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From Millionaire to Madman | The Story of John McAfee

From Millionaire to Madman (foto thewatchtowers.org)

Published 9 jun. 2020

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Join me as we take a Glimpse into the Insane Life that is John McAfee, and learn how a Tech Pioneer quickly devolved from a Multi Millionaire to a Perceived Madman.

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The Insane Downfall Of John McAfee (Mini Documentary)

Downfall Of John McAfee (foto YouTube)

Published 26 mei 2021

Knowledge Headquarters

The Story of John McAfee is as Complicated as it is Entertaining. He is probably the most Insane Person I have ever come across.

John McAfee launched McAfee Associates in 1987. The Company’s first Product was a Commercial Anti Virus Program, the first of its kind and would lay the Forefront for Internet Security in America. McAfee ran the Software Business as CEO up until 1994, at which point he would transition away from the Company and begin selling off his Shares. Over the next few years, McAfee invested heavily in Real Estate, and in 2007, his Net Worth was estimated to have reached $ 100 million dollars. However, this all took a Turn for the worst in 2008 when the Financial Crisis would hit – collapsing the US Housing Market.

In 2009 McAfee had officially moved to Belize, a Tropical Country along the Coast of Central America, where Things would take a Turn from the Worst. After a Series of Unfortunate Events, McAfee ended up fleeing Belize and being Deported Back to the US. Given his Past Success at McAfee Associates, he was able to grow a Large Social Media Presence and ultimately became involved in the Crypt Currency Space during the 2017 Bull Run. A series of ‘Coin of the DayTweets however ended up landing him in some Legal Trouble. Right now John is Stuck in a Spanish Jail on Charges related to this, and overall it doesn’t look good for John McAfee.


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Prologue 00:00
Part (1) Making Millions 01:01
Part (2) Trouble in the Jungle 04:31
Part (3) Crypto Controversy 13:03
Present Day 17:35


The Mysterious Mr McAfee

Back It Up (foto WiselWisel)

John McAfee Making Anti Virus Viral Madness (foto schafferodgers)
Tensions Brew (foto YouTube)

Mcafee гифки на (foto Gifer)

Published 2 sep. 2016

McAfee’s Murder Mystery (2013 Silicon Valley Multi Millionaire turned International Playboy, John McAfee caught the World’s Attention at the Centre of a Sensational Murder Mystery. He’s been On the Run, but now says he’s Willing to Talk.

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Did I murder my Neighbour in Belize? Was I Manufacturing Illegal Drugs in Central America? Was I Having Sex with Underage Girls and was I Using Bath Salts? I can answer a Resounding No to all Three of those Questions.” It’s a Quote from one of John McAfee’s Videos that have become Internet Sensations, reflecting his Showmanship, Attention Seeking and Difficulty to Pin Down. The Day after the Infamous Murder McAfee fled to Guatemala, saying he Feared being Framed over the Shooting of his Neighbour Greg Faull. “I’m not Charged with Anything. There is not a Shred of Evidence“, the Notorious Prankster insists. “I Spoke Less than 50 Words to This Man.” So was it Generosity or Self Interest that motivated McAfee to Donate Masses of Equipment to the Belize police? McAfee claims His Troubles Began when he refused to pay a Senior Politician a Large Bribe, Hinting at being Set Up. As the Mysterious Case drags on, the Sad Fact is that Greg Faulls Family are unlikely to see Justice. Greg’s Father reads the Response from the US Government to his Appeal for Help. “Belize has a Poor Record of Properly Investigating Unsolved Cases and these are Rarely Brought to a Successful Conclusion“.

SBS Australia Reference 5985

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Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee

Gringo The Dangerous Life of John McAfee (New on Netflix)
Travis & Chase Commenary (foto YouTube)

Published 7 jul. 2018

Documentary starts at 14:01!

Wow. This one got Really Dark, Rally Fast. Chase and I were ready to laugh in the Face of a Goofy Tech Mogul that got caught taking himself too seriously but damn. Trigger Warnings abound. We tried to have fun with it but John McAfee is Human Filth, so maybe just enjoy us struggling to process that this is a True Story that happened in the Real world. ENJOY!

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