Indian in the machine – 50 to 300 Feet Waves May Hit Coastal Areas Soon Including North America And Europe Triggering Worldwide Disasters! Here’s Why You Need To Know This!!

Why You Need To Know This!! (foto Before It’s News)

50 to 300 Feet Waves May Hit Coastal Areas Soon Including North America And Europe Triggering Worldwide Disasters! Here’s Why You Need To Know This!!

Let’s look at some Hints, that put together a Picture that Major Waves will hit the Coastal Areas soon,


Zetatalk talks about Major Earth Shift when it comes to Major Earth Shifts, much can change in the Blink of an Eye especially when Humanity makes Things more difficult by ignoring Mother Earth’s Cleansing Process and her, herself! The Trend to tag People in some Way so that they can be Scanned and Identified has been Increasing as the End Times becomes Obvious. Identity Cards like a Driver’s License or Social Security Number or Credit Card can be Lost during a Rush to Safety during an Earthquake or Escape from a Flood. Despite the Lies in the MainStream Media about Covid Passports, which as we have Explained are a Device of the Elite to repress Migration, stopping any Covid 19 Infection is Not the Main Concern of the Elite.

The Elite desire to sort out any Desperate Migrants into Two Basic Camps –  those Known to be Law Abiding and Hard Working, and those with an Unknown History or a Criminal Record or Young Males with an Attitude. The Two Groups could be Considered Passive and Cooperative or Trouble Makers. The Social Credit System builds a History, so as long as the Individual has ID they can be Identified. Those who are Passive or Trouble Makers can thus be Easily Established. The Vaccines have long been Identified as tagging a Person so that the Fact of their Being Vaccinated can be Established. Those Vaccinated would of course be considered SheepPassive. How will this play out as the Earth Changes progress? The Elite anticipate the Status Quo to continue –  the Police and Military to be Steady and Reliable and their Enclaves Protected. None of this will happen.

  • Imagine a World where the New Madrid has torn all the Bridges crossing the Mississippi and Collapsed Buildings from Memphis to Cleveland to Miami. Imagine a 50 Foot Wave inundating DC so it must be Evacuated without Delay.
  • Imagine the Coastal Cities in Europe inundated by a 200 – 300 Foot Wave, and the Middle East suddenly finding the Africa Plate scraping past Syria and Israel. Imagine Italy losing its Support, so Rome and the Vatican are Sinking.
  • Imagine the Three Gorges Dam Breaking so that the Food Growing Regions of China are Lost, Along with a Huge Number of its Citizens.
  • Imagine the Shortage of Goods emerging Worldwide so Extreme that Food Stuff are Simply No Longer Available. Imagine Starvation in the Cities driving People out of Cities to raid Farms, and Rioting to Empty the Stores.

Tagging Mankind has emerged but it is a New and Undeveloped Process. There is No Time to Establish Universal or Proven Methods. Only a Tiny Percentage of the Populace has been Personally Tagged in some Way. Even the Social Credit System Would Falter if a Personal ID was Not on the Person. Identity Theft would be Rampant. Distracted Police and Military would Assign Tasks to Refugees and Identify Trouble Makers by their Refusal to take Assignments. Thus the Concerns about the Elite tagging Plans are Frankly Irrelevant.

They also say this “The Indo Australian Tilt stands at 100%, Philippine Plate Tilt at 97%, and the South American Roll with Caribbean Plate Shift Now at 99%. The Synergy between Great Quakes in Japan and the Relaxing Bow in the North American Continent have Both Progressed. Japan Adjustments,73%, allow the New Madrid Adjustment to proceed, 68%. The Eurasian Plate Stretch will Complete, 51%, in Step with the Africa Roll (53%) and the Mid Atlantic Release on the Border of the Africa Plate.”


