Jamaicans for Change – YUH ENSLAVER CAN NOT BE YUH SAVIOUR! Jamaican in the Hands of some Shady Political Marionettes, Puppetry (1)

YUH ENSLAVER CAN NOT BE YUH SAVIOUR! Jamaican in the Hands of some Shady Political Marionettes, Puppetry (1)

Jamaicans for Change

Shady Political Marionettes, Puppetry

Jamaicans are fast asleep, not knowing that our country Jamaica, is in the hands of some shady political sheeple, Andrew Holness, British Privy Councilor, Crown Agent, Dr Nigel Clarke, Minister of Finance, Rhodes scholar, Crown Agent, and Marlene Malahoo Forte, (the World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader acolyte

Three Globalist Marionettes , Puppets, Covert WEF AGENDA

  • Andrew Holness —Aim is to implement the dystopian Digital ID system and the Chinese model of entire country to be equipped with cameras for close surveillance. They sold as the proposed fake METAVERSE security system —propose (PPP-Public Private Partnership) -ID2020 program, or the Digital Identity Alliance. Holness using (PPP-Public Private Partnership) to orchestrate their heinous plan.
  • Build a state of the art prison to house the noncompliant— The propose (PPP-Public Private Partnership to build a for profit prison — US model incarceration to make money off prisoners. His major aim was to force vaccinate the entire Jamaican population with “unconstitutional and experimental” untested gene altering mRNA vaccine (COVID 19 hysteria) – Enforced the Covid pandemic Lockdowns to destroy independent small business holders and allowed the elite to get richer while the rest of us were made poorer. (forced bankruptcy)
  • Dr. Nigel Clarke — Aim is to implement the Non-Asset backed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). This is to remove tangible paper notes and coins and replace it with a globally cashless Central Bank digital currency to be run by all central banks. JAM-DEX digital currency is now sold to the gullible as safe and secure.
  • The globalist elite (bankers) are compelling countries to move towards centralizing currency in the form of a so-called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), which is not a currency at all — it is a software designed as a tool of total social control.

For example, CBDCs are programmable, so they could allow authorities to limit purchases, payments and income in whatever ways are deemed socially beneficial, program which vendors money can go to, or reward and punish people for particular behaviors.

  • SSL Fraud— is seen as the ideal time to conflate (merge) the oversight and regulatory function of the banking and financial investment industry to the Bank of Jamaica (This is not a Jamaican owned institution, it is a privately owned by the British Crown (City of London) — So its like merging the US SEC/FDIC into one, under the Federal Reserve (which is a privately owned institution).
  • Marlene Malahoo Forte — Aim is to amend the Constitution to suit their globalist overlord’s agenda (World Parliament/Constitution). Her primary aim is to amend our Constitution to comply with the perilous “Pandemic Accord” a legally binding instrument, rooted in the WHO constitution. This will circumvent sovereign nations.“Pandemic Accord” — the law of epidemics, a law of emergency that demands a country that they MUST comply with the International Health Regulation of the WHO (designed to protect the world from future Scam-demics).

With the current state of instability in Jamaica, a rapacious period in Jamaican politics — a moribund economy and barely surviving the aftermath of the WHO COVID-19 pandemic; these acolytes think this is the ideal time to orchestrate their Great Reset covert agenda, posing as improvements to the Jamaican society.

The sad reality is the Opposition PNP have an able supporter, a globalist mouthpiece— Imani Duncan -Price is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader acolyte, but we are not all in a passive and slumber state.

Remember this some of these politicians are descendants of slave masters- we will give you evidence in a future article. — YUH ENSLAVER CANNOT BE YUH SAVIOUR!

We will address these issues in more details in PART (2) of this article.

JAM-DEX Digital Currency

Jamaicans be forewarned do not give up your PHYSICAL CASH for non-asset backed Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Garbage. The Digital wallets are not safe, your money can be stolen from them.

One of the biggest risks with a digital wallet is the personal liability in the event of fraud. Most consumers who use debit or credit cards to pay for purchases have a level of protection from their bank or credit card company. Most do not hold cardholders liable for fraudulent purchases on their credit cards. This fraud insurance does not currently exist for consumers using digital wallets.

