Henry Makow – Gays Admit They are Sick

When government, corporations and media speak with one voice, and stigmatize dissent as “bigotry“, you know Fascism (or Communism) has arrived. When they promote behavior that even homosexuals acknowledge is sick, something very sinister is afoot.

Quote from Mae West’s autobiography, “Goodness Had Nothing to do with It” (1959): “In many ways homosexuality is a danger to the entire social system of Western civilization. Certainly a nation should be made aware of its presence – without moral mottoes – and its effects on children recruited to it in their innocence. I had no objection to it as a cult of jaded inverts (…) involved only with themselves. It was its secret, anti-social aspects I wanted to bring into the sun. As a private pressure group it could, and has, infected whole nations.

The iLLUMiNATi want this information to disappear down the Memory Hole. I will not oblige.

Slightly revised from 2001

Imagine that an organism is sick. Imagine that the sick cells convince the organism that in fact, the healthy cells are sick. The gullible organism would decline and die.

This is the relationship between society and homosexual proponents today. Gays argue that same sex behavior is no different than being left handed. On the other hand, heterosexual behavior is not natural, but socially conditioned and “oppressive.

Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen - After the ball

Marshall Kirk & Hunter Madsen – After the ball

Let’s look at gay behavior as defined by two gay activists, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen Ph.D., authors of “After the Ball: How America will Conquer its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90‘s“(1989).

In Chapter Six, they outline “ten categories of misbehavior,” drawn from their own experiences, wide reading and thousands of hours of conversation with hundreds of other gays. Their contention is that the male gay lifestyle “is the pits.”

They want gays to improve their image by addressing “what is wrong with a lot of gays.” (p. 276)

What follows are some highlights. As you read this, ask yourself if there is another human community, including the Mafia, that could make these scathing generalizations. Ask yourself if we haven’t also caught the gay disease.

The authors say a surprisingly high percentage” of pathological liars and con men are gay. Masters of deception, Churchill, Hitler, George W. Bush and Obama are reputed to be gay. This results from a natural habit of self concealment, and leads to a stubborn self-deception about one’s own gayness and its implications.”

They say gays tend to reject all forms of morality and value judgments. Gay morality boils down to “I can do whatever I want and you can go to perdition. (If it feels good, I’ll do it!)” If a gay feels like seducing a trusted friend’s lover, he’ll do it, justifying it as an act of “sexual freedom” and the friend be damned.

They say gays suffer from a “narcissistic” personality disorder and give this clinical description: “Pathological self absorption, a need for constant attention and admiration, lack of empathy or concern for others, quickly bored, shallow, interested in fads, seductive, overemphasis on appearance, superficially charming, promiscuous, exploitative, preoccupied with remaining youthful, relationships alternate between over idealization and devaluation.” Doesn’t this describe many heterosexuals today?

As an example of this narcissism, the authors say “a very sizeable proportion of gay men” who have been diagnosed HIV positive continue to have unprotected sex.

They say the majority of gays are extremely promiscuous and self-indulgent. They must continuously up the ante to achieve arousal. This begins with alcohol and drugs and includes such “forbidden” aspects of sex as wallowing in filth (fetishism and coprophilia i.e. shit) and sadomasochism, which involves violence.

A right to importune straight males, including children (foto Henry Makov)

A right to importune straight males, including children (foto Henry Makov)

They say many gays indulge in sex in public bathrooms and think it is anti-gay harassment when it is stopped. Many think they have a right to importune straight males, including children.

Many gays are “single minded sexual predators” fixated on youth and physical beauty alone. When it comes to the old or ugly, gays are “the real queer bashers.” Disillusioned themselves, they are cynical about love.

Relationships between gay men don’t usually last very long.” They quickly tire of their partners and fall victim to temptation. The “cheating ratio of ‘married’ gay males, given enough time, approaches 100%.”

Even friendships are based on the sexual test and hard to sustain. Unattractive gay men find it nearly impossible to find a friend, let alone a lover.

The authors say gays tend to deny reality in various ways: wishful thinking, paranoia, illogic, emotionalism and embracing crackpot ideas.

Is there any doubt that this behavior is sick? Obviously this is not true of all homosexuals. A small minority are capable of monogamous longterm relationships. I feel no malice toward gays. I feel the same way about people who have the flu. I want them to get better and I don’t want it to spread.