Mother Earth has Agreed to Hold Off, for about a Month Longer leading into the New Year!  Early 2022 she’s set to ‘Let ‘Er Rip!‘  What I mean by that, is that she has a Major BodilyScratch’ to Itch’.  She’s got Lots ofEm!  She’s Held Off for a Long as Possible, and will Hold Off for a Wee Wee Bit More, but she’s Gotta Release LOTS OF DENSE DARK ENERGY and Humanity at the Same Time IS CREATING MORE DENSE DARK ENERGY.
Five Groups Of Lightworkers Are Going Home Leaving Earth Mission Not Fully Accomplished!! Please Share Message In It’s Entirety!!

So the Link just Supplied, is Important because it gives us a Major Hint as to the Timing of a Major Earth Shift.


So what I’m thus suggesting, is that the Scenario Similar to What the Zetas have Supplied, may begin to happen on many But Not All Places around Earth, they provide Specifics, but there’s much more, obviously! We remind ourselves, how Until this Point, Humanity has Done Little or None to Stop their Adversaries, who seek to use any Means to Depopulate them.
Genocide Of Homo Sapiens Is Planned And Taking Place Right Now, Here’s The Antidote!!
Pleiadian Commander Hatonn Says Earth Humans Not Far From Cavemen!!


No, because Humanity isn’t stopping the Baddies, just yet, they have a Few More Tricks. Well, they have Endless Tricks you know and They Never Stop, you should Know This about Them.

When Someone ‘Has Covid’… They Probably Don’t!!

What they have been doing is Dotting the La Palma Volcano Area with Earthquakes that for a Time Period, were Discovered to Have Been Happening in Grid Form. Yup, Earthquakes that line up in Grid Pattern.


You probably need to know that recently, there have been some Unusual Earthquakes across the North American Continent,  and some of those that Line Up in a Straight Line.
La Palma Earthquakes Occurring In Grid Pattern!! Mega Tsunami International Mass Casualty Event Warning!! Someone Wants To Send Tsunami To Americas In Your Face Smoking Gun?!! Prime Creator Says 40% Chance


Actually there is Something Major Happening!

Something Major Is Happening Suggest Recent International Headlines!!

Published 22 nov. 2021


Hi Peeps! Experimenting with a New Format, in Getting News Out, in an Effective Manner.
This video is a Precursor to an Update on Planetary Evacuation.

Stay tuned

Review Ashtar’s Teachings on Planetary Evacuation from Phoenix Journal N° 5, “From Here To Armageddon“.

Volcano Photo Credit National Geographic



Love to the Rescue?
Hear These Words As Keys To Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth!! Love Attracts Positive Extraterrestrials, And A Whole New Reality And New Presence Of Self!!


There’s an At Least 40% Chance of La Palma Incident, Triggering Major Earth Changes on the East Coast, which will Trigger New Madrid, which will Trigger Other Earth Changes. This will Knock Out Infrastructure and will Cause Dramatic Societal Upheavals. Some will Go Nuts in the Process. there will be More Chaos but Things will Eventually Settle Down into More Balance, how that goes is up to Mother Earth First, and the Divine Plan, and Humanity of course, also has a Say but Know that Humanity is Not in Charge, and Mother Earth isn’t Going to Wait Forever for Those to Awaken, Who Do Not Want to Awaken. There’s Nothing Humanity Can Do to Stave off these Changes, but We Can Do Much, to Help the Changes be More Smooth and Loving for All. No Place will be Left Unchanged, and in it’s Present Expression for Much Longer.

Sounds like we have a Month before Things will begin to Happen on an Earth Changes Level, that will Boggle our Imaginations. Hang Tight and if you Feel like You are Going Nuts Go Inward Instead. You have Much to Live For, and are Dearly Loved. Don’t Doubt It. Live It.
We Are In The Storm And The Calm Is Only A Heartbeat Away!


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We are on a Planet of Major Chaos Not Only with Earth Changes, we’ve got Social Changes, Health Changes, Continental Changes, we’ve got Volcanoes Going Off, Earthquakes Rocking and Truth is in Short Supply, Indian with You, To the Rescue?