Hackers and cybercriminals can still gain access to your digital wallet or steal your personal and financial information. Digital wallets have drawbacks, such as technical difficulties, security concerns, and dependency on technology. If you misplace your smartphone or do not have internet access, you may be unable to access your digital wallet or make payments.

— Government and Central bank MUST make ample supply of CASH available to the public.

Are these robberies of cash orchestrated to steer people to use their Non-Asset backed JAM-DEX digital currency? We see the many incidents where commercial banks are frustrating people from withdrawing cash — ATM machines are not working and all types of technical problems encountered. The numerous frauds in the commercial banks are an indication of how easy your digital money can be stolen.

They now up their advertisement of how safe their JAM-DEX digital currency is — (JAM-DEX through Lynk®, its digital wallet) is SAFE and SECURE. They are making these false claims of security, it is all nonsense.

If you have a natural disaster and electricity not available, can electronically controlled digital currency work? (intangible) – NO!! Can physical cash (paper notes/coin) work and still available? (tangible) – YES?— NO DIGITAL TRANSACTION IS SAFE IT IS ONLY CONVENIENT.

Jamaicans determine for yourselves which one is safer Physical Cash or digital currency — over $700 million to $800 million per annum are stolen by digital frauds. We do not have that amount of cash stolen physically, but we can absolutely say no where near that amount.


The BOJ’s Financial Stability Report 2021 states, cumulatively over the 46 month period, fraud totaled $ 3.9 billion, with reports of over “37,253 Incidences of Fraud”. Most of those incidents related to credit and debit card fraud, estimated at $3.3 billion or four-fifths of the total fraud.

Dr. Jide Lewis, deputy governor of the Bank of Jamaica recently stated

“The value of all frauds in the banking system is running at $700 million to $ 800 million per annum A decline relative to the $ 1 billion annual average that BOJ found during a study covering a 46-month period ending in 2021”

“When you look at fraudulent activity in the banking system, it is currently at around $ 700 to $ 800 million. When I did A quick check, it is certainly running at about $ 10 million A month per institution,” Relative to other jurisdictions, Jamaica isn’t doing badly, but still requires improvement ()

This is very troubling, to see this level of fraud in the banking system and the Central Bank official seem satisfied and claimed that Jamaica is not doing bad relative to other jurisdictions. This is irrational reasoning judging on the dollar value of the frauds. WHO IS STEALING ALL THIS MONEY?

Blissful ignorance is not an option () Most people, inclusive of Jamaicans go about living their daily lives glued to comical Tik Tok videos, while these important issues does not even register or matter. They don’t know or don’t seem to care to know about these issues, until it is in their face like the COVID 19 dilemma. We are advocates for change, so will expose them and their dystopian agenda for all Jamaicans to see.

This is Andrew Holness WEF handler, Marlene Malahoo Forte, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader Acolyte

World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader Acolyte

The below Bus analogy is visible in; Where are they taking us Jamaicans? do we really know who they are and what are their agenda? Where are these gullible Globalist Conductors taking us? The Bus Analogy below summarize our situation with these traitors: —

  • The Bus — Jamaica Today
  •  Owner — Jamaican | Global Elitist Oligarchs | WEF
  •  Driver — MSM, MainStream Media, Agents of the Owner
  •  Conductor — Jamaican Corrupt Politicians. Agents of the Owner
  • Passenger — Jamaican People, Sheeple


So let us re-examine what these brain dead Jamaican politicians and officials did during the COVID Lockdown.

  •  “Jamaica will be passing laws to grant immunity to vaccine producers from liability if someone suffers harm, having taken the COVID 19 vaccine. Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Wellness, appearing before A Special Select Committee of Parliament yesterday, said that the country would be required to put laws and regulations in place to “indemnify the manufacturer for product liability claims associated with the use of administration of that vaccine”.
  • “Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said that Jamaica would have to pass a law to allow for the emergency use of COVID 19 vaccines. He said, too, that the framework for the indemnification of the manufacturers of the product is being pursued on A “Parallel Course” with legal provision authorising the emergency use of the vaccines in the country.” “Tufton was responding to committee member Anthony Hylton, who said that given Jamaica’s less than stellar record in getting regulations to Parliament in A timely manner, it is important that the matter receive “Priority” treatment, failing which “we may find ourselves in some legal lacuna”. Tufton said that the sub committee of Cabinet, which includes Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte, is seized of the importance of having the regulations brought to Parliament in A timely manner.”
  • “The Government plans to follow countries around the world and roll out A massive inoculation programme in response to the corona virus pandemic. Some 16 per cent of the population is expected to be vaccinated by year end.” Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Jacquiline Bisasor McKenzie said that vaccines that were targeted under the COVID 19 Global Access Facility (COVAX) have been secured. “It was their intention to secure two billion doses of vaccines by the end of the year.”COVID vaccine manufacturers to get protection from lawsuitsThe Star, Jamaica. Jan 2021

