Investructor – Just Another Normal Day on the Train, the Weird and Hilarious Things Happening on the Subway

Just Another Normal Day on the Train: The Weird and Hilarious Things Happening on the Subway

Hold On Thight

When you are running late and headed to the Yoga Studio to break A sweat, the chances are you’ll take the Subway to beat the traffic. The photo above serves as A warning that perhaps it’s best to be cautious about where you choose to lean.

This lady wearing yoga pants is consumed, most likely, with thoughts about her day’s schedule. She might not have given it A second thought and leaned against the bar for stability, not knowing that someone behind her was busy taking photos. We’ll leave it at, next time you want to lean against something, maybe it’s A safer option to forego the bars.

Real Life Rachel Green?

If you are A fan of the TV Show called Friends, you would remember that Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston, didn’t push through with her wedding on the very first episode of the show. She ended up in Central Park and since she doesn’t drive, she probably took A cab or worse, the Subway.

The photo above gives you an idea of how it would look like she went on the subway wearing her gown. The photo above is 100% real and it looks like the woman was really going through the worst day in her life that day. Let’s hope she has managed to find A better guy by now!

Going Out is A Slippery Slope (…)

Looking at the photo above the memories of late nights out in the town come flooding back. If you’ve ever had to go back home on the subway after A night out partying then you can probably relate. The lady at the bottom of the escalator seems to have missed her step.

They might have been taking A photo to commemorate the day and the photographer managed to capture this perfectly timed picture. Perhaps taking A cab home would have been the safer option but then they wouldn’t have this epic photo to always look back on.

What () can’t A Girl Just Hang Around?

Here is yet another case of A subway commuter just hanging around. There’s possibly sitting space around and therefore, we must assume that this lady took the Subway to put on A show. For some reason, other travelers have steered clear of the area.

We’ll give it to her for having the courage and flexibility to perform such moves in public. She clearly set out to entertain and that’s what she’s achieved. We still feel antsy about subway hangers because they heighten their chances of A slip and fall incident.

What the Flex is Going On?

We are not done with the list of Subway contortionists and yogists. A long Subway ride to work or back home provides the best opportunity to get A workout in, especially when there’s such ample space. Let us also give A round of applause to all the Subway yogists for staying committed to their workout goals.

This is also another case of fellow Subway riders minding their own business, perhaps they regularly take the same Subway and they’ve gotten used to the yogist. We also think that we should start taking some Yoga lessons because this lady makes us rethink our flexibility.

Subway Bae at It Again

A viral video circulating the web shows A woman clad in A Black dress posing in the Subway. She literally turned the Subway into her personal runway and she made an impact. Her dedication to getting the perfect photo is unwavering and she wasn’t shy of trying different poses in front of other Subway riders.

The woman’s identity was eventually revealed as Jessica George and she trended on Twitterbeing dubbed the “Subway Bae.” With all the attention maybe she ended up getting signed up by A modeling agency because she has the looks and attitude needed to become A successful model.

An Unusual Coffin Procession Straight To the Rails

The Subway systems across the globe are popular modes of Transportation, and they serve A wide range of commuters. Most people simply use this public means of Transportation because it’s affordable. Plus, it often helps forego traffic. Also, some people prefer the Subway because it allows them to ferry A diverse range of items at no extra cost.

Above, we see A group of men carrying A coffin to the Subway. From what we gather, it isn’t empty. The photo is A still taken from A video that captured the extraordinary event. The gentlemen even managed to get the coffin past the turnstiles!

Inner Peace while Commuting

We’ve seen A contortionist, A hanging man, and now, there’s the yogist. We have to admit that this isn’t the first of Subway Yoga snaps we’ve come across but this lady is completely in the zone which makes the photo even more intriguing.

Leave alone the fact that she set up her exercise mat on the Subway and started channeling her inner Yogi, but we can’t fail to mention that she is quite limber. If she runs A Yoga studio and was using this public display to drum up business, she definitely caught the attention of the man standing nearby.

Bumping into Your Other Father on the Subway

Many people have achieved looking exactly like Jesus by growing their hair and beard. The man in the photo above is an example of that but it looks like he went the extra mile by wearing an outfit that Jesus would wear. To top things off, he was reading something that could have been the Bible.

It’s unsure if the man was on the way to A costume party or was going to play Jesus in a play or something. The one who took the photo was far from being discreet about it and Mr. Jesus look-alike even caught him/her right when the photo was taken.

We are Cordially Invited to an Artistic Snooze Session

It isn’t uncommon for Subway commuters to take A snooze, particularly on long rides. After all, some of them travel very early in the morning to start off their day. On the other hand, others travel in the evening when going back home. One scene you don’t see often is A mass snooze session, like the one above.