Unfortunately, even the authors of this book are deceiving themselves. They claim that it is the gay lifestyle and NOT gay sexuality that is “the pits.” Who are they kidding? The two are inseparable.


The authors of this book are public relations experts who believe that “our problem is fundamentally one of bad image with straights.”

The book details “a comprehensive public-relations campaign that should go a long way towards sanitizing our very unsanitary image.” This was 1989, and it has been a tremendous success thanks to the sponsorship of the iLLUMiNATi Jewish banking cartel.

1.Desensitization“: flooding straight America with advertising presenting gays in the “least offensive manner possible.”

2.Jamming“: Advertising that equates fear of gays with hatred of Jews, Blacks and women.

Gay landing on Iwo Jima (foto Henry Makov)

Gay landing on Iwo Jima (fot Henry Makov)

3.Conversion“: Presenting images of gays that look like regular folks. “The image must be the icon of normality.”

They say “it makes no difference that the ads are lies” because “we are using them to (…) counter negative stereotypes that are every bit as much lies.” Really?

This authors make no secret of the coercive and subversive nature of this campaign.

By Conversion, we mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life [than subversion] (…) We mean conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. We mean (…) to turn their hatred into warm regard whether they like it or not.” (p. 153)

Thus gays want Americans to learn that a developmental disorder resulting in perverse behavior, is in fact healthy. Thus Americans are defenceless to resist their overtures whether in parks, barracks, bathrooms or classrooms. We are approaching the day when resisting a homosexual overture will be considered bigotry.

It is a measure of the authors’ cynicism and self-deception that THEY quote psychologist M. Scott Peck, who in “People of the Lie” characterizes people who suffer from extreme or “malignant” narcissism simply as “evil.

Canadian PM Trudeau at 2016 gay pride parade in Toronto (foto Henry makov)

Canadian PM Trudeau at 2016 gay pride parade in Toronto (foto Henry makov)

Evil people, Peck says, have “an unshakable will to be right and will not consider the possibility that they are wrong… Their main weapon, interestingly enough is the lie with which they distort reality to look good to themselves, and to confuse others.” (p. 297)

Gay Pride is really designed to make heterosexuals see homosexual behavior as the new normal. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, homosexually is caused by family role dysfunction or sexual abuse.

Gays can continue to fool themselves. But let us stop. Their behavior is sick. And it’s contagious, especially now that the Illuminati are promoting it as healthy.


The Medical Consequences of Homosexuality

Charles Socarides MD: How America went Gay

Guide to Post-Orlando Gay Solidarity Sex

Banker Sponsored Activists Plan to Roll Out Gay Marriage Nationwide in US

See also my “Few Gays Opt to Marry

I Don’t Hate Gays

First Comment from Robert K:

Through marriage, I was related to a male homosexual, an exceptionally energetic and creative person. He struggled with this proclivity all his adult life, explaining that (far from it being in his DNA) it was just an idea that he could not eliminate from his mind.

In his attempts to overcome the idea, he at one point had a common law wife and fathered a child. He had extensive contact with the psychiatric profession. In the end, he took his own life in middle age.

As ideas about sexuality are not innate but rather come into our minds through experience, family members have always wondered how this idea, from which he could not escape, got implanted in him.

Nowadays, with the media, the entertainment industry, the largest corporations in all other areas, the educational institutions and the politicians relentlessly hammering on the theme, it’s evident how the idea is being implanted in millions of others.

Henry Makov, June 13, 2019


Brian M said
June 14, 2019:
I was for most of my working life a Counsellor to boys abused by homosexuals.
The world famous Maudeley psychiatric hospital led the way in curing all kinds of sexual anomalies.
The BBC sent several of their top performers here.
Jimmy Savile and his elder brother were abused as small boys by a homosexual uncle
It is a fact that most homos are that way as they were abused as boys themselves.
No one wants to be a pervert.
Dr. Ruth Seiffert was one of the Maudeleys top psychiatrists and cured many of same sex perversion.
The government when it closed the mental hospitals, then said: “Ah, homosexuality is really ok”.
The report D noticed by Tony Blair documented the abuse of boys in 16 London care homes in which the UK column said was on an ”industrial scale.”
This abuse by homosexuals of young boys, made a strong link between homosexuality and pedophilia, this was emphasized in the New Labour sponsored magazines.
Bumboy manboy homo and cocksucker, where photos of naked underage boys were featured, Harriet Harmans uncle was Lord Longford who under th name Frank Pakenham went into prisons for some years and spoke to child sex offenders such as Robert Black and Myra Hindley, his research under the name of the Longford Documents also linked homosexuality to pedophila as did operation Ore.
All D noticed by Tony Blair.
Finally they are not gay, they are homosexual deviants who need and deserve our help