My fellow Jamaicans, this clearly shows that we are led by A set of so called intellectual schmucks, both JLP, PNP and the Chief Medical Officer. These intellectual schmucks were fast pacing legislation to indemnify the manufacturer for product liability claims and show the predilection that the poorer class could be used for scientific experimentation. This is Gross Breach of Trust.

The Government plans to follow countries around the world and roll out a massive inoculation programme; without even trying to find out about the ingredients. Andrew Holness was going from town to town advocating people to get the jab; while the then Attorney General Marlene Malahoo-Forte, the World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader, marionette was leading the drum roll to murder Jamaicans.

Today, the house of cards are collapsing fast, Nuremberg Code 2.0 is awaiting these traitors or the burning 7th Circle of Hell are their awaiting destination. We are now hearing that many of our gullible Jamaicans who took the Jabs have died since, of heart attack, explosion of cancer, blood clotting disorders and many suffering from spike protein respiratory ailments, et al. The JLP Government has not put in place any system to capture this data, How many JLP Councillors died since COVID that took the Jab? We know the number evil doers.

We must ask, are these intellectual schmucks stupid, ignorant to the facts or they onboard with this evil plan?

JLP Government’s Vaccine Mandate Resulted in Tragic Deaths of Working Class Jamaicans

It’s A shame, because in this corrupt world, we are yet to see A shortage of men not willing, to act against their own people, for the promise of wealth, fame and power. Apostles of Division and Corruption who masquerade as Saviours and democrats for the poor and under privileged class.

The WEF Sponsors and Promotors of our Constitutional Reform

The two insidious globalist marionettes (puppets), Prime Minister Holness and Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Marlene Malahoo Forte are pushing to make Jamaica a fake Republic and amend the constitution to suit their globalist overlord’s agenda.

In Minister Malahoo Forte most recent pronouncements, it was made abundantly clear, the proposition of  fake republic was their aim, when she stated

“It is our intention to transition Jamaica from A Constitutional Monarchy to establish the Republic of Jamaica, within the Commonwealth, as A parliamentary republic with A non executive president”.

This clearly means we would still be in moronic King Charles Commonwealth, that is to remained in the old British Commonwealth to which we have no share? Why would we establish the Republic of Jamaica, within the old British Commonwealth?  This is bunkum. We are not surprised by the JLP superficial constitution changes, because the JLP is A pro British party and was always A British Marionette, Puppet, that was an able collaborator to give Jamaicans A fake independence, 60 years ago.

The JLP is now the able collaborator to give Jamaicans a Fake Republic, that is to remove the visible role of the Monarchy Chief Crown agent, (Governor General) and put a ceremonial “Commonwealth Crown agent (President)”, but the crypto-corporations that control the economies of the Commonwealth dominions are still in place: –

The Bank of Jamaica, Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society (corporatist), the Privy Councillors, Rhode Scholars (Crown Agents) and the Lawyers/Queens Counsel (Foreign Crown Temple B.A.R. Agents). This is absurd mockery in this day and age of any contemporary democracy – Traitors to the highest order.

We guess the JLP thought they got a mandate from the people; please be reminded, the ruling JLP got only 21% of the votes in the last 2020 Jamaica General Election; that was massively bought, It was over 84% that did not vote for the JLP (Based on VEP) or 63% (Based on VAP). The majority of Jamaican did not vote so the JLP government, should not even exist if we have a proper democracy. You surely did not got the consent of the General Jamaican population, as you may believe, to much less be pushing for Constitution Reform.