Honestly, the image looks like it’s taken right out of a renaissance painting! The lot seems to have taken a train home from a party, which could explain why they were extremely fatigued. It seems to be alcohol-induced, and the poor guys couldn’t help but fall asleep in this artistic position.

Butcher Shop On The Go

We can now say we’ve seen it all after seeing what looks like a butcher shop inside the subway. The photo even sparked debate online concerning its authenticity. Have you ever come across a subway with a butcher stand selling diverse meat cuts?

As it turns out, there is a Chinese commuter train that does have a butcher stand inside the subway. In fact, it opens three days a week. The subway from the Cheongdam Station and a few others started operations in 2008, selling diverse agricultural products. Best yet, the products are apparently 30% cheaper compared to market prices!

The Curious Case Of The Great Dane

As long as they don’t appear dangerous, you can take your pooch along with you on the subway in London. It’s also required that the canines should remain leashed or within a crate. Also, they are not allowed on the seats. However, the Great Dane above broke all the rules.

The dog was spotted comfortably perched on a seat in the Underground Central line in London. The image first appeared on Reddit. Someone even commented that they saw the dog’s owner carrying the pooch in the escalator! According to the subway rules, this is to prevent them from hurting their paws while getting on and off.

There’s A Glitch In The Matrix

When you enter the subway, you should open your mind to witnessing the unconventional. It can sometimes be like watching an episode of The Twighlight Zone. You might be traveling with regular folk, and the trip might start normally before something unusual catches your attention.

It looks like a scene right out of the Matrix, and we’re left wondering if what we’re seeing is some form of a glitch. Perhaps the bald gentlemen were from a Mr. Clean convention, or—as we have come to realize about all things that happen on the subway—it’s just a coincidence.

Scratch My Back?

In 2016, about 5.7 million people rode the New York City subway. Add in the number of subway commuters in the U.S. in general and we can conclude that it’s a popular mode of transportation. The subway is also where a sense of normalcy seems to stop.

People can be strange, and that statement isn’t truer than when talking about the folks you meet on a subway ride. Fortunately, a few of the peculiar antics of some subway commuters have been caught on camera. We compiled a list of weird, mind-blowing, and hilarious things that happen on the subway.

We Feel Sorry For The Owner Of This Missing Lunch

The subway also provides an opportunity to meet new people and strike up interesting conversations. However, most people often prefer to keep to themselves, and the best way to create that shield is by staying glued to your phone.

Perhaps, on this particular day, the sandwich stuck on the subway’s doors would have been a great conversation starter. Most couldn’t even resist taking a photo of it! Our guess is that the sandwich owner was getting off the train just when the doors were about to close. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get their lunch out on time.

Me & My Besties

When girls are young, they often play with dolls and want to bring them around wherever they go. For the woman in the photo above, she looks like she wants to showcase her love for Barbie dolls through her fashion sense. Her jacket seems to be customized with Barbie heads that she may have attached herself.

Some might find this trendy but others may just see it as creepy. We wonder if she used the dolls’ bodies for some voodoo rituals or something. Her enemies should be worried if this is actually true!

No, It’s Not A Tarantino Movie

Kids are adorably cute and when we come across them on the subway most of us can’t help making faces at them. This toddler, however, was out to leave other commuters in awe, showing off his flexible moves in sync with his mom.

Talk of a massive overdose of cuteness in one photo! It takes us back to when we were super flexible and can’t even recall it. The mom also gets points for going along with the picture-perfect move. We are sure this was a fun trip for the little one and also a memorable one.

It Never Hurts To Smile

Continuing with the subject about meeting new people on the subway, if you are one of those people who set out to make new friends, it all starts with a smile. Before you even say a word to anyone, your body language will make them decide whether or not they want to engage with you.

The guy above with his permanently plastered creepy face mask might not make you warm up to them. In fact, you might want to move a few seats away from him because you can’t tell what’s going on underneath the mask.

A Good Night’s Rest

Going back to sleeping on the subway, if you’ve ever caught a good rest on the train you know that it’s quite possible and refreshing. Not everyone can get a good rest with the motions of the train and they might need a little help to enjoy some shut-eye.

Case in point is the guy above who decided to make the most out of his commute by getting as comfortable as he could. He set up a hammock and didn’t have any trouble catching some much-needed sleep on his way to wherever he was headed.

Before And After?

This picture sums up what New York City is all about – diversity. NYC is the hub of various ideas and art movements, and it’s also a melting pot of different cultures. Ethnic diversity is often a controversial subject but we choose to focus on the positives.

