James Buddy Day – Charles Manson: The Final Word (2017) (Full Movie)

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Charles Manson: The Final Word (2017) (Full Movie)

Published 27 mrt. 2021

Breakthrough Entertainment

An explosive Documentary that will change the Conversation about Charles Manson and the notorious Manson Murders. Director James Buddy Day spent a year interviewing Manson by Phone from his Cell in California State Prison.

The Feature Documentary reveals never before heard Details that unveil the True Story and Motives behind the grisly Murder Spree. You will hear shocking new Details, see never before seen Materials and Digitally Restored Audio Recordings from the Original Investigation to reconstruct the Path of Events that led to the Brutal Murders of Movie Star Sharon Tate and Four of her Friends in 1969. The Doc will include exclusive Interviews with the Manson Family that have been in hiding since the early Seventies, the Prosecutor and Defense Attorney involved in the Case and many more but the Lost Riveting Elements come from Manson himself through never before seen Pictures, Documents, Artwork, Writings and Recordings from inside California State Prison. Recordings that include eerie Conversations about his Childhood, Modern Society, Justice and his Decades behind Bars. Recordings that will help you get to know the man they simply call “Charlie”.

Written and Directed by James Buddy Day
Narrated by Rob Zombie
Starring Charles Manson, Bobby Beausoleil, Barbara Hoyt


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