No Constitution should change in this country without serious exhaustive discussions with Jamaicans at all levels at home and abroad. The top-down approach being used, where selected lawyers, hand picked political sycophants are the main purveyors for the change is not acceptable.


Changes to our constitution should be a much more in-depth look at our current snafu situation and not based on the chutzpah, JLP Minister of Legal and Constitutional Affairs and her political acolytes (know it all approach) superficial hand-picked changes (fragment constitution reform model).

Our Jamaicans are in deep sleep or in a coma, that right in front of their faces, the WEF is the main sponsor for the JLP Constitution Reform, done through their WEF Partner “Open Society Foundations” and no objection is done. Why should we let a George Soros organization be sponsoring our Constitution Reform? Such a character does not do anything without an ulterior motive and it is usually not in the best interest of the people.

George Soros – Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations

Constitutional Reform: The Road Ahead -Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal


[6] Glen T. MartinThe Great Transition Requires the Earth Constitution“, Great Transition Initiative, November 2021

World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader Program

Klaus Schwab in 2017 said he was proud his World Economic Forum infiltrated the world governments, through the World Economic Forum (WEF), Young Global Leader program and he personally knows more than half of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet were WEF acolytes.

Global Research 2022 article headlined, “World Economic Forum’s “Young Global Leaders” Revealed” stated:—

“Through its Young Global Leaders program, the World Economic Forum has been instrumental in shaping a world order that undermines all democratic principles.For several decades, this program has nurtured compliant leaders acting as WEF agents in governments around the world. The consequences are far-reaching and may turn out to be devastating for humanity.” 

Exposed: Klaus Schwab’s School For Covid Dictators, Plan for ‘Great Reset’

“Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency.”

“How is it that more than 190 governments from all over the world ended up dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic in almost exactly the same manner, with lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccination cards now being commonplace everywhere? The answer may lie in the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.”

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true”-Soren Keirkegaard

Do our Globalist Marionettes, Puppets know What Prince Charles and his WEF Agenda stands for?

We will use this opportunity to educate our marionette house slave, Prime Minister and his sycophants as to who this demonic Prince and future King really his and what he stands for. In this day and age, it is sad to see a Jamaican Prime Minister, posing in a genuflecting, servile and worshiping manner to fascist, Neo-Malthusian, “Climate Change Crusader”, Prince Charles.

Jamaican Marionette Prime Minister reporting to his British Bracka Massa

Prince Charles is now covertly advocating global enslavement of humanity by being an unwavering advocate for the World Economic Forum, for the ‘Green’ Agenda, the goals of Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset. There is absolutely no hope for a bright future with a Prince that stand to be the future King; who supports the depopulation programme of the earth and defies Christian and moral values.

Prince Charles continues to pursue the diabolic goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF) to become the so-called “King of the WEF” — fulfilling his Grand Uncle, King Edward’s wish to be “Nazi King of Europe”.

Did you know that Prince Charles, now King Charles, was the first to announced the Global Reset? Boy was that prophetic. Farmers in the Netherlands are being persecuted more than ever to stop providing food to the masses. What is this all about? We break it down.

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King Charles and WEF just aligned on Great Reset agenda | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The world’s population is really fast asleep, as when we see old Crypto-Nazi, like Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles calling for the farcical “GREAT RESET” to address the world’s problem and there is no massive global outcry.— “Where we will own nothing and be happy”

“GREAT RESET” — (epithet as: “Build Back Better”, “The Future We Want”, “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, “New Normal”) orchestrated through their World Economic Forum (World Enslavement Forum).

The Crypto-Nazi Great Reset bunkum, is calling for a substantial governance to meet the world problems; when these very European aristocratic royal super-rich elites and egregious globalist bankers were the creator of the world’s problems, that cause the immiseration of the global working class and the destruction of the planet. —Transform the global economies to their new design

“What we are seeing is a push towards Global Government that is being camouflaged and cloaked in humanitarianism, multiculturalism, as well as manufactured threats such as global warming and pandemics in order to condition the population into accepting globalization and a One World Government.”
WEF Insider Admits Silicon Valley Bank Crash Is A ‘Great Reset Scam

China was touted by Satanist Klaus Schwab as the pilot project ”IDEAL MODEL” for their digital human enslavement New World Order, where we will own nothing and be happy

Socialist China had gone the furthest toward that goal Schwab claimed. All Chinese were given digital IDs and the entire country was equipped with cameras for close surveillance, that could immediately identify every individual in the country. Those that failed to obey would not be able to ride trains, access bank accounts, buy food etc.….”. —modern form of Colonialism called the “Rules-Based World Order” (We Rule You Obey).