That’s why we can’t help but break into a smile seeing this picture because if anything it reminds us of the bigger picture. It sends an even stronger message about what NYC represents. It’s the city that gave a home to everyone who needed it and amongst the few places where you can snap such a photo.

Keep Cool And Stay Still

Let’s start by giving it to the lady sitting next to the covertly dressed creature. She might as well have a Ph.D. in minding her own business because if it were anyone else they would probably break out in laughter or possibly run away.

But who’s the fella who looks like they rolled in the meadow only to catch the subway to wherever? Could it be a sniper or soldier in training on their way to a covert training session? We’ll never know but this photo serves to remind us that you have to be ready for anything when you take a subway ride.

Hold On To Your Nostrils!

It gets tiring keeping a 9 to 5 and relying on public transportation to get you between work and home. It doesn’t help if the distance traveled is far and the best of us have found ourselves catching some shut-eye on the subway.

The lady above must have been extremely exhausted to go into what we can best describe as a catatonic state of sleep in an equally peculiar position. We can’t imagine how she felt when she woke up because it might have felt like she had been punched in the face. If anything, we hope that she didn’t miss her stop.

Always Protect the Endangered Species

The problem with getting out of the house dressed as a giant panda is that society is not fully ready to accommodate you. The metro doors, for instance, were designed for people who are not dressed as a giant panda. For that reason, this lovely creature is making a fuss in the subway after getting stuck in the door.

Trying to help the endangered bamboo-loving species, these three subway officers are doing their best to push our giant panda inside the carriage. Let’s hope the man/woman wearing the suit will not be late for his/her panda-related appointment.

The Perfect Timing

When we first glanced at this picture, we felt very disturbed and creeped out. But after taking a closer look, we have realized this man’s head isn’t yellow. This funny and perfectly-timed snap is the work of a talented subway photographer who knows all there is to know about pressing ‘shoot’ in the best possible moment.

The nails in the subway’s yellow holding bar are an excellent replacement for the human eyes. Its circular shape kind of looks like a sort of head when seen from the right perspective.

She Comes In Peace

A lot of people just wear simple clothes when they ride the subway and it looks like everyone just wants to be left in peace and unbothered. For the woman in the photo above, it looks like she was in the mood to turn heads on the subway that.

She wore what looks likes a knitted alien mask. It’s either she was sleeping under the mask and didn’t want to mind the world around her or she wanted to entertain people. Either way, we’re sure it was a great story she told her friends and family.

Cool Outfit, Bro

We all know that it’s best to mind your own business and avoid eye contact when riding the subway. That’s unless you enjoy small talk or even ride the subway as a way of meeting new people or making friends.

However, we would break this rule if we were in the same subway as the man in the dress holding what seems like a duck-shaped mini boat. He went all out and paired his grey dress with white stockings and we can’t help but wonder the story behind it all. The lady sitting nearby seems to be following her gut and decided to mind her own business.

Taking Your Pet For A Stroll

Many people are used to taking their pets on daily walks, and some lavish owners even go as far as to put them in a stroller and act like they are babes. This owner, for sure, has a peculiar pet, a chicken! A pink chicken at that! The owner has gone above and beyond with styling.

the stroller is decorated with skeletons in various colors that maybe this was taken on Halloween. One thing is for sure you don’t see a chicken riding the subway in a stroller every day!

Social Distancing At Its Best

There are mornings where you’re struggling to get to work, and a ride in the subway will only make your day worse. We are only guessing this is the case with this weird tree man here. He has for sure taken social distancing to another level.

Probably in his effort to avoid people talking to him and sitting next to him in the subway, he went to the big extreme of dressing up his face as a tree. Either that or someone is getting pranked at the office! One thing is for sure – it’s working- as he is sitting alone after all!

Now we are not big football fans, so it remains unsolved as to what team these dino-guys are rooting for if they are even rooting for one. One thing is for sure; they are hilarious. Imagine minding your own business while riding the subway, and these guys enter the subway car.

They look like they came straight out of a Mario video game, although we can’t imagine sitting with a dinosaur around your waist is comfortable. Either they are going to a game, or just dressed up for fun’s sake! Either way, they are a sight to behold and a funny one at that!

Honey Anyone?

Maybe the man has his car in the mechanic? Or just maybe he doesn’t’ have a car? This could be a reason why he chose to take the subway to transport…bees! Yikes! It could get real nasty fast!

You get that the man is trying to do his job and probably going to a fair to sell honey while showcasing how the real thing is made. But taking the entire beehive with him is overdoing it, don’t you think? We can only hope that the transport went without a hitch or else “Subway Car fills with Bees” would be on the news!

Recycling At Its Best

On countless occasions, we’ve seen empty plastic bottles in the streets getting tramped by the walking bypassers. So the only logical thing to do is to pick them up and do something good for the environment and the future of the Earth.