Fred said
June 14, 2019:
Henry I really enjoy your articles. I agree with nearly everything you say and this one is no exception. I was a teen in the early to mid ’80s and see a big difference of today and how things were back then. Today one has to be onboard with the gay agenda or you are labeled a hate monger and a homophobe. Back then if you didn’t agree with the gay life it was okay, it was an opinion but today you would be called a homophobe and hater.
Also another commentary on such a thing is, how can people today, even young people can’t see that there is an agenda from the fact that only certain thoughts are acceptable and anything else is considered wrong and nearly criminal. That alone proves there is an agenda to control society so why can’t people see it?
Because people under a certain age were given blinders while in school to be accepting of anything that is considered okay and good but other ideas are considered criminal.
One last thing, a guitar shop in Santa Monica (CA) is one of the best, if not best in the LA County area and on Instragram they put up a My Story photo with a caption saying something to the effect that a woman has a right to do what they want with a their body. This referring to abortion. They recently put up something promoting homosexuality.
I could not believe that they would do that. Not saying I thought of them as conservative but what does this have to do with guitars. I don’t want to support them any longer with my business, not only because it bothers me that they are using their public profile to push this agenda, but also it bothers me, because they are so stupid not to see there is an agenda and they are stooges that follow that agenda, in other words they are mindcontrolled slaves and that bothers me how stupid they are to go with it. It makes no sense for this independent guitar shop to push this agenda, they are not a big corporation like Target or IKEA which push this agenda because there is money behind it.

JG said
June 13, 2019:
It’s time for Americans to take a long overdue stand against this garbage once and for all before their world and culture finds itself in the gutter.
All the psychoanalysis and debate is a waste of time. They can do all they want behind closed doors but when they demand to legislate their immoral lifestyle and culture into the realm of the moral majority it, then is an invasion of privacy and public sovereignty.
No one has the right to impose indecency especially on the young and the innocent with the intentions of perverting them. That’s NOT an equal or civil right.
Constitutional guaranteed majority rule cannot continue to be illegally overided by the dissenting minority opinion of a handful of judges who betray the will of the people forever.
Americans will continue to go their own way and laugh at this issue as they always have.

Tony B said
July 11, 2016:
There is only one way to fight what you so well describe in the article (the satanic destruction of civil culture) which is a return to God by the majority of people. Specifically, real Christianity which not only condemns homos, it builds real spirituality in humans, our only true purpose in this life.
To be tolerant of this evil is itself evil. Toleration of every evil that comes down the pike is the major necessity of all these satanic agendas. Nothing will change for the good until people fight these evils in every way open to them instead of tolerating them; prevention of which actions is the major purpose of outfits such as the ADL and its “hate crime” laws.
All emotions are based on the emotion of love. Hatred of evil is love of righteousness.
This was once a known truth which was the whole reason faggots did not advertise themselves but hid the truth of themselves “in the closet.” When a faggot made a pass at anyone he was beaten up, robbed and left with no car or whatever. If he ran to the cops the cops ran him out of the police station. THIS treatment of such actions is proper, government granting of them “rights” simply shows the government is now also satanic and defending its own.

Al Thompson said
July 11, 2016:
The worst part of the homosexual lifestyle is that it is being promoted or forced upon the children in public schools. Religions have accepted it. The problem is that it is as evil as it gets. There is no way to explain the total depravity of it.
My experience with these people is that they are completely and morally retarded. They know they are doing wrong and their own conscience will destroy them and that’s as it should be.
It is a very healthy thing to be a bigot or a homophobe. This way, people will have no problem avoiding them. The idea of them getting married is so absurd. Are they going to change their names to Mr. and Mrs. Dickenbutt? The rectum should be for exit only.

RT said
July 11, 2016:
Call me homophobic, but, I just do not think sticking a small furry animal up your anal passage is normal.
Thanks RT
It soon will be.

