Infowars | Alex Jones – EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Russia Launches New Offensive While Pentagon Continues to Hype UFO Invasion, February 14, 2023

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Russia launches New Offensive while Pentagon continues to Hype UFO Invasion, February 14, 2023

Published Feb 14, 2023

The Alex Jones Show

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones is LIVE Right Now and Taking YOUR Calls to Deliver Full Spectrum Coverage of Breaking News and Exclusive Information the Globalists DO NOTWant you to Hear! Tune In to Hear the Hard Truths of the Publicly Announced Global Takeover!

The Information War is Now More vital than Ever! Alex Jones lays out the Hard Truths of the Publicly Announced Global Takeover, Under the Guise of National Security and Ecological Stewardship, Globalists have Installed an Infrastructure of TYRANNY that has been Accepted by the Masses!

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