I Am Incorrigible – BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile

Published on Sep 26, 2015

John Lydon speaking on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories 1978.


Savile nasty piece of work! John should have said something in 1978.

I Am Incorrigible
MsFanmail He did! That’s why he was banned!

He did. And was banned from BBC radio because of it. Did you not watch the video?

Robert Haynes
Johnny Still in the media after all this time, makes me think.

Rattle Shakti
Robert Haynes Yup, me too, makes me think of delicious Anchor butter. LOL.

irish brother
BBC = Bolshevik Broadcasting Channel
Zionist fucking Scum

mike beijingyank
How dare anyone cast derision on the greatest reporters in the world! Give these guys at the BBC credit for being the best! Think about it. Who else reported Building 7’s collapse 23 minutes before it happened?
Now that is reporting!

Avril Coleman
He wasn’t that revolutionary, he kept his mouth shut the same as everyone else. With all his big talk back then, he did nothing about it.

Teh goat
I wonder what does Piers knows?

Rattle Shakti
Teh goat Anyone Who knew Savile must have known something, they were too scared of their jobs or maybe some nasty repercussions.

Teh goat Everything, of course. He was, and still is, editor of major newspapers. He’s undoubtedly told what not to report from time to time.

Hp B
How about Piers?
What did he know?
Wasn’t he in on all the email hacking?

Jimmy Savile protected by the royals – supplying children to the royals.

Seana Carmichael
Anyone who knew about this going on and did not go to the police should hang their head in shame. Johnny as well, the establishment knew about this and has done nothing. Do u think this kind of thing is not still going on now. Only they fly abroad to do it now. I’m sure, the stories of foreign business men and diplomats from round the world coming here and going to houses set up by the establishment to go and abuse children. Even to kill them after, these are just stories, I have seen from news sources around the world. It’s funny how the UK news dont use these stories in their news or even investigate them. It’s almost like they don’t want to go near it, coz they know once its out all hell will break out. Bring it on! The people must know the truth. O, and fuck Konami! LOL

Kevin Noscoe
I can’t wait to pay my tv license 😡

Richard Schrader
Friend of Israël = boy rapist


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