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The Hong Kong Police: Sexual Predators (1)

It is no secret that the Hong Kong Police Force has used increasingly violent and morally reprehensible measures to crack down on human rights in Hong Kong, aided and abetted by the government. Despite hard video evidence and compelling witness accounts, the police have not been held accountable for their crimes. Among the most heinous of these human rights transgressions, often overlooked by observers, is their consistent and overt use of sexual violence as a tool of oppression.

Arrested Protestors Routinely Subjected to Sexual Violence

In the first few months of the protest movement in Hong Kong, there had already been many accounts of female protestors being strip-searched in the presence of male police officers after they had been arrested. Victims described male policemen jeering and commenting on their sexual organs, while female officers looked on in quiet support. Male police officers have been captured on video manhandling female protestors and assaulting them in the breasts and genital areas. Confronted with these claims, the police force strenuously denied any wrongdoing and claimed that there was a conspiracy against them.

Indecent Assault During Frisk and Wall Search

Without any checks on their power, police officers have become even more shameless in their use of sexual violence. Last week, when police officers stopped double-decker buses at bus stops for random searches, several women were forced to strip to their underwear in public, purportedly to show that they were not carrying any weapons. Many have also lodged formal complaints about having their underwear dislodged and their private parts exposed while being frisked. A majority of these young women had been searched at whim, and were not even under custody. The problem of the police’s sexual violence potentially extends to every single woman in Hong Kong.

Gang Rape in San Uk Ling Detention Centre

The notorious San Uk Ling Detention Centre, near the Hong Kong border with mainland China, is the crime scene of some of the most horrifying acts of sexual violence in the past few months. In a detention centre where no CCTV monitoring is available, female protestors were strip-searched in pitch-dark cells, and many were even gang raped by police officers. Their male companions were forced to watch before being beaten and tortured themselves. Female detainees were not the only victims: male detainees were also subject to repeated anal rape by police officers. Calls for an independent investigation were firmly rebuffed. No one, including legislators and lawyers, were allowed into the detention centre, leaving victims with little recourse to justice.

A Culture of Sexual Violence in the Police and Government

There is a culture of sexual violence and male chauvinism in the Hong Kong police. Frontline officers have been caught on video making casual remarks about raping female protestors, justifying their use of sexual violence. Their superiors have refused to condemn the sexual violence perpetrated by frontline officers, laying the blame solely on the victims. Female politicians within the government are equally wiling to embrace patriarchal norms and weaponize sex: as an example, Executive Committee member Fanny Law falsely accused female protestors of offering free sex to male protestors, describing them as “comfort women”.

On 10 October, a brave survivor of sexual violence from San Uk Ling spoke up in a forum with the Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, describing the horrors in San Uk Ling in detail and appealing to the school for support. Her efforts and bravery were in vain, as her Vice-Chancellor refused to formally condemn the police’s use of sexual violence despite hearing her firsthand account. A white terror has now spread over Hong Kong where victims face humiliation and even punishment for daring to speak out against police violence. Physical and sexual violence have not just been tolerated, but even encouraged and rewarded by the authorities. A revolution of our times is needed to overthrow the twisted norms and moral bankruptcy that defines the Hong Kong government and the police force. We owe it to all the victims of sexual violence to continue our fight for justice to be done.

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Thank you, young lady. Your brave is significant in this difficult period. Stay strong and don’t let them make you down.

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Absolutely terrible…


Mysterious “suicide” cases in HK (from 9 June to 16 Sept)

Police claimed most of them are drowned (scars and bruises found on badies) and jumped to death (no blood on floor).

Mysterious “suicide” cases in HK (from 9 June to 16 Sept) 1

Mysterious “suicide” cases in HK (from 9 June to 16 Sept) 2

Mysterious “suicide” cases in HK (from 9 June to 16 Sept) 3


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