This is probably where this picture comes from. A considerate citizen who just had enough and decided to do something good for the society in the way to a greener imprint. No better way to help your home cleaned from plastic and become a more sustainable one than by recycling plastic, right?

Sleeping Upright

Now we know what you are thinking. Is the man stretching to be all ready for his workout as soon as he arrives at the gym? We are guessing..No. This man is just displaying his latest innovation.

He has come up with a way to stay upright and maintain a good pose that’s beneficial for his body while falling asleep in a subway seat. How he managed to get the innovative sling on and off is truly beyond us, but he does get a lot of points for thinking out of the box, right?

One Last Trip

One can only assume that the coffin in this photo is not empty. Given the presence of a police officer there, we can only imagine that the family and friends of the diseased either could not afford a car service or that this was one of the deceased’s final wishes.

Who would want a final ride in the subway and for what reason is truly beyond us, but this is what friends are for. With dedicated friends like that, we can only wagger that the memories shared in the ride will be font ones, and the goodbye would be a teary one for sure.

Exotic Pet On A Leash

People are known for thinking outside of the box, especially when it comes to owning a pet. Many do not want to compromise with the social norms and get the expected dog, cat, or hamster as a company fury animal.

This must be the case with the owner of this exotic looking turtle! Not only did the owner defy the conventional pet category, but he also decided to go above and beyond in taking the turtle on an adventure in the city starting with the subway. This is going to take them a while, for sure!

Psst, Wanna Buy A Bootleg Kitten? Good Price!

We are always intrigued by the things people choose to carry on the subway and pets are common on these rides. This woman seems annoyed at the person who decided to snap her photo and on second look you can see that she’s simply trying to protect her fur baby.

What an unusual way to carry a pet but we think that she might have found the kitten and had no choice than to smuggle him in her coat on the subway trip home. The kitten looks quite at home so it could be a cat she already owned and just decided to take along with her.

Innovative Millennials

Everything seems to conventional nowadays to the 25-year-old millennials that are currently trying to evolve their careers and enter the business world. This must be the case here as time is valuable, and you can’t just waste it on a subway ride. Time is money, after all!

Dressed to the tee’s and probably either prepping or even holding a business meeting, these suited-up gentlemen sure made passengers look at them bizarrely. After all, you don’t often see business meetings held in a subway car, even if the meeting is for the subway itself!

Taking Advantage of Every Subway Minute

Taking advantage of every minute in your day – even the standard subway ride to work – can make you pop in a sea of people. We wager that this what this guy was thinking while moving this coffee table.

Work is never done, and you can find your shelf ahead of the game if you take advantage of every minute in your day, don’t you think? Our only question is how he is going to move this thing alone once he reaches his destination!

Power Rangers Prank Galore

Okay, this shot must have been taken on April Fool’s Day as it’s the only day acceptable to go to class looking like this. Why else would these students carrying their backpacks to school, would dress up as the Power Rangers?

Not sure if this is just a part of a practical prank, or if a teacher is getting serious trauma after today’s class, one thing is for sure, though. They make up on hell of a hilarious assemble! They are only white and a black ranger away from a full team!

The Aftermath Of A Hair Raising Fight

All sorts of people use the subway, and there are bound to be a couple of misunderstandings. We’ve seen videos of subway arguments sparked by small things. There’s that one commuter who accidentally stepped on toes or that person hogging a seat.

Most of these brawls usually start at the subway stop, and the photo above seems to capture the aftermath of one. It seems like some hair extensions were lost, a couple of toupees, and handfuls of strands. If anything, this is a fight we would have wanted to witness in video form because it looks like it would snatch our wigs off.

Straight From The Heart!

Relationships are hard. Either it’s a relationship with a partner or a friend, effort must be made from both parties to make it work. This must be the case with this poor guy here. He could have gone all out with a luxurious apology, but he opted for the Disney version instead.

What better way to apologize than with the secret message inside the pizza box? We bet that this sweet and funny gesture will get his apology accepted in no time. It is one right off a movie, after all.

Taking Your Doll Out For Some Fresh Air

We can only assume that what we thought as children is true; toys do have feelings. That’s right; we watched Toy Story too, and we are firm believers, as is this person in this photo, that toys do need their fresh air once in a while.

Maybe taking them on an actual stroll in the middle of a subway car is not ideal, but people would pay money to see a street act like this in the streets of New York! Which is probably what this is, an artist putting on a show while showing his doll a good time!

Getting A Different View

No, this is not an illusion. Yes, there is a man hanging from the subway car’s ceiling! We have no idea what brought this on, maybe the guy works at Circe de Soleil, or he has too much pent-up energy and just couldn’t sit still for the duration of the subway ride.

