Indepen – Reconstruction: The Disastrous Curfew and the Dark Role of Jaap van Dissel

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Reconstruction: The Disastrous Curfew and the Dark Role of Jaap van Dissel

In Depth WOB Research shows that before the Introduction of the Curfew there was No Epidemiological and Scientific Foundation, but he Still got There ()

A Reconstruction

On January 23, 2021, the Curfew went into Effect in The Netherlands. More than 2 Weeks Later there was A Lawsuit in which the Curfew was Lifted, but that Same Day Something Happened that Still puzzles Lawyers and Lawyers. There was that Same Day, and that has Never been Seen Before, an Appeal in which Jaap van Dissel defended the Curfew in the Name of the Dutch State with Verve, while as Chairman of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) he should be Independent and should therefore under No Circumstances be able to Represent the (Partisan) State. (…)

March 2020: Aruba gets A Curfew on the Basis of 12 Infections

Early On, the National Coordinator for Security and Counter Terrorism (NCTV) has A Strong Interest in Curfews. A Curfew was Introduced in Aruba on March 22, 2020. Based on 12 Infections across the Island, A Total of 76 People were detained 2 Days Later, on March 24, for Not Following the Curfew. Military Personnel were Deployed to Maintain the State of Emergency. The Motivation was Not an Epidemiological Basis (12 Infections is Really Laughable, but the Fact that there is Too Little Social Obedience with Regard to the Announced Measures. In Short, A Punitive Measure from the Government for Not Wanting to Listen.

The Social Consequences of the Curfew in Aruba are Well Known at Social and Cultural Planning Office (VWS). In an Email from VWS to the Aruban Youth Care, One wonders What they can do to Counter the Greatly Increased Domestic Violence and the Fear that Half of the Population will be Out of A Job. Mind you, we are talking about A Curfew because of 12 (!!!) Infections () and Aruba is Not Covered by the Dutch Constitution and is it Constitutional in Aruba?

A Few Months Later the Curfew is on the Table in The Netherlands

In a So Called Annotation dated August 4, 2020, it becomes Clear that the Council of State has Rejected Various Proposals for Additional Measures and has also Pointed Out that the Emergency Regulations in Force at that Time are No Longer Legally Tenable in the Coming Period. SeparateTarget Groups‘, such as Students, May Not be Imposed Separate Rules Either. The Council of State insists that OnlyUrgent Advicebe Issued, as Legal and Proportionality Support is Lacking.

On October 2, 2020, A Start will be made on Legal Design for the Introduction of A Curfew, Knowing the Far Reaching Consequences it will have in Aruba. Grapperhaus, at that Time Minister of Justice and Security, will receive the Legal File on October 10, 2020. Because the Curfew does Not Fit into the Existing Legislation at that Time. People are Diligently looking for New Tools to be able to Introduce A Curfew. ‘Political Consultation‘ is Also Taking Place about This. There is Regular Official Consultation via the Covid 19 Official Committee (ACC). This Committee includes Representatives of the NCTV, the National Core Team Crisis Communication (NKC), the Population Protection (BB) and the Various Ministries.

A Webex Meeting will be held on November 2, 2020, and the Report makes it Clear that Any Curfews are Difficult to Implement and that there is Little Evidence for Effectiveness. Enforceability also appears to be Rather Difficult, but the Army may also be Used for this Purpose.

OMT is Over Ruled to pass Curfew

January 2021. The Netherlands is in Lockdown and A New Variant is Emerging in Great Britain. Vaccination is Also Started. On January 11, 2021, the 50th Covid 19 Civil Service Committee (ACC) Consultation will take Place, and the Report mentions A Striking Case. The 95th OMT Advice, the OMT sees No Reason to Tighten the Measures (and therefore No Curfew at All). Yet the Train seems to have been Set in Motion and can No Longer be Stopped. The Netherlands is Also Considering Deploying the Army to Enforce the Curfew. Work is Also Underway on ADeclaration of Necessity‘ to Stream Line Travel Restrictions during Curfews, but this is Meeting A Lot of Resistance from Various Organisations. Ultimately, Only Hugo de Jonge appears to be in Favour, and No One Else. Because there is Quite A Bit of Resistance to A Curfew, the OMT is being Renewed and Urgently Requested to Provide Additional Advice on the Curfew. All Relevant Figures have been FallingThanks Tothe Lockdown for A Long Time, and There is No Curfew ()

On January 17, 2021 , Jaap van Dissel will Present the Latest Data in theCats Huis Briefing‘. All Relevant Parameters have been Falling for Weeks in A Row, according to this Report (from Page 23). It is Remarkable that ‘Suddenly‘ the Effects of A Curfew for the Entire Population are Presented Here as an Additional Measure. However, No Advice has Yet been Issued.

However, A Report from January 18, 2021 shows that there is No Advice from the OMT about A Curfew. An OMT Advisory on Curfew will Finally be Issued on January 20, 2021, 3 Days before the Curfew is Introduced. To our Knowledge, the OMT Advice on the Curfew has Not been Released Publicly, it S Contents can Only be Conjectured.

  • Legally, However, there appear to be Quite A Few Snags. The Ministry of Justice warns Minister Fred Grapperhaus on 21 January 2021 (2 Days before the Introduction) that there is No Legal Basis for A Curfew. However, Grapperhaus indicates via Whatsap that he has Discussed Everything with the State Lawyer. The Curfew will be Introduced Nation Wide on January 23, 2021.

