Henry Makow – The Devil and the Jews

Joshua Trachtenberg – The Devil and the Jews

Rabbi’s book reveals the scale and continuity of the Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish Conspiracy.

Judaism is not defined by the Torah but rather by the Talmud and Cabala. Cabala Judaism posits that Cabalist leadership is God and defines reality.
Anything that seeks to supplant God is Satanism.
This is the essence of “secularism” and “humanism.”
It is also the essence of the New World Order, where Satanism replaces christianity and all other true religions.

Cabalist bankers and their Masonic flunkees (our leaders) promote war to advance the NWO. Cabalist success hinges on Christian failure.

Ordinary Jews and Masons are oblivious to the jeopardy their megalomaniacal leaders are putting them in.

A poll of 270 people on my Twitter feed shows that 90% of respondents think it likely that Cabalist Jews are planning a holocaust of christians. Rabbi Trachtenberg writes that since the 1200’s AD, christians have feared: “A terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon christendom and annihilate it. The rumours of the birth of the Antichrist (…) after the thirteenth century, kept Europe on edge awaiting the bloody outbreak of the ‘red Jews” (…) (p. 40)

Dump Trump! (foto Henry Makov)

Dump Trump! (foto Henry Makov)

Trump is always making the Masonic downward prayer sign. Could his mission be to initiate WWIII, the final Gentile holocaust?

Updated from Dec 14, 2016: we need constant reminders of the BIG picture.

Treason doth never prosper. What’s the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it “treason.”
John Harrington (15611612)

Until recently there was no Wikipedia entry for The Devil and the Jews (Yale University Press, 1943) or its author Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg (1904 – 1959). Still no online images of the good Rabbi.

Our iLLUMiNATi Jewish masters have consigned this knowledge to the memory hole. Why?

When Europe was a Christian theocracy, say from 1050 1650, Judaism was regarded as a satanic cult, and Jews were considered agents of the devil.

We’re familiar with the Jewish persecution complex. During this period, christians had a parallel fear. They believed that Jews both hated them and conspired to destroy christendom. They believed the long awaited Jewish “Messiah” was, in fact, the Antichrist.

“Their association with this awful figure (…) assumed really frightening proportions toward the end of the Middle Ages when Antichrist’s Jewish parentage became definitely established and the Jews were expected to form the spearhead of his legions. They were not quite so weak (…) judging from their numbers and social position. For a terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon christendom and annihilate it. The rumours of the birth of the Antichrist (…) after the thirteenth century, kept Europe on edge awaiting the bloody outbreak of the “red Jews (…) (p. 40)

Jews were accused of colluding with Mongol invaders on the Eastern frontiers. They were just as likely to desecrate a church, murder Christian infants in secret, spread poisons with the wind, or practise infamous sexual perversities.

16th century painting of Jews desecrating the Host (foto Henry Makov)

16th century painting of Jews desecrating the Host (foto Henry Makov)

The catalogue of alleged Jewish crimes is long and varied indeed, and wholly unreasonable.” writes Trachtenberg, “unless we accept the self evident fact that, in medieval eyes, that as Satan’s agents, nothing was beyond the depraved and evil nature of the Jews.” (p. 43)

For many, this iLLUMiNATi Jewish threat seems more urgent today, with the demoralization of mankind and the creation of the police state.


iLLUMiNATi (Cabala) Jews and their Masonic go fers don’t want Jews or others to understand the hidden subversive and occult character of the collective Jewish enterprise.

They don’t want Jews to understand that anti Semitism throughout the ages was not irrational. This realization would empower Gentiles, and allow “the lesser brethren” to escape their role as dupes, scapegoats, human shields and sacrifices for their demented leadership.

Cabala Jews believe that they define God’s Will. In other words, God comes into the world through them. Otherwise, He is “formless and unknowable” (this is satanic because God is our GPS, man is connected to God through our soul and spiritual ideals – love, peace, truth, beauty, and justice).

The Cabalists believe they can redefine reality according to Satan: evil is good, falsehood is truth and sick is healthy, (and vice versa.) They undermine every other collective identity: nation, religion, race, and family. They must destroy the christian order (https://www.henrymakow.com/the_destuctive_principle_of_th.html) to build the NWO.

Maurice Samuel, from his book You Gentile, page 155 (foto Henry Makov)

Maurice Samuel, from his book You Gentile, page 155 (foto Henry Makov)

As long as there remains among the Gentiles any moral conception of the social order, and until all faith, patriotism, and dignity are uprooted, our reign over the world shall not come,” iLLUMiNATi Jewish leaders said in 1936 (https://www.henrymakow.com/jewish_peril.html). This goal is a partial explanation of war.

Cabala Jews have been outsiders by choice because they cannot accept a world they do not dominate. The alienated modern anti hero is based on the Cabalist’s Luciferian rebellion.

