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US Government lifts Ban on Cross Species!

Alien Abduction Cases each share Alarmingly Similar Details involving Alien Human Hybrid Experimentation and Aliens known as the “Greys” which are Typically Small Bodied Sexless Beings with Smooth Grey Colored Skin, Enlarged Head and Large Black Eyes.

Grey Aliens, also referred to as “Alien Greys”, “Greys”, “Grays”, “Roswell Greys”, and “Zeta Reticulans”, are Alleged Extraterrestrial Beings whose Existence is promoted in Ufological, Paranormal, and New Age Communities, and who are Named for their Skin Color. Around Half of All reported Alien Encounters in the United States describe Grey Aliens. Such Claims vary in Every Aspect including their Nature, ET‘s, Extradimensionals, Demons, or Machines, Origins, Sinister Intentions, and Physical Appearances.

Human Grey Alien Hybrids are the Result of Grey Genetic Experiments which have been Performed during Abductions.
It is believed that the Humanoid Greys Aliens walk among us unnoticed as A Result of Advanced Gene Manipulation.

Terrifying Grey Alien Human Hybrid Experiments

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LA Marzulli – The Hybrid Breeding Program

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Author, Researcher, Lecturer Lynn Marzulli, Black Eyed Kids; Changing our DNA; Nephilim Hunting; The Cosmic Chess Match; the Ninth of Av curse; Days of Noah; Days of Lot; Mark of the Beast and more



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Bradford Richardson for The Washington Times reports the National Institutes of Health is planning to lift a moratorium on funding for research studying the effects of injecting animal embryos with human stem cells.

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SHOCK: Alien Fetus Shaped DNA “RAINING to EARTH” from Earth’s Statosphere From ‘OUTER SPACE

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Are we now officially an “Endangered Species?


Alien organism, beast by Professor Wainwright, Sheffield University”  Evidence of ALIENS invading Earth.

Alien Fetus shaped DNA found in Earth’s Statosphere is FROM OUTER SPACE. Stratospheric balloon over Utah, USA collected samples of “ALIEN SPACE DEBRIS” found to contain ALIEN DNA and mysterious “Alien organismPROVING there is ALIEN LIFE in SPACE and this Alien Life is “RAINING DOWN TO EARTH from OUTER SPACE!

(2) Thumbnail image – Alien FETUS SHAPED DNA sample from Earth’s Starosphere over Utah, Alien beast by Professor Wainwright, Sheffield University,


SHOCKING: US CROSS-Breeding “CHIMERA” Allowed, GOV Lifts Ban, Transhumanism REALITY!

Gepubliceerd op 6 aug. 2016

‘CHIMERA’ RESEARCH – Trnshumanism is now officially taking place!

1) VIDEO: US General Milley statement on Hybrid Armies and Super Soldiers.
ALIEN DISCLOSURE & WARNING by US General: “Alien UFO Invasion & Hybrid Armies”
3) Thumbnail image – Cross Breed Hybrid Pig-Chimp,




The government is officially lifting its moratorium to allow the funding of research that involves scientists injecting human stem cells into animal embryos, in other words, the scientific creation of human animal hybrids.

Via The Washington Times

Carrie D. Wolinetz, the National Institutes of Health’s associate director for science, announced Thursday in a blog post that the agency is requesting public comment on expanding funding for such research, signaling the end of a moratorium on the experimentation.

Ms. Wolinetz said development of “these types of human-animal organism (…) holds tremendous potential for disease modeling, drug testing, and perhaps eventual organ transplant.

“I am confident that these proposed changes will enable the NIH research community to move this promising area of science forward in a responsible manner,” she wrote.

Responsible? Uh-huh. Because, if there’s anything that Jurassic Park ( taught us, it’s that scientists always know everything that could possibly go wrong when they play God.

The reason the moratorium was enacted in the first place is because officials at NIH were specifically concerned about creating Planet of the Apes ( style “smart” animals by accident, as previously reported (

The ultimate goal of this is to force animals to grow human organs for transplantation into humans with terminal diseases, but the potential implications here are staggering.

What’s worse is the “concerns” that other scientists have about this practice, things the average person who hears “Free Organs for Sick People” would never even consider. Things like the fact that human stem cells can ultimately become any type of tissue, and according to NIH ( which released a statement regarding why it was refusing to fund the risky research, might turn into human brain cells that could evolve the donor animal’s “cognitive state”.

Our scientifically forced evolution is here. Human animal hybrids. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Perhaps from a certain very very old bestselling book?



Picture  of strange ‘Beast’ organism scientists claim is PROOF aliens exist.
This is the first astonishing glimpse of a mysterious “alien organism” scientists sensationally claim proves there IS life in outer space.

The haunting image with its semi-human, contorted foetal form, has been revealed exclusively to

It is being hailed as the latest and most concrete piece of evidence to back a growing belief we are not alone in the universe.

The discovery, set to send shock waves across the world of astronomy and space research, was made in the stratosphere above the Bonneville Salt Flats, in Utah, America.

The “unearthly beast” particle comprises carbon, nitrogen and oxygen – the most basic elements which form the building blocks of life.

Unlike previous similar discoveries the strange entity was found to be perfectly symmetrical, another hint towards its possible nature.

The beast organism in full (foto Prof. Wainwright:Sheffield University)

The Beast Organism in full (foto Milton Wainwright | Sheffield University)

It was discovered by Professor Milton Wainwright and his team at Sheffield University who have long held life exists outside the Earth.

Professor Wainwright’s previous findings of organic life forms in space include the dragon, ghost (, bull and skull particles.

He maintains not only do aliens exist, but minute traces of extra terrestrial life including DNA are constantly raining down on Earth from spac, so called panspermia.

However the latest discovery has left scientists baffled due to its unusually large size and and eerie part human appearance.

Professor Wainwright said “We have just sent a weather balloon lofted sampler to the stratosphere and have isolated the strange, unearthly beast. The particle shown contains only carbon, oxygen and nitrogen and shows bilateral symmetry that is, if a line is drawn through its centre it has the same appearance on both sides.”

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