Indian in the machine – JFK JR Will Be First President of the NESARA Compliant United States!! And He = Q!

JFK JR Will Be First President of the NESARA Compliant United States!! And He = Q!

Vincent Kennedy – WE RISE | JFK JR = Q (foto Before It S News)

O.N.E. News


Thank you JFK JR, for your role in bringing down the Deep State, your 20 year plan to ‘go behind the scenes, your Q plan, your breadcrumbs, your humour, your brotherhood, and connection to Creator.  You will be A fine first NESARA president of the Republic, and even though others will be invited to run for office, it’s pretty clear, that you will be A frontrunner and will win the initial restoration NESARA term.  If Q reads this and wants to respond, the words to use are: Divine”, “Christ”, or “angels.

O.N.E. News accurately predicted Trump would be president, when most other news sources said the opposite. In fact, we did so seven MONTHS before the Trump election victory. Now we do the same with JFK JR, please do research if you desire to know, and you LL probably have to be A bit clever at reading between the lines.

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Indian in the machineJFK JR Will Be First President Of The NESARA Compliant United States!! And He = Q!

Published on 15 jun. 2020

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O.N.E. News


First Arrests, Then NESARA, Then World Peace And Extraterrestrials!!

Published on 12 jun. 2020

I remember when A friend told me years ago. First arrests, then NESARA, then World Peace and extraterrestrials too!

All World YouTube

Ashtar Command Vrillon TV broadcast 1977


Divine World Government To Begin In 2021 And The Two Christ S Shall Be Revealed!!

Published on 14 jun. 2020

The announcement for Divine World government is coming and is A major, step forward for humanity, as humanity will officially acknowledge the spirit world, and spiritual hierarchy of the universe lots of old energy will dissolve by the wayside, and the new energy blast, will represent fundamental shifts in humanity S core values including religions, finance, planetary stewardship, exopolitics, and World leadership. There are two Christ S fulfilling role of responsibility as Christ, Kuthumi and Sananda.

World Teacher & Friends

Era of Peace

Sacred School Of Omna

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Phoenix Source Distributors

Indian in the machine

I Am Sananda


Spiritual Awakening Of Donald Trump!! The Great Division Of America!!

Published on 13 jun. 2020

Kuthumi via Radiant Daughter June 8, 2020

Kuthumi at World Teacher & Friends


Before It’s News, Monday, June 15, 2020 21:11

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