Indian in the machine – Meet The New “Legitimate” King of England? And It S Not William!! Real Reason “German” Queen Lizard Went Into Hiding!!

I am 666 (foto David Icke Forum)

Prins William Coat of arms (foto 4plebs)

Prins William Coat of arms (foto 4plebs)

Meet The New Legitimate King of England?And It S Not William!! Real ReasonGerman” Queen Lizard Went Into Hiding!!

We have A NEW KING!! 'Notice' on GATE! (foto Before It S News)

Queen S coat of arms removed from gate, but Joesph says someone photoshopped his emblem on gate (foto Before It’s News)

Many researchers have known that the Windsor Royal family have been imposters with German last name. And if that is so, then there is A real Royal lineage.

House of WindsorWikipedia

The House of Windsor is the reigning Royal house of the United Kingdom and the other. Place of origin, Windsor Castle, England. In 1917, the name of the Royal house was changed from the German Saxe Coburg and Gotha to. In 1947, Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II), heir presumptive to King George VI. Maybe Prince Harry figured this out and thought WTF! I M outta here!

Prince Harry (foto Before It S News)

Prince Harry (foto Before It S News)

I suppose this means Canada, Australia and others have A new King (for now perhaps, but not for long), but can T say for how long, since the whole Shit show is shifting.

Long time friends Angela Merkel, Theresa May & Dalai Grybauskaite (foto Vinctum)
Long time friends Angela Merkel, Theresa May & Dalia Grybauskaite (foto Vinctum)

Dave S Wild CampingJoseph Gregory Hallett is King John III

I ve took the best bits from A couple of videos credit given and here we are.
Is this why we are clapping the NHS?
Welcome King John III!



WOW this is just Mindblowing stuff, but not surprising, to add to matters, A few days ago I posted this!!  ANTI CHRIST KING FAILS MISSION!  AKA WILLIAM! AKA WILSON AKA WILL SON.

Prophecies 2020 Update!! Solar Flash Of Light, Major Earthquake Time, Darkhat Arrests, Mass Migrations, GESARA|NESARA Inevitable, Anti Christ King Fails Mission, Final Battles In The Sky

Note on Gregory Hallett and EIIR (foto Before It Sn News)

Note on Gregory Hallett and E II R (foto Before It S News)

Is Joseph Gregory HallettChrist??? Not likely, I highly doubt the pope knows who that is and more important, the Christ is not someone appointed by Royal lineage, ha ha. that S not how it works in the spiritWorld, or with the Office Of The World Teacher. Maybe Joseph has the lineage of “Jesus,”  but that doesn T mean that he S Christ.  Still, initially, I like Joseph S energy, and it does look like he S the King of England by BLOOD lineage, but keep in Mind and heart peeps THAT THE ROYAL LINEAGE THING IS A SCAM, GOD S KINGDOM IS NOT OF THE PHYSICAL. THEREFORE GOD S KINGDOM IS NOT BASED ON BLOOD! IF ENGLAND WANTS TO PLAY THAT GAME WITH A NEW BATCH OF PLAYERS. I DOUBT IT S A GOOD IDEA OR A GOD IDEA.

Prince William Emperor has no clothes reference!! WOW!! He knows he S not going to be King, even though it is something he has prepared for his whole life. The German joke! WOW again!!

BBC – Why Prince William won T watch Tiger King in lockdown | The Big Night

Prince William gives Satanic handsign (foto
Prince William gives Satanic handsign (foto

Prince William Dancing (1) (

Prince William Dancing (1) (
Prince William Dancing (2) (
Prince William Dancing (2) (

Published on 23 apr. 2020

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