It may seem most Jamaicans, inclusive of our traitorous politicians never read his book, “Covid -19: The Great Reset”, well below is an excerpt of the audacious fascist, crypto-Nazi, telling you his pernicious intensions to extirpate the population of Canada, USA and Western Europe — “Ethnic Cleansing.”

“The Chips never fall far from the Block”

“Like Father like Son”

Schwab’s family company, Escher Wyss during WWII, exploited slave labor and Allied POWs, to manufactured significant weapons of war as well as more basic armaments, sold Swiss flame throwers to the Nazis and also manufactured parts for Nazi German fighter planes.

Escher Wyss was also intimately involved in much more sinister projects (nuclear bomb-making technologies for Adolf Hitler) behind the scenes, which if they had completed, could have changed the outcome of World War II. Escher Wyss was named and awarded a National Socialist Model Company by Adolf Hitler.

His father, Eugen Schwab’s Swiss company, Escher Wyss operated in Ravensburg, Germany and was protected by Hitler as his most trusted ally. This is one of the many Swiss companies, such as Nestle/Maggi that covertly allied with the Nazi.

“If Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles (WEF Creators) are not an eidolon, then they are a paragon of useful idiocy — Two remorseless audacious Fascists.”

Prince Charles Dad, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh – all three of his sisters married senior NAZI Officers. He once said he wished to be reborn as a virus to contribute to the world’s depopulation problem. They do not even have to pretend they are not fascist, it is inbreeded in their mind, blood and body.

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 1988 speech to Deutsche Presse Agentur

Eating insects could reduce climate change

The World Economic Forum is committed to publishing a wide array of opinions.

  • Our consumption of animal protein is the source of greenhouses gas and climate change.
  • Insects are an overlooked source of protein and a way to battle climate change.
  • The consumption of insects can offset climate change in many ways.

Here we have two Crypto Nazi, remnants of the old Malthusian British Monarchy and their European aristocratic super-rich elite counterparts; trying to deceive the world with their fraudulent so-called human saviour plan, their “Great Reset” bunkum — Telling us that instead of eating animal protein, eating insects is the best option and that would offset climate change. Are they going to eat insects? These are Misanthropes— Enemies to humanity (Wolves in Sheep clothing)

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Matthew 7:15 (KJV)


Hopefully, the royal gobshite has not gone to joined her crypto-Nazi husband as the reincarnated virus, to orchestrate their diabolical Malthusian Theory wish. The whole Human culling Population Control theory (Malthusian Theory)was formulated by a baneful British, East India Company (EIC) Economist, Thomas Malthus, that had crucial influence on Charles Darwin development of the Theory of biological evolution by natural selection, the Eugenics, Abortion movement, the present Climate-Change and WEF agendas.

The Misanthropic Malthusian Theory argues

that man’s progress is tied to the earth’s natural ability to support a fixed number of people, beyond that point earth’s limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be impossible to replace them.

He proposed that the only way to control population is by Epidemics, Wars, Starvation, Floods and Famines.


“The number of people on earth will exceed the [Hypothetical] carrying capacity of the planet in the foreseeable future, leading to economic or social collapse, and that actions ought to be taken to curb population growth.”

“Population alarmists at the United Nations propose that the world’s growing population will strip the earth of its useable resources and will outpace innovation and rates of production, this they believe will cause diminishing standards of living, more poverty, more hunger, famine, and starvation, water shortages, pestilence, war and conflict over diminishing resources. The evisceration of wildlife habitats and environmental catastrophes.”


“Overpopulation bunkum” is the prescribed reason for the U.N.’s Sustainability Agenda, with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that urge people to “eat bugs over beef” for reasons unproven, in order to counter “Climate Change.”

The world has overcrowded cities, not overcrowded countries. According to the Sustainable Review, so you do not have an equitable distribution of resources.

