Indian in the machine – Jesus Never Died on the Cross! This and Other Stories that may Shake the Foundation of Christianity!

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Jesus Never Died on the Cross! This and Other Stories That May Shake the Foundation of Christianity!

The Official Stories are Rarely Truth, and So It is, that for the Past 2.000 Years, the Truth of Jesus has Rarely Been Told and So It is, that After 2.000 Years Just as was Foretold, his Unfalsified Teachings would be Share and Yes, You Too could have that Honour. Here is an Unprecedented Greater Glimpse into the Hidden Past and Present of Jesus AKA Sananda as Told by his Reincarnated Apostle, Andrew AKA Indian in the machine. For More Teachings Yeshua, My Death on the Cross Never Happened

Indian in the machine S Shroud of Turin Play List

Shroud of Turin Missing Link Revealed ! Om Weitten on Forehead of Everybody S Messiah

Proof Shroud of Turin is Sanada Esu Immanuel AKA Jesus | Look at Miracle in the Hair

Shroud of Turin Mystery Solved! Exact Match Proving Phoenix Journal and Photo and Text Authenticated

Sananda S FlockAmbient Christ Mix (Spokrn Word, Prophecies, Channelings and Prayer)

When Christ Speaks to The Masses at The Future Gathering

Phoenix Journals

Indian in the machine

World Teacher and Friends

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