James Red Pills America – Dark Secrets Revealed! General McInerney Details a Hybrid War Being Waged Against Conservatives and is the General McInerney Q?!

General McInerney (foto Charleston Gazette)

Dark Secrets Revealed! General McInerney Details a Hybrid War Being Waged Against Conservatives and is the General McInerney Q?!

Is General #ThomasMcInerney really ‘Q‘?! And what do Corona Virus 19, the 2020 Fake Election and the Rise of Killer Vaccines have to do with one another? According to Luitenant General #ThomasMcInerney, they’re all part of “Hybrid Warfare” being waged against the Conservatives (and against some brainwashed Democrats) within the United States of America (and around the world). General #TomMcInerney discusses, in depth, the current state of (In)Security and division in the United States. Also discussed extensively are the realities of the Kung Flu and his belief and contention that it was intentionally released as a biological weapon by the #CCP (Chinese Communist Party), in coordination with Dr Anthoy Fauci and other Demonic Deep State Counterparts within the Democrat party.

BUCKLE UP, this is one HECK of a interview you won’t want to miss!  Filled with hidden facts from the TWO MIKES Radio Show, containing ALL THE JUICY DETAILS YouTube’s ever tried to hide!  Find out what’s REALLY going on #BehindTheCurtain.

Right off the bat, General #ThomasMcInerney addresses the Corona Virus 19 situation. He has long questioned the accepted narrative coming out of China, the World Health Organization, and America’s own Healthcare watchdogs, but this is the first time he openly accused them all of covering up the truth. “We have got to admit that the Corona Virus 19 Pandemic out of Wuhan, China, was not a Pandemic,” he said. “It was a direct biological attack by China using subterfuge in calling it a Pandemic and saying it was an accident.They did it deliberately.” General #ThomasMcInerney pointed out the confusion we have been experiencing since November is now sorting itself out and the end result is a direct, and perhaps irreconcilable division between Americans who support the continued application of the Constitution as it is written, and those who intend to destroy it. He noted that there is information that continues to come out regarding the Fraudulent Election but questioned whether it will yield a correction.

Before It’s News, Wednesday, April 7, 2021 18:29


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