Incubate Festival – Incubate Pirate Conference #3: Rob Scholte

The Pirate Conference at the Incubate Festival 2010 took place on September 17, 2010. The Pirate Conference offers reflection on the comprehensive piracy-program of Incubate Festival and on the value of creation in society. What do artists think about the current state of issues? How can they best react to the current operation of copyright? What strategies, tactics and interventions can be used? How do we shape creativity and innovation as a society, and what could businesses learn from these tactics?
Visual artist Rob Scholte treated the concepts of copyright and piracy approached from his own background. Scholte’s works are controversial because they often uses existing images. He shocks audiences with his work and knows how to effectively make the media and cultural industry respond to his will. At the Pirate Conference, Scholte gave a lecture on the meaning of piracy within his work and within the arts in general.
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Incubate Pirate Conference #3: Rob Scholte from Incubate Festival on Vimeo.