Henry Makow – Why The iLLUMiNATi Burned Notre Dame

iLLUMiNATi Satanists burned Notre Dame Cathedral purely for its symbolic value.

The Cathedral represents a celebration of God.

It’s not just the Cathedral that needs to be rebuilt, but also Western civilization, which is based on belief in God. Society, philosophy and the arts have all been debased by the Satanists.

Individually and collectively, humans are lost and condemned to suffer without God who is our compass and our comfort. Western civilization is based on the belief that God speaks to us through the soul.

God is the Moral Order governing human life.

God cannot be encapsulated, but as far as human behavior is concerned, God is Consciousness, a spiritual dimension in which ideals like Beauty, Truth, Love and Justice are self evident.

Western civilization is based on a dedication to realizing these spiritual ideals. The brilliant philosopher and historian E. Michael Jones calls this Moral Order “Logos” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obtgaZ97Kdc), the Soul of the Universe, the Mind of God.

To rebuild the Cathedral in meaningful terms, we need a re-dedication to God, a refusal to be silenced. We need to reprogram ourselves to make God the focus of our thoughts, the center of our lives.

Human souls were sent from Heaven to create heaven on earth.

Made in God’s image, we must constantly strive to ennoble ourselves.

What would God find pleasing? How can we serve God? Choose a path. Truth. Beauty. Love. Justice.

God is the Blueprint, the Ultimate Reality. Truth cannot be evaded.

God is the common element that unites us all.

Satanists hate God. People who obey God are harder to degrade and control. Satanists want to take His place and enslave humanity. They are in charge; but, nothing scares them more than a mass return to God.

Every day, let us obey God and thank Him for the Miracle of Life on Earth.


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Henry Makow, June 17, 2019

First Comment by JG
Europe is still in the process of being de nationalized and what is more defining to French heritage than the Catholic Church.
The heroism of Joan of Arc and her closeness to the Catholic faith no longer defines modern France with it’s new generation of European socialists. Multi culturalism is tearing away at French culture and nationalism only seems to happen on WWII celebrations.
The “free world” is no longer free but is now a prisoner to the idol of a Golden Calf that has been put in their hearts by the bankers who control their money.
The New Age philosophy believes in money first and then religion. What happened to Christianity where God and salvation are first? Christianity was not intended to be a suit and tie rich man’s religion. Christianity is for the humble and the meek who are rich in spirit and not rich in material possessions and bank accounts.
We’ve allowed ourselves to be deceived and corrupted and this will not have a good ending.


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