The most probable reason though, is that he is an upcoming influencer doing impressive stunts to gain views! Maybe looking at the world upside down could give him some inspiration for future video ideas, who knows?

The Label Says It All

No, we know what you are thinking. Maybe things are not what they look like, except if you think that this little person is an exotic dancer. Then yes, you are probably right! People take the subway to work all the time, and this little guy is no exception.

No work is shameful unless you make it so, and this guy is not assumed for the world to know what he does for a living. Going to bachelorette parties dressed as a military officer and giving them a good time! We bet he is booked for months in advance!

Squished In

Who hasn’t gotten up five minutes after his alarm went off completely disoriented and on the verge of being late to work? We know the feeling, and probably these guys do too. Japan is famous for taking advantage of the full subway car and even employ personnel to shove people efficiently.

We understand that being late for work does not give the best impression at work. But we would take any day over this squishy situation any day. Gaining a paycheck is important, but breathing sure comes as a clear winner between the two, don’t you think?

A Smile Can Get You A Long Way But Not This One!

We sincerely hope this is taken on a Halloween or on April Fool’s day, otherwise wearing off a creepy baby mask in the subway is plain old horror movie material. We cannot guess why these people thought it was a good idea to wear these in public transport, let alone pose for a photo

Wagering that they are indeed headed to a Halloween party, we bet that they’ll for sure win the scariest custom competition with these creepy baby masks on! We only hope they did not give a heart-attack to the other passengers in the subway who were merely minding their own business!

Time Stands Still

The types of subway snoozers are diverse and we have the standing sleepers like the woman above. Sometimes you simply can’t fight off the heavy eyes, and the motions of the subway can lull the best of us into a state of slumber.

This lady must have had a super early morning and she couldn’t resist catching a few minutes of sleep. Fortunately, she has a metal aid with her that’s providing chin support and possibly keeping her standing even with the bumps experienced during a subway ride. For her sake, we hope the ride wasn’t too short so that she can rejuvenate.

Photo Bombing At Its Best

We don’t exactly know which came first, the guy standing outside of the subway car of the person taking the photo. Either way, the guy outside saw the opportunity and seized it. He went all carpe diem and photobombed this guy minding his own business.

Would you take a minute out of your day to make someone laugh? Imagine being the person that takes the photo, focusing on the guy with the headphones- creepy at best- and instead, finding a guy hijacking your photo. This would make us laugh out loud!

Hop-On The Panda Express!

If Panda Express was the name of a train instead of the restaurant chain, the station would probably look like this every day. It’s unclear if the photo above was taken during Halloween or these people have a panda costume party they’re all going to. Maybe they have an all-panda dancer number?

It can get quite hot on the subway station at times so you can just imagine how much they were probably suffering inside the costumes. If you pay attention to the people with the pandas on the escalator, it looks like they were not really amused by it and just wanted to get passed them already.

No Shave Friday

This duo above gets the trophy for the most peculiar and yet interesting subway sleepers. The lady has a mask on which brings us to our list of questions. Where was she going and why is she wearing a mask?

It’s best not to ask too many questions and just take the photo for what it is. We also learn from it that sleeping might be contagious. You also can’t be too sure if the lady is enjoying a slumber session and if she is, we have to point out that she’s snoozing stylishly and like a model.

What Can You Do While Waiting For The Subway? Shave Your Legs!

Life gets crazy, particularly if you have a 9 to 5 job that keeps you constantly on the move. Understandably, we might let ourselves go at times because we simply don’t have the time to perform some grooming needs.

On the other hand, the lady above proves that you can always squeeze in time to get some grooming done—like shaving your legs. A video of this woman shaving her legs, oblivious to her surroundings, was taken in 2018 at the subway stop in Times Square. The video and photos went viral because it isn’t something you see every day.

DIY Subway Plunger Pole

The poles that you see in the subway aren’t there for no reason. You really have to hang on to them unless you want to fall over. For the woman in this photo, it looks like she knows how much germs there are in the subway so she would rather hang on to something she knows is clean.

She was quite creative because she used a toilet plunger. Plungers have good suction and it looks like it really helped her balance on the moving train. Let’s just hope that the plunger was clean and didn’t just come from her toilet.

This Man Is Not Amused With The Toenail Clipping Action That’s Going On

We’ve seen the woman who decided to shave her legs while waiting for the subway. Now, meet the woman who chose to clip her toenails in the subway. She’s keen on the task at hand and not bothered by her surroundings. However, the look on the man next to her spells out the disapproval we all feel.

