Jacob TV – Small Pop

Geüpload op 26 feb. 2010

draft preview of a new video opera


teadrinkerfication9 maanden geleden
That was awesome!

Hanz Christian2 jaar geleden
2nd of june in Paradiso (Amsterdam)
Be there.

Patrick Housen4 jaar geleden
I’m so glad I got to know some of your music! for an aspiring composer these pieces are very interesting and show a lot of possibilities and different ways to look at + approach music! So thank you!
Ontzettend inspirerend!

x4 jaar geleden
Brilliant. Love it. More importantly, perhaps, I’ll buy the DVD when it shows up in your store. ;-)

MissMonterie 4 jaar geleden
Haha looooooooooooong term ;-)

JACOBTV 5 jaar geleden
I really doubt it…

vaorcaheca93 5 jaar geleden
looove jacon tv!