These Misanthropes, Malthusian British Monarchy and their crypto- Nazi European aristocratic royal super-rich elites and their aristocratic secret henchmen like; Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini and Prince Charles own family member (A British Prince who went to Germany to run the war); since 1914 have slaughtered more than 100 million people through wars alone.

Many are incognizant to the fact that, Queen Victoria’s favourite grandson (a British Prince), educated at Eton covertly planned, financed the Third Reich and the World Wars, resulting in millions killed. The British Investigative Author, Chris Everard, have unearthed voluminous documents to support this in his e-book CONSPIRACY & the CROWN.”

The British Pilgrims Society trained Lenin and Stalin in London starting shortly after the Pilgrims’ formation in 1902. In 1917, Vladimir Lenin lived in Zurich, Switzerland close proximity to Schwab’s family company Escher-Wyss’s manufacturing campus before he was sent off in a train bound for St. Petersburg to orchestrate the so-called Bolshevik “Revolution.”

The well researched work of the author who goes by the pen-name Winter Oak in the article “CHARLES’ EMPIRE: THE ROYAL RESET RIDDLE” clearly shows the intentions of a feeble-mined Prince. “When the Great Reset was officially launched in 2O2O, it was not done so by Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, but by Charles, Prince of Wales, then heir apparent to the British throne.”

Prince Charles has taken up the mantle call to be the Neo-Malthusian and Neo-Eco Crusader, where he proposed using his phoney Climate-Change agenda, to execute his philanthropic racism pogrom, to kill millions to save the planet. The earth has enough resources to support the population, if allocated fairly.

How many more millions should died from planned epidemics, starvations, floods and famines? (Deliberately killing people — Are humanity being bred to be SACRIFICED?)


Mr. Prime Minister, we guess by attending the old ogre, Queen Elizabeth funeral and mourning her passing, it was enjoyed by you, your wife, the Governor General and fellow brain-dead politicians, self-serving black bourgeois, the descendants of the old ennobled pro-British elitist and Union Jack Jingoists.

It seems you all suffers from Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder, suffocating from the overbearing stench of historical amnesia and wants to be close to so-called “fake British Royalty”. We see this as a derision to our society and your temerity to claim all Jamaicans were sadden at her passing.

Please be reminded, the ruling JLP got only 21% of the votes in the last 2020 Jamaica General Election; that was massively bought, so that means you do not speak for the majority of the population. You surely did not got the consent of the General Jamaican population, as you may believe, to make such a disrespectful proclamation.

This shows us, that the current Jamaican population, pro-British oligarchic elitist families and you politicians are suffering from historical amnesia and show blatant disrespect for our ancestors suffering. We cannot underestimate the enormous historical catastrophe Queen Elizabeth’s ancestors caused us, by deliberately forgetting the past.

We would be showing blatant disrespect to our ancestors suffering to forget; Three hundred years of wretched chattel slavery without compensation, oppressive colonialism and exploitative Anglo-American Neo-colonialism by the Queen British Monarchy, that were the main benefactors and sustainers of the slave trade and colonialism. — Yuh enslaver cannot be yuh saviour!

We were befuddled, to hear the Office of the Prime Minister, declaring 12 days of mourning and strict admonitions, that “On the Day of Mourning, the public should note, that only authorized activities related to the day are approved and that all social events should be postponed”.

It is disheartening, in this day an age; to hear a Jamaican Prime Minister telling the enslaved progeny, to take 2 weeks and mourn Slave Master Queenie death and they cannot carry out their personal activities. Are we still on the Plantation, with the Overseer kowtowing the slaves to mourn “Bracka Massa” passing?

Why should we mourn a Monarch, who for all intents and purposes, profited immensely from the enslavement of your ancestors; who still represents the symbol of conquest, oppression, tyranny and leaving us with a legacy of poverty and intergenerational post-slavery trauma.

How much of the tax payer’s money did you pay to go to Queenie funeral? Surely you all will be at King Charles Crowning glory at the tax payer’s expense again. That surely should come out of the pockets of you all!

It seems Mr. Prime Minister, you are still a house slave, stuck on the Plantation, bowing your head to “Bracka Massa”, saying what you are told to say and when to say it. — Mental Servitude by a subservient educated slave — a true British marionette (Puppet).