Paul said
June 21, 2008:
I don’t get it, Henry. Where were you going with this article? It started well, but by the end I read it as an attack on all of us, based on a distaste for those who adopt certain aspects of lifestyle, which I personally don’t like and have never been into. I felt like you threw out a huge generalization and passed judgement on all of us as though we are some generic bunch who all act and think the same.
I support most of what you say here, especially about the “normalizing” of the “Gay” lifestyle. There are people calling themselves “Gay” who I’m sure wouldn’t if it wasn’t being made so easy to do so… as in copping out and accepting irresponsibility. That bothers me, and it damages society ultimately, but equating “Gays” (I actually hate that word you know) with people with the flu?? Fair go! That’s your opinion I suppose but its a gross oversimplification of human sexuality. That’s where you lost me.
It just isn’t that simple and you just get sick of people saying that sort of thing when they have no idea what its like. If its your opinion then… OK, I’m not about to change it. Be that all as it may, you haven’t lost me as a reader. I like your stuff as a rule and I’ve learnt a lot from your writing in the past.
Do you know any online sources of this research you quoted, because it just seems completely alien to my experience. They’d all die of exhaustion before they died of AIDS surely. Maybe not being American, We don’t see the over the top hedonism you see over there (I’m not from Sydney either!).

I didn’t mean to imply that every single homosexual is like this and I will add a sentence to the article on my site to make that clear. Also, I did imply that the majority of heterosexuals are now leaning in this direction.

John said
June 21, 2008:
Well, yes. But look at it from the viewpoint of the promoters of “the gay life style”. Recall that a prime goal of the moneyed elite is to reduce world population to 500 million and keep it there for the long term viability of human civilization. Two people of the same gender can’t reproduce. So to prevent the birth of a human baby is preferable than to have it born and die later by starvation or violence.
I guess what I’m trying to say they wish to preserve their dominance (and non renewable mineral wealth) in the most cost efficient way possible. It’s easier and less expensive to control 500 million than it is seven billion.

William said
June 21, 2008:
In California, for years, Gays have had the right to file for a “Domestic Partnership” status which confers as many rights as marriage to the partners but without ceremony or fees etc. In fact they may have slightly greater rights under this law.
Oddly, heterosexuals are forbidden to use this category unless they are over age 62!
So even with the rights having already been bestowed upon them, they still went for Gay Marriage. This indicates a hidden agenda to me, as you indicate in your recent column.
I also wonder if the gay marriages are legal when the couple is already of the “Domestic Partners” status?
Thanks for the continuing enlightenment.

Tim said
June 21, 2008:
I’ve always found, that when gays, etc., start slamming reproduction, normal sex and marriages, etc., stating the obvious, that it is too bad their parents didn’t feel that way, tends to shut their pieholes!

O said
June 21, 2008:
Dr. Makow,
Historians describe a practice in ancient Greece, well understood and accepted in “mainstream history” where the power-elite would practice such things as to ensure a percentage of males would become homosexuals- thereby becoming less threatening to their power.
Same story- same thing. Its not just about break-up- its male power. Its power, simple, and its a way to lessen it.
Its sick.

CM said
June 21, 2008:
Hi Mr. Makow,
Unfortunately, today’s article regarding homosexuals is right on target. I have worked in predominantly homosexual workplaces and though I respect and like gays as individuals, there is no doubt in my mind that they suffer from a severe gender disorder and have no conception of true womanhood, femininity or the male quivalents.Some do understand the opposite sex very, very well but rarely their own sex except in sexual matters.
I lost an intensely feminine friend to lesbianism. The day she came out I felt like she had died and I still mourn the loss. I’ve noticed the intense narcissism most in male gays and for that reason do not encourage anything more than acquaintanceship. One gay friend I had “jokingly” warned me that if he found any of my male friends attractive he was going to hit on them rgardless of whether we were acquaintances or engaged to be married. I know the girlfriend was terrorized by a mentally ill father who was the only adult male image in her childhood. I know the gay friend’s father was very distant and forbiding.
By the same token, I do believe that some people are born with sexual disorders in which either the brain is male or female and the body is the opposite (transvestites) or chemical imbalances in that their bodies are one sex but they have a large amount of hormones of the opposite sex that affects their genitalia, sex drive, and possibly their sexual orientation (this may be the only group that is truly bisexual, the rest seem to be highly addicted to sexual pleasure or lack self control and and are willing to achieve sexual pleasure by means that the average person would not seriously consider) This group is a bit more complicated and seem to have legitimate medical disorders that may require surgery or hormone treatments. But I gather that this group is not the group your article refers to.
I found this article that may interest you.