The essence of the NWO is that Cabala Jews and their Masonic lackeys will overturn the natural and spiritual order and enslave mankind, mentally if not physically.


Trachtenburg provides a litany of Jewish activities in the Middle Ages which suggests many age old “stereotypes” have deep roots.

The Jews sell at cut prices as many dreams as you wish,” he quotes the Roman poet Juvenal.

Throughout the ages, Jews specialized in usury, magic, sorcery, fortune telling, astrology, potions and drugs, poisons, alchemy, amulets, incantations and curses, aphrodisiacs and cosmetics.

Pope Pius V explained his expulsion of the Jews from the Papal States in 1569 thus:

They seduce a great many imprudent and weak persons with their satanic illusions, their fortune-telling, their charms and magic tricks and witcheries, and make them believe that the future can be foretold, that stolen goods and hidden treasures can be recovered, and much else can be revealed.” (p. 77)

And of course, they were always the “doctors of unbelief” inciting heresies. “Everywhere, the church and the people discerned the diabolical hand of the Jews turning simple Christians aside from the true faith” (p. 176).


The Cabalist Conspiracy is on the cusp of success. God has been banished from public life. iLLUMiNATi Jews control the mass media and can deceive and degrade the masses. Entertainment is an orgy of pornography, apocalyptic chaos, obscenity, propaganda, social engineering, predictive programming, violence, and satanism.

Leon Trotsky II (foto Henry Makov)

Leon Trotsky II (foto Henry Makov)

iLLUMiNATi Jews and Masons behind feminism are responsible for the debauchery of Western women. They are behind the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism designed to destroy marriage and family.

They were at the forefront of sexual liberation, pornography and abortion. The mass media is obsessed with sex. It has a fawning fetish for fertile females, and even children aren’t safe. The stock market is a giant casino with millions day-trading.

Christianity has been Judaized, concerned with “social change” (the Satanist agenda) rather than spiritual development and salvation. Christian Zionists are pledged to the Zionist rogue state.

The iLLUMiNATi are destabilizing the Third World using charities to “empower” females to reject marriage. Donors are invited to become an “agent of change” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVvQDEYa5S0) which is code for NWO.

They want girls to be “educated” i.e. indoctrinated, as in the West. In general, they are feminizing the world, making women and their concerns central.

The people are lost and increasingly desperate. What’s left? Depression? War? The Antichrist?


iLLUMiNATi Jews have waged a covert war against man and God for millennia. This conspiracy is the real history of the world, the real cause of War and depression. Society has been subverted and lies constantly.

Even Jews like Trachtenberg, writing in 1943, can’t believe it.

People will believe whatever they want,” he says referring to “anti Semites” but this also applies to him.

Ordinary Jews can’t believe it because they are not Satanists. But many Cabalist Jews are (https://www.henrymakow.com/incest_survivor_lifted_veil_on.html). They have the money, comprise the secret leadership, and manipulate the rest.

Trachtenberg was a Reform Rabbi for 30 years. His portrait gazes down on his personal library housed at Temple Emeth in Teaneck NJ.

He is one of many decent Jews like myself who have been used as dupes and shills (https://www.henrymakow.com/liberals_are_shills_for_commun.html) for the iLLUMiNATi under the aegis of communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, Zionism, neoconservatism and “gay rights.”

“We are all Jews now, Godless, deceived, degraded and used. But at least we know where we stand and can act accordingly.”


A description of Trachtenberg’s First Book, “Jewish Magic & Superstition” (1939)

Jewish Magic and Superstition is a masterful and utterly fascinating exploration of religious forms that have all but disappeared yet persist in the imagination. The volume begins with legends of Jewish sorcery and proceeds to discuss beliefs about the evil eye, spirits of the dead, powers of good, the famous legend of the golem, procedures for casting spells, the use of gems and amulets, how to battle spirits, the ritual of circumcision, herbal folk remedies, fortune telling, astrology, and the interpretation of dreams. First published more than sixty years ago, Trachtenberg’s study remains the foundational scholarship on magical practices in the Jewish world and offers an understanding of folk beliefs and practices that expressed most eloquently the everyday religion of the Jewish people.


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A small example of satanists publicly spewing depravity

First Comment from AZ

Israel masonic memorial in Eilat (foto Henry Makov)
Israel masonic memorial in Eilat (foto Henry Makov)

For the Zionists, this is obviously the preparing of the stage for their long awaited satanic Messiah. What their ultimate goal is one can see by looking at a picture of the Free Mason monument outside Eilat, Israel. This monument clearly shows by it’s positioning of the two globes on the pillars of Solomon, of which one represents the earth and the other the universe, that the cabalist is not satisfied with only conquering life on earth.


So they have to be stopped, right here and now!


henrymakov.com, February 1, 2020


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