiral Our World into a DYSTOPIAN NIGHTMARE, just like it’s Straight Out of the George Orwell Novel, 1984! This EPIC VIDEO has been BANNED on Many Social Media Platforms because they considered it to be DANGEROUS FOR YOU TO HEAR and Google won’t Return the Link in its Search Results!

PLEASE, don’t Accept what is Presented Here as TRUTH just because Knowledgeable, Reliable Sources say It and Show you Charts, Graphs, and COLD, HARD FACTS! A Major Cause of Many of the Problems we are having in the World is when a Lot of People see or Hear Something on Television or the Internet, if they Hear it on the Radio, or Read about it in Newspaper, Book, or MagazineOR SEE OR HEAR IT IN THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA – They believe It! Please do NOT be that Gullible, Patriots!

You should Research Critical Information Enough so that you can LEARN WHETHER OR NOT it is TRUTH or if it is just PROPAGANDA! Prove All Things to YOURSELF, Don’t just Accept Someone Else’s Beliefs or their OPINIONS as FACT. Prove Things in your Own Mind so as Not to Be Blinded to the Reality of the FACTS. May the Peace, Love, Light and Blessings of God Be with You and Protect You on Your Journey!


Stop World ControlBewijs, dat de Pandemie Gepland werd met een Doel

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