Jacob Boehme AKA Jakob Böhme – The Supersensual Life

Portrait van Jakob Bohme im Allegorischen Rahmen (foto Yale University Art Gallery)

The Orthodox Annihilator of the Microcosmic Preludes (foto Pinterest)

Dreifäches Leben (foto Magnum Opus Eternam)

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Apologien (foto Pinterest)

Principia (foto Embassy of the Free Mind)

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Gratia (foto Pinterest)

Rosæcrucian Philosophy (foto Facebook)

Die Philosophische Kugel oder das Wunder Auge der Ewigkeit (foto spiritueleteksten.nl)

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Theosephia Revelata (foto Entangled Systems)

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Jacob Boehme – Aurora (foto worthpoint.com)

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The Origin of Things (foto travellers-to-the-east.org)

Jacob Boehme – Le Philosophe Inconnu (foto philosophe-inconnu.com)

Der Baum des Glaubens (foto Pinterest)

Rerum (foto Pinterest)

The Supersensual Life

Gepubliceerd 15 dec. 2020

Samaneri Jayasāra

Excerpts read from the Teaching, “The Supersensual Life.” Transcribed by Wayne Kraus
The full text of the teaching can be found here http://www.jacobboehmeonline.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/docs/THE_SUPERSENSUAL_LIFE.6243904.pdf

Jakob Böhme (April 1575 – 17 November 1624) was a German Philosopher, Christian Mystic, and Lutheran Protestant Theologian. He was considered an Original Thinker by many of his Contemporaries within the Lutheran Tradition, and his First Book, commonly known as Aurora, caused a Great Scandal. Böhme had a Profound Influence on later Philosophical Movements such as German Idealism and German Romanticism. Hegel described Böhme as “the first German philosopher”.

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