Indian in the machine – Obama the Fake President, Terrorist and Crisis Actor, Attacks Trump on Last Days Before He Is Shipped to Guantanamo Bay for Treason Charges at the Highest Level!


Obama attacks Trump…gee guy, can you come up with something better to do with your last days as a free man…

Failed Obama attacks successful Trump in bitter swan song
Opinion – Fox News- 1 hour ago


Obummer… he was always about treason…

Pure Evil Abuse Of Power Of Obama Administration In Conspiracy With Domestic And Foreign Dignitaries, To Become Public!

Greatest Political Crime In US History Unfolding!!! Obama And Hillary Clinton Just Got Busted For Conspiracy And Treason, For Rigging US Election, Creating Emergency Contingencies, And Framing Donald Trump To Prevent Public Exposure!

Obama Administration Were The Terrorist Helpers… Says Mainstream Media!

Obama Takedown In Full Force… Including Headlines That Suggest Treason At The Highest Level!

Michael Robinson and Barack Obama Were Never Legally Married in Illinois! Michael Shakes His Hefty Package on National Television, as Proof!

“Barack Obama Was Cloned” Theory Gains More Credibility With This One Disturbing Photo!

Prophecies On Obama, Hillary, NESARA, Trump And More!

Obama in Deep shit Now! Trump Hints Obama Is at Centre of Spygate, One of the Biggest Political Scandals in US History!

Q Hints Obama Had Ongoing Sexual Affair With 10 Year Old Girl (“Pizza”), Who May Be A Witch-In-Training!

White House Investigating Great Conspiracy!!! Possible Coordination Between Obama Officials, CIA, FBI, Justice Dept., and Senate Leadership for Faking Trump-Russia Collusion!

Q Hints Obama Is Going Claim Kenyan Citizenship As US Is Working On Kenyan Relations Towards Counterterrorism, Advanced Peace And Security… Kenya Is Greater Than Any One Individual! Hints Kenyan President Kenyatta On Same Day!

Parkland Students On Ellen (MK Ultra Handler) Bring Up Sandy Hook (Truthers Know Sandy Hook Children Still Alive) Ellen Pays Them $50000 (Treason Payout)… Obama Played A Lead Crisis Actor Role And Could Be Called Upon As A Witness In Upcoming False Flag Treason Trials!

Satanic Swamp Thing John Kerry Reportedly Coaches Palestinians Not To “Yield” To Trump In Peace Talks, Spurring Backlash… Treason At The Highest Levels Commonplace in Bush, Clinton and Obama Adminstrations!

Latest Q Is Major! Q Suggesting Obama Got Rich as Covert Operative President Whose Job Was to Destroy America Via Direct Inside Attack!

Obama-Clinton And Their 16-Year Plan To Destroy America… Aaaaand They Are Clones!! “They Never Thought She’d Lose”!!! Treason At Highest Levels!

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