Similar photos of subway commuters who clip their nails on the subway sparked numerous open letters shared online. One published on back in 2013 sums what we would all like to tell the lady that her action is “disgusting and inhospitable.”

Germophobes live among us

COVID-19 is the hot topic of the days, considering the pandemic has rapidly spread to the entire world. This photo must be taken days before the pandemic was announced, but we wager that this man being a true germophobe came up with a solution to keep germs away.

Gloves are easy enough to find, but what do you do when you do not have a mask to protect you from all the bacteria in the subway? You create your own, of course. This DIY project will come in handy to most during the pandemic, just remember to punch in some holes!

Happy Feet Live At The London Underground

If you watched the movie called Happy Feet, then there’s a chance that you want to see a penguin in real life. For people in the London Underground, there was a day where the subway station was infested with penguins. Well, people in penguin costumes who didn’t have anything better to do that day.

It looks like all the people here were willing to spend money on this penguin train invasion because all their costumes are identical. They also completed the whole look by putting on face paint. The guy wearing the glasses on the right looked like he could care less about what was going on around him.

Recyclable Fashion at its Best

Fashion statements are not for everyone, but we bet this guy would never shy away from a challenge like creating an outfit made out of can rings! Clothes are meant to be fun after all, and being able to do so in a sustainable way is really what the future of fashion is all about.

Now, we can only assume that this guy is either going to a fight, and he wanted all the protection he could get, or he is genuinely making a fashion statement for the books! Either way, this is a cool way to ride the subway.

An Encounter With Some Subway Furries

What in the fur is going on above? We are still trying to wrap our heads around it, and we conclude that the gentleman above might be wearing some form of costume. The cosplay scene has expanded, and we won’t put it past the man above to have thrown on something for an impromptu convention.

The only shortcoming we see with his costume is the fact that it makes sitting rather difficult. We also can’t miss the furry set of ears! We imagine the tail kept the man on his toes the entire time.

Knitting Your Way To The Top

If you add up all the time we spend on the subway you’ll realize that it’s more than enough and also the best opportunity to pick up a new skill. You could polish your language skills by taking along books or audiotapes for the ride.

The man above decided to use the time to get some knitting done. He also seems to have gotten good at it because he’s donning a knitted ensemble which he probably worked on himself. He’s possibly an up and coming NYC designer who is ready to take the subway by storm.

It’s Always Training Time

Anna McNulty is a popular young YouTuber who is known for her series of flexibility videos and the photos she posts on her social media accounts. She’s even spawned several challenges with multiple people trying to achieve the ultra-flexible poses she does.

Above, she showed us how she passes the time when she’s waiting for the subway. We tip our hats at how she makes posing for the move look like she’s almost limbless. Great thing is that she offers flexibility tutorials on her YouTube channel and perhaps some of us who would like to learn a thing or two have hope.

A Knight In Bubbly Armor

Halloween comes but once a year, however, we aren’t too sure that this is a costume for All Hallows’ Eve. Some folks suffer from extreme phobias which are considered anxiety disorders. Most of these disorders are easy to manage with a little help but some are hard to overcome.

Plastic wrap is a handy and functional tool most of us have lying around the house. This guy took it to the next level by draping himself in it completely with a helmet. We are also curious about what kind of conversations he struck up with fellow commuters.

Blue Collar Angel

Sometimes an angel comes along and takes the subway ride to wherever they are going. Just imagine how cool it would be if the wings actually worked but again that would mean that the guy would be consumed with fighting against evil.

This photo opens our eyes even more to how creative people are and we really appreciate his beautiful costume. Maybe it’s the iPod that breaks the fantasy and we wonder what kind of songs this guy is into. Maybe he just decided to take a piece of heaven to the subway and the sight must have made someone’s day.

 Pest Control Services Required

You never know what kind of pests and critters are drudged into the subway daily. Fortunately, subway trains run a lot of advertisements. Actually, we bet one of them is about pest control services that can greatly benefit the transit service providers.

The photo above is one of those perfectly timed pictures, which gives a subliminal message. Below, we can see a bunch of crabs congregated, which leaves us with more questions unanswered. Above, we see an advertisement. Combined with all the crabs below, it provides an entirely different message.

Oh My God Pikachu, What…Who Are You Eating?!

When we think about Pikachu the image that comes to mind is a cute Pokémon mouse. Then we come across this photo and it starts making us think about Pikachu’s diet. Seems like the gigantic video game creature is gobbling up a man who’s holding on to the bar for dear life.

Back to reality and we can’t help but wonder where this Pikachu was heading. Also, do these people keep these costumes or are they rentals for certain themed events? We are left pondering as we make our way through the list but one thing we’ve learned from this photo is that you should never take yourself too seriously.

