Jacob ter Veldhuis | Christopher Barrick – Billie


Geüpload op 14 nov. 2010

Christopher Barrick Performing Jacob TV’s Billie, with A Video Made by the Performer.



This video really enhances the biographical nature of Jacob TV’s music () Very well done!

Ching Juhl Videos
Awesome work.
I am A violist also A videographer. Please see my YouTube channel.
You are my inspiration.

Richard J Chandler
OUTSTANDING! An extraordinary performance of this very challenging piece!!! I performed it 4 times, the last being last summer. Your video, which is equal to your incredible performance, was really impressive and helpful, especially for those less familiar with Billy Holiday. Would you consider making it available to other performers? I would love to use it the next time I play the piece in performance.
Best, Richard Chandler

Art Resnick
This is the best 11 minutes I‘ve spent in a long long time

Marcus Spitz
” (...) and I said I can’t go out there, there’s too many people.

Andrew A
A interesting piece of music. But very good 🙂

Christopher Barrick
I use the video in performance. I’ve played it about 15 times or so, with the video every time. I find it adds A lot. I use a stand light so I can turn the light off in the auditorium the most of the dark moments in the video.


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