Indian in the machine – Q Predicted McCain’s Death… Zetas Say McCain Is at Gitmo!

I am pretty sure McCain is not yet dead… but did he willingly choose his last days at Gitmo… did McCain walk through the gates of Gitmo as a traitor, not a hero… but as a buddy to mass murderers and arms dealers… did McCain know he was screwed and perhaps behaving once again, in a most cowardly manner… unable to face his own deeds… unable to be in the presence of justice… did he walk into Gitmo… walk into his own cell… and did he close the door behind himself… as a conspirator to the most heinous deeds of himself and his satanic co-horts… well… Q definitely saw his so-called death coming… ENJOY THE SHOW says Q…

ZetaTalk Newsletter as of September 2, 2018

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McCain’s Death

The official version of events is that McCain died of a deadly Glioblastoma,
where death usually follows in 12-15 months. It was announced he had brain cancer in July, 2017 – 13 months ago (a well-planned event). McCain previously fought deadly Melanoma
skin cancer – so he was cancer prone (a well-planned excuse). Despite supposedly having radiation and chemo treatments, McCain didn’t look a day older in March, 2018 than he had in 2015. He died at home, where the circumstances of his “death” could be well controlled and concealed.

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Q predicted McCain’s death to the day, the hour, and the minute. After hinting on May 10 of a “death/funeral” escape and on June 18 of an “end near”, Q stated on July 25 at 18:28:35 ET that McCain would be “returning to headlines”. McCain obits state he died an exact month later on August 25 at 16:28 local time in Arizona. Q had stated on June 30 that “every dog has its day” and McCain died on National Dog Day. Yet more proof that the “death” was planned and that Q has inside knowledge that is highly accurate. Per the Zetas, McCain is not dead but at Gitmo.

John McCain, War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender, Dies at 81
August 25, 2018
Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m. local time.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/31/2018:
The cleanup of the Deep State has reached the point where the public is going to be allowed to know the extent of treasonous acts during the 2016 Presidential campaign. McCain is intrinsically tied to the Steele Dossier, as was Brennan and Hillary. It has been noted by many that the number of sealed indictments under the military tribunals run by Trump’s Junta is many tens of thousands above the average. Meanwhile CEO’s are resigning in droves and dozens of US Congressmen are choosing not to continue in office, opting out. Is there a relationship?

When the perpetrator is a well-known public figure, the Junta tribunals offer the offender a choice. Depending on their role, they can resign from a position of influence and remain silent, to be available to the media and thus humiliated when their crimes are exposed. Or they can disappear into a falsified death. If the individual cannot be trusted to refrain from public pronouncements, they are not trusted to fake their death. McCain was too opinionated and stubborn, so is now housed in Guantanamo with a number of similar individuals. A type of life sentence.

With the FISA issue under investigation by an AG reporting directly to Sessions, this is likely to expose McCain as well as Brennan this upcoming Fall for their crimes. McCain was rather obviously under House Arrest
simultaneously with Hillary last November, 2017 even wearing his boot on the wrong foot on occasion. Then in March, just months later, Q exposed McCain’s dealings with US backed rebels, ISIS associates, when he personally delivered chemical weapons
to them in Syria. McCain could not be trusted. Q is now hinting that FISA abuses, and involvement with the Steele Dossier, could also potentially be revealed. Time for McCain to leave the stage.

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