The Masters Make It Seem Easy

One pattern that is becoming clear from this list is the fact that most people either like to sleep or hang around in the subway. Well, for the hanging lot, a subway ride in their eyes might seem like a visit to a jungle gym.

If you ask us, the hanging subway riders risk falls and they might also injure the people around. A few nations have strict laws about the decorum required from subway riders and this hanging man might face a hefty fine if he tried his antics anywhere else.

Cute Kid, Does He Bite?

The National Center for Missing Children estimated that 800K children go missing every year in the U.S. That sad reality makes parents extra vigilant when it comes to protecting their children. The person above went the creative route just to make sure that their child stays safe.

The more we look at the photo, the more questions we realize are wrapped up in this picture. Is it actually a child who is dressed up in a mask or is it a doll? Can we buy a similar anti-theft jacket or did the person tailor it themselves?

Nice And Cosy, Just As Long As You Don’t Breathe Too Deeply

What is going on here? Well, if you’ve ever taken a subway during the peak hours you might know how packed they can get. Seems like the same case in the picture above and the subway staff might be helping the commuters push their way inside the limited space so that the doors can close.

The crowd waiting for the next subway and watching nonchalantly seem accustomed to such scenes. You can even make out the huge people waiting in the queue going right up the stairs. It doesn’t seem like the most comfortable ride to subject yourself to, but that’s just how it is taking the subway sometimes.

Smurfs Take The Subway To The Smurf Village

The Smurfs became popular again in the 2010s thanks to the film that was released back in 2011. Kids loved it but the photo above just shows you that there are adult fans as well. These people above decided to ride the subway one day wearing coordinated outfits.

They treated this as an investment for their costumes look like it was all custom-made. All of them also made sure to paint themselves with blue paint to look like a true smurf but one guy looks like he didn’t get the memo. Maybe he intentionally wanted to stand out?

Category Is: “Effortless” Recyclable Fashion

When riding the subway, you will often see people who have a great sense of style. The guy in the photo above puts a whole new meaning to recyclable fashion. He was able to make an almost complete outfit out of the pull-tabs of a soda can.

Let’s hope he got the pull-tabs from different sources and doesn’t actually consume that many soft drinks regularly because that’s bad for his health. This guy must really be creative and full of ideas because if you look closely, he was even able to make a necklace with some lighters. Somebody give this guy an editorial!

Whatchu Lookin’ At Miss?

These two people who dressed up in a spooky costume probably had the intention of being the center of attention on the subway that day. They wore matching dresses and oversized masks. You see the person on the left trying to spook the blonde girl but she’s probably just like “what is wrong with this person?”

The guy behind the blonde girl looks like he’s amused by it and is about to giggle. Lastly, the guy on the left wins the prize for the most unbothered passenger that day but he looks like he might lose it if people wearing the costume starts touching him.

Got To Meet Deadlines No Matter What

Our education is important but even if we want it to be our top priority, we might still want to treasure getting enough sleep. The woman above looks like she is a culinary student who had to submit a cake that day. She probably woke up late and had no more time to finish the cake’s icing at home.

Her subway ride must be a long one because she decided to do the icing there. We’re sure she was really stressed when this photo was taken and didn’t really care anymore if people laughed at her. She deserves an A+ because doing this on a moving train isn’t a piece of cake…

Winter Is Coming

When you live in a country that gets really cold during the winter, you have to make sure you are prepared. For the couple above, they were more than prepared for the winter and we bet their thick coats kept them warm.

We hope their outfits are made of faux fur or else animal rights groups would be furious. Their outfits don’t look cheap and we’re sure they spent a lot of their funds on it. You can just imagine how much people on the subway were jealous of how warm and cozy these two were.

Pennywise’s Long Lost Cousin

Many people are afraid of clowns and they usually see them as their worst nightmares. When the movie called It became popular, many were frightened of Pennywise the clown. The clown in the photo above isn’t Pennywise but she looks like his long lost cousin.

The costume looked like it was made for someone who really wanted to catch people’s attention. The person wearing the costume might have been on the way to a gig or was just filled with the Halloween spirit that day. Let’s hope she didn’t bother her seatmates on the train too much.

Chucky & Tiffany On The Way To Make Bad Decisions

Parents love buying their kids dolls but if there was one doll they wouldn’t get, it would be a Chucky doll. This is because numerous films have portrayed the doll in such a horrifying way that giving one to a child is like giving them a nightmare daily.

The two people in the photo above riding the subway looked like they were off to a costume party and they were going in a coordinated Chucky-Tiffany costume. The man beside them looked frightened but tried his best just not to look and remain calm.

Make Way! Harry Potter Needs My Help!