Mr. Prime Minister, we won’t forget, the dastardly enslavement of African Negroes, European blacks and the copper-colored Indigenous Indians by European accomplices, Slave traders and Owners; that entailed the dismemberment of untold kingdoms, tribes of people, deliberate obliteration of languages, spiritual practices and cultures.

We cannot trivialize this enormous historical catastrophe, by deliberately forgetting the past by “swallowing the pill of forgive and forget.”

The British Monarchy will forever epitomize; colonization, racial domination, enslavement and white supremacy. The so-called emancipation of chattel slavery without any requisite monetary compensation or remedial means for victims to trace their ancestry, is the greatest heinous crime committed against humanity, that have gone unpunished.

The main perpetrators, benefactors and sustainers of the slave trade were European Monarchies, Aristocratic rich cartel families, powerful Bankers and religious Papacy; whose cultural reasoning and belief that buying, selling and holding humans as slave (Chattel) was acceptable and claiming the victim’s offspring should just “move on”, or “forgive and forget”; although the crimes and exploitations continue to have intergenerational repercussions. It seems our ancestors spirit are haunting their morbid minds.

We certainly see this as a mockery to our society and the audacity to claim all the people of the United Kingdom, Canada, and all the Commonwealth should mourn the loss of such a person. Based on our ancestral background, we will certainly not mourn the passing of her.

Our vacuous politicians are true Union Jack jingoist and colonial sycophants who have forgotten the catastrophe the oppressive system (British Empire & Monarchy) had and continue to caused its people.

How can the slave mourn the enslaver passing? What is there to mourn? Go home remorseless Freebooters and IMPOSTERS – never return – You are sitting on our ancestor’s throne.

The blood of the innocent indigenous races the Queen ancestors killed and robbed, the many black people they killed and robbed – their spirits will torment their generations until they all meet their calamity.

The British (Empire and Monarchy) are a MITE – Murderer, Instigator, Thief and Enslaver. ( They Kill the strong defenders, loot the spoils, deport or exile the smartest and skilled ones, interbreed the women, then impose your colonial slavery – British invisible Empire that never died).

No one can properly account for the millions of slaves who suffered and died along the Maafa’s Journey. Nobody can tell (….)” the Hell-Others-Caused” (Maafa).

So why should we mourn murderers and thieves? Mother Earth is rid of one less rapacious pestilential royal gobshite.

Galileo Galilei said

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them”

If you do not know your history; you will end up loving your enemy!

Remember Yuh enslaver cannot be yuh saviour!

We must follow the recommendations of Dr Reiner Fuellmich “GRAND JURY REVEALING THE AGENDA FOR WORLD DOMINATION

A secondary purpose is to create awareness about the factual collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions, and, as a consequence, awareness of

  • the necessity of the people themselves retaking their sovereignty,
  • the necessity of first stopping the measures by refusing to comply,
  • and the necessity of jump-starting the people’s own new systems of health care, education, economics and judiciary, so that democracy and the rule of law on the basis of our Constitutions will be re-established.”

Enact A Vaccine Bill of Rights

Finally, My fellow Jamaicans, we must fight to get enacted a global vaccine bill of rights for all citizens based on freedom of choice and informed consent and the enforcement of the Bioethics and Human Rights against Bio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine.

It is important to fight authoritarian policies that cause harm and violate fundamental human rights and dignity. Jamaica in 2011 enacted, the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, replaced and expanded Chapter III of the Constitution. It is the foundation of a just state respectful of and protective of human dignity and human rights.

Any measure(s) that seek to forced people into getting jabbed in order to participate in certain public activities and functions of daily Jamaican life, including but not limited to: employment, in-person school attendance, public transportation, and concert performances” is to be rejected as unconstitutional.

The same goes for new technologies such as “National ID”, “vaccine passports” and “digital health IDs,” which assault personal autonomy and violate the right to privacy.

Why have we not seen or heard the Human rights advocate, saying the vaccine mandates violate the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Jamaicans.

The rhetoric of human rights dominates, but we have to talk more about the rights of humanity.

Yuh enslaver cannot be yuh saviour – PART 2 coming

Jamaicans for Change, 28 mrt 2023