The devastating effect of the curfew becomes clear in Catshuis consultation

The Cats Huis Consultation of 8 February 2021 , 2 Weeks after the Introduction of the Curfew, shows How Far Reality and Interpretation differ from Each Other. In the Consultation, Jaap van Dissel indicates that the 2nd Wave has Already Fallen from December 14, 2020 (Page 16). Even More Shocking is that the NCTV does Not Want to Relax Too Quicklybecause This could raise the Question whether the Deployment of This was Necessary” (Page 11), while under the heading Accompanying Policy there is the Fact that Only 62% of Young People are Psychologically Healthy, there are 30% more help calls to 113 suicide prevention and the Kinder Telefoon, 20% More Informal Chats about Domestic Violence with the Care Providers from Fier, an increase in the number of number of homeless people and 25% more difficult situations are Reported to the Police. This Data was Already Seen in Aruba. About the curfew, Van Dissel reports that it is “too early to say anything with certainty about the effect of curfew on the reproduction number”.

February 16, 2021: Curfew Lawsuit

On Thursday, February 16, 2021, Virus Truth S Lawsuit against the State will take Place, the State loses It. At the Appeal that Same Day, it is the Job of the Judge to Look Only at the Trial of that Morning (…) and that Evening Two Very Strange Things happen. In the First Place, A Substantive Assessment and Defense are Not Permitted, yet Jaap van Dissel is GivenAmple Opportunity to make a substantive plea, while the Opposing Party is Silenced to Set Up A Substantive Defence. In Addition, Van Dissel represents the State at that Time, while as Head of the OMT he should have an Impartial Position. It has also become Clear that Van Dissel presented A Graph on the Effectiveness of the Curfew, Download Here. The Study examines Various Combinations of Measures and their Influence on the Spread of the Virus. Jaap van Dissel Just Picked Out the Graph that Most Closely matches the Objectives of the Government, but leaves it Completely Invisible which Criteria are behind it. It is also Note Worthy that the Court states in the Judgment (section 3.7) that the OMT would have Advised to Extend the Curfew on 7 February 2021, Nothing can be Found of This except that Van Dissel reports that It is “Too Early to say Anything with Certainty about the Effect of Curfew on the Reproduction Number“.

So Apart from the Fact that the Court in the Appeal did give the State the Opportunity to Defend It Self Substantively and the Opposing Party did Not, the State in the Person of Jaap van Dissel as ‘IndependentHead of the OMT Suddenly Turned out to be ‘The State ‘ to represent.

Cats Huis Meeting March 21, 2021

In the Cats Huis Consultation of 21 March 2021 , A Deluge of Data is Presented with Scenarios that Fly in All Directions and are Full of Conflicting Messages. For Example, the Percentage of PositivelyUTested Persons per 100.000 Inhabitants decreases (Page 5), and the Reproduction Mumber increases (?). Because the Vaccination has Started, the Picture is Increasingly Clouded. RIVM Openly doubts the Effectiveness of the Vaccine (Page 23) when it comes to the Effectiveness of the Vaccine It self and the Effectiveness of the Vaccination Campaign.

Social and Cultural Planning Office writes Fire Letter to NCTV

On April 9, 2021 , the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau will write A Fire Letter to the NCTV with the Urgent Request to Relax because there is Enormous Social Damage. Human Rights are being Trampled under Foot and Devastating Social Damage is being done. There is Also A Call for Proof‘. As we know by Now, this cannot be Directly Argued because of the Maze ofScenarios’, Assumptions, Assumptions and Contradictory Graphs. The Striking Thing is, however, that this Letter is Not Addressed to the OMT or the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, but Directly to the Director of the NCTV (…) Who is Pulling the Strings, the NCTV or the OMT?

On April 18, 2021 , Van Dissel will Present A Number of Remarkable Cases. In the First Place, he Literally writesAny Further Decline is Caused by Existing Control Measures and Increasing Immunity (Vaccines, Past Infection), and Not by New, Stricter Measures.

This is under the Following Assumptions (‘Ceteris Paribus‘)

Vaccine works against Transmission, according to Schedule

Vaccines work against All variants

ImmunityLife Long and Against All Variants”.

31% of the Population is Currently Vaccinated ()

ËÈ is Strange that Van Dissel includes This as Preconditions, Knowing that It has been Known Abroad for A Long Time that the Vaccines do Not Protect against Transmission, Only have A LImited Effect against the British Variant and Certainly Not for Life.

End of Curfew

The Curfew will End on April 28, 2021. It Soon becomes Clear that the RIVM Calculations were Completely Wrong , Even the Regular Media Reported It . The Prediction of 170.000 Infections per Day Turned Out to be Far from being Achieved. The RIVM announces on April 29, 2021 that It will Conduct an Investigation into the Effect of the Curfew, the Butcher who inspects his Own Meat () the Official Commitment will Only be  Made on November 23, 2021 and the Research Result will be Available on July 1, 2022. Seen Anything Yet?

Have you seen A Reflection of the Judiciary? For Example, about the Fact that an Appeal could be Lodged and Carried Out within A Few Hours of the Decision? Or Van Dissel S Role in the Appeal? Or the Role of the Judge who has Faith inScience‘ and Based his Judgment on It? Or That of the OMT? Or the Role of the Cabinet, which Only wanted to Discuss the Time of the Curfew? Or the Role of the NCTV, which did Not want to Relax ‘because This may raise the Question of whether the Deployment of This was Necessary‘, Knowing the Enormous Social Damage that was done? Can the RIVM Models withstand the Test of Criticism? Why were those Models Never Released or did Other Scientists have A Look at Them? What is A Model Worth if It can be So Far Off, and why does the Judiciary attach such Importance to this Model? These are Many Questions to which there has been No Answer at All, or Even the Beginning of an Answer. We doubt Very Much whether the ‘We From Toilet DuckStudy by the RIVM will Provide an Answer.

As A Population, we can be Happy with the Letter from the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau to the NCTV, it may have been the Deciding Factor to Get Us Out of This Situation as A People.

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