Infowars | Alex Jones – The Genetic Sabotage of Humanity!

CRISPR | Cas9 (foto zhanlan.zhihu)

Lamb in Artificial Womb (foto Vice)Claude Vorilhon Quote Cloning Will Enable Mankind To Reach Eternal Life (foto AllAuthor)Cloning (foto Story of Dolly (foto ResearchGate)
Dolly the first cloned Sheep (foto Blingee)

The Genetic Sabotage of Humanity!

First published at 22:52 UTC on April 17th, 2021

While the Social Engineers of the United Nations slowly force Agenda 2030 through the manufactured totalitarian Corona Virus Lockdown scheme. A decades old secret Human Cloning and Hybrid Operation is testing the water of public scrutiny. An Operation that will replenish the elite with Harvested Organs from their Genetic creations. While continuing the work of Nazi Dr Joseph Mengele’s Superhuman Master Race.

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Before It’s News, Saturday, April 17, 2021 19:24

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