Street performers and the budding grounds arts scene are other aspects that make city life much more interesting. Have you ever wondered how the street jester or clown gets to the “office”? What about people going to Comic-Con?  The photo above seems to offer the answer.

They say that humor provides the best dose of medicine and that’s what the gentleman above set out to deliver. He could probably have packed the centaur costume and worn it at the venue, but he thought otherwise. He was the center of attention judging from the stares and we wonder if he had to pay for two tickets.

Cheetos On Steroids

When you aren’t that conscious about your diet, then you probably love snacking on some junk food. Cheetos are very popular all over the world and many people consume them regularly. The guy above looks like he is a die-hard Cheetos fan because he has two huge versions of it.

It doesn’t look like an actual large-sized Cheeto that you can eat so we’re guessing that he bought this for his home or he is using it as props for a production he is part of. Either way, we’re sure many Cheetos addicts want to know where he got them.

It’s A Good Day To Make A Fashion Statement By Matching Outfits With The Train Seat

There are self-proclaimed subway spotters who love to use the rapid transit system to pick up on new trends. It’s the place to see people step out in unique and fashionable clothes. On some occasions, you guys might even bump into someone wearing a similar outfit. However, it isn’t every day that you end up wearing something that matches something on the subway.

Call it sheer coincidence, but we believe there’s a reason why the man above ended up sitting on a subway seat with a pattern that matched the one on his shirt. The man looks quite happy with the accidental camouflage.

You Mess With The Rhino, You Get The Horn

When you hear about subway complaints it must be about such riders. Once again, the questions are swirling in our minds about where the rhino is headed and why they couldn’t carry the costume instead of choosing to wear it on the subway.

We want to imagine that it’s a cast member from a Broadway production like The Lion King who was late for a curtain call and had to go dressed in the costume. Wearing such a costume on the subway has its upsides though; most people will steer away from you which keeps them from intruding on your personal space.

TBH, We’re More Concerned About The Guy On The Bottom Right…

Halloween is that day of the year that brings out all the crazies, and a ride on the subway is quite something on this occasion. However, when it isn’t Halloween or a day close to the spook-tacular holiday, anyone wearing a costume on the subway raises curiosity.

There isn’t an occasion when seeing anyone dressed up as The Nun would be less scary. The photo above doesn’t help things. It’s even creepier when you look at the man sitting on the bottom left side of the photo. This is one train we are happy to have missed.

Late Stage Capitalism Shocks

It’s happened to the best of us, your shoes give out on you when you are up and about or they are stolen. It could be the same story or entirely something else, like the photo of the bare-foot Russian woman that took social media by storm in mid-2019.

The “Barefooters’ movement is quickly catching up with most people who choose to live their lives unrestricted by shoes, saying that they derive pleasure from the practice. Even with physicians frowning on the practice because it may lead to injuries, it doesn’t seem to stop the barefooters.

Does This Count As Carry-On Luggage?

When you ride the subway, you will see a lot of people traveling with their pets. Well, mostly dogs since not many people really travel with their cats. The guy above looks like he is the best of friends with his Huskey and he even strapped him on his bag so he doesn’t run away.

You can tell that the people around him were amused by how adorable the dog was and the girl on the right looked like she was about to smile already. Maybe playing with the Huskey could start a beautiful love story with the Huskey’s owner?

You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?

This Cosplay scene is quite interesting and we are still trying to understand bits and pieces about it. Where could this guy be off to? A Cosplay event or maybe he just has a strange sense of style.

The visor is the highlight of the entire ensemble and if he entered a design competition we are sure that he might win. Sadly, commuters are typically close-minded and not too welcoming to the colorfully odd people. We would have taken one for the team and struck up a conversation to know what this person is all about.

When In Doubt, Know Your Way Out

When you board a plane, right before takeoff, you are instructed about accessing the emergency exits in the event of the unforeseen. Sadly, there’s a long history of the worst happening and too many planes have crashed. Somehow, this subway rider got his hands on one of the emergency exit doors from a presumably small private plane.

We have seen a lot of DIYers create masterpieces out of such items. We still can’t help scratching our heads trying to figure out what he intended to do with this piece of scrap metal. Let alone the questions about where he got it and why he chose to transport it on the subway.

The Cybermen Invasion No One Asked For

Can you imagine trying to ride the subway but then you are stopped by a group of guys in these costumes? Well, most people would probably whip out their phones and take selfies or Instagram stories right away. In case you don’t know, the guys here are wearing a Cyberman costume.

The character was popularly known for appearing in the British show called Doctor Who. They are known for converting humans into cyborgs in the series and it looks like these guys might also do this in real life. At the end of the day, going around the city in a cool costume looks like a whole lot of fun!

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