Indian in the machine – Weirdness Going Down!! Vatican Closed To Visitors And Newspaper “Accidentally” Announces Pope’s Death!! Religious Key To iLLUMiNATi Global Stranglehold!!

Pope Mouthcapped (foto Twitter)
Boy Lovers Symbols on the Pope’s Ceremonial Clothing (foto Telegram)
Pope Head of the Biggest Pedophile Ring in the History of Mankind (foto Telegram)

The Pope’s Parchment Gallery (foto Telegram)

Vice President Joseph Biden with Pope Francis (foto CNN)

United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres & Pope Francis (foto Telegram)
Pope Francis in Weirdness at the Vatican (1) (video Telegram)
Pope Francis in Weirdness at the Vatican (2) (video)

Pope Francis (foto The Sun)

Weirdness Going Down At The Vatican!! Vatican Closed To Visitors. And Newspaper Accidentally” Announces Pope’s Death!! Vatican Is Religious Key To iLLUMiNATi Global Stranglehold!!

Vatican Closed to Visitors

Was it really a Faux Pas? ITV Newsreader accidentally Announced the Pope’s Death while Discussing the Holy Father’s Christmas Speech  

Hmmmm, Two Things come to Mind, One, that the Pope Really Did Die or Two, that the Fake Pope was Arrested, and maybe Much of the Vatican Gang Too for Playing their Role in the Globalist Stranglehold of the World! If the Vatican goes Dark and The White House is Already Gone Dark then the Only One Left is the City of London. Let’s hope they All Go Bye Bye Soon, and Humanity ushers in a New Era of Peace.  

Thank you for Imagining that they are All Powerless against Us. Envision those Obelisks emitting Love and Light Energy. Reverse their Polarity.

World Teacher Says You Can Create A Great Unending Wave Of Goodness, Love And Light From Earth To The Entire Cosmos Now. Repeat These Words Out Loud And Often!!

Thanks to Brother Wayne for the Tip.  

Before It’s News, Saturday, December 25, 2021 23:49

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