Hollands Glorie – The psychopath fears EXPOSURE: MUST SEE!

Gepubliceerd op 4 dec. 2016

credit – Hollands Glorie. please READ description BOX!
Satanic Ritual Abuse 2016:
Child Trafficking/ILLUMINATI-FREEMASON Ritual Abuse

HALLOWEEN: Illuminati-Satanist High Holy Days Revealed

VERY INSIGHTFUL documentary! if you haven’t already noticed our world is run by psychopaths; lack in empathy, lacking emotions, basically dead inside. they are born with a different brain. there are studies on this topic please educated yourself. pizzagate has everything to do with people who are psychopaths. best liars in the world!

this channel is for educational purpose ONLY. no money is being made here and never will be.

with pizzagate time to open your eyes boys and girls. recognise how you are being fooled on so many levels. you live in a “fake world” being manipulated and mind controlled. time to question EVERYTHING!!! absolutely EVERYTHING. stop supporting corporations that are literally poisoning you. poisoning your mind. stop watching tell-lie-vision. research. study etymology. study the origins of religions. symbolism. this world is run by the rulers for thousands of years. it makes a lot of sense. “why are we here” a famous question asked by many. you are “food” you must wake up!! pizzagate is here to open your eyes not only to the disquasting satanic secret world but to all the lies, and there are many. you MUST learn to recognise truth form deception/fiction, from propaganda, fake news aka tv news, advertising. school are there to box us all in to one mind. whoever steps out is being labeled crazy. please think for yourself no matter what or who you are listing or watching.
feel it in your tummy, it’s considered first brain in Hinduism. study your world. be open minded. be kind, but firm.

***this channel is for educational purpose ONLY. no money is being made here and never will be.

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