Sonia said
June 20, 2008:
As usual, Henry, you’re so correct in your assessment of homosexuals. I’ve known a few, and yes, they are as you describe.
Furthermore, you did not go far enough – I guess you believe the public (dummies) would find it unpalatable and unbelieveable what really goes on with their “parties,” “parades,” “bath houses,” “one night stands,” “how many times can one have the ‘clap’? And other perversions that even I can’t reiterate.
I no longer mention the unmentionables because sheeple don’t believe it and think I’m, yeah, you guessed it, a homophobe!!!! Surprise, that. Actually, I’ve been very good friends with these homosexuals and I’ve gotten the scoop from the horses’ mouth. But just because I’m friends, doesn’t make me blind and fearful I might catch the clap if I use their bathroom!!!
But Henry, we all know we’re on the Titanic and perhaps it’s exactly what we need – a real cleansing provided the same type assholes don’t survive to “lead” the people again. I think it’s a DNA thing – injected into humankind – destined to repeat and repeat and repeat and
I’m extremely depressed and irritable – and not too many dummies know what’s really going on. I REFUSE to speak of the current dog and pony show and I get funny looks when I mention the republic ruds and rats and no difference between the three ‘candidates’ – but like the rats in a maze, they all intend to “go and do their duty as citizens of this ‘free’ country” because we need “change” – and “if we don’t vote, we shouldn’t complain” – barf.
I can’t stand it.

HR said
June 20, 2008:
You know Henry,
I really like and keep up with your New World Order research. It is spot on, and well researched.
But I get tired of this crap about gays. It’s really none of your frigging business what other people do with their private lives.
If these people had not been harassed historically for their ‘preferences’ or what ever theory you hold about that, there wouldn’t be this backlash.
My younger brother is gay. He has been gay since he was a kid… it’s just that way. Nobody can talk you into it, nobody can talk you out of it.
What is ‘sex’? Do you really know? A million different people a million different answers -if they aren’t affraid to tell the truth.
People like you and Davy Kidd, give me the creeps.
All this talk about freedom!
But only from your moralistic high horse attitude.
I’ll tell you what “sick” is, your know it all attitude. You make me sick.
Live and let live…and don’t tread on me.

Dear HR
The gay life model is being sold to heterosexuals and heterosexuals have a right to know the truth about it. I’m all for live-and- let- live but heterosexuals are being re-engineered. Most gays who write to me can’t see beyond their narrow self interest and amour-propre.

Dan said
June 20, 2008:
Yeah, the plethora of gay and lesbian newly ‘wed’ interviews talking like Ozzie and Harriet all of a sudden doesn’t ring true with the attitudes I’ve heard from gays and lesbians before. They always referred to children as a kind of vermin, to marriage as another form of ‘oppression’.
Joke’s on them too. You said it, this is what it’s all about: “Eventually the State will take over reproduction and indoctrination of the young.”
KPFT Pacifica Houston (people call it ‘gay PFT’ around here) and NPR (National socialist Public Radio) blew the trumpets all week on the California gay ‘marriage’ stories. Full of tear jerking (and circle jerking) ‘human interest’  Tales of homos and lesbians in a land where ‘love was against the law’, and they were denied their human right to raise children. We know how much they always loved kids.
The lesbian bull dyke recently married to her wife (‘Butch’) sounded like any young mother-to-be, first the love, then the marriage, and now they get to have (somebody else’s) kids! “Mom is so happy… She always thought she’d never have grandchildren…”
This is phoney. Lesbians I overheard talking in groups at school back in the 80’s coined the term, “rug rats” to begin with. The feminist (lesbian) movement were the very ones who heavily condemned motherhood to begin with. Home maker was equated with ‘lazy’ or ‘prostitute’ or ‘victim’.
Let us not forget the 80’s marriage wrecking ball buzz term, ‘co-dependence’. If you had anything like a marital relationship involving fidelity and commitment, it was a personality disorder called ‘co-dependence’. That term hasn’t come up since the gay marriage agenda popped up out of nowhere.
One angle Sunday on NPR’s morning shows was about problems gays and lesbians now face – divorce! “What if you move to another ‘non gay friendly’ state, and want a divorce? Who gets custody of the kiddies? What’s a gay mother to do?

Christine said
June 20, 2008:
Hi Henry,
The Desert Father Abba Anthony predicted that “‘in the future, men would go mad. And when they come upon a sane man, they will attack him saying ‘you are mad – you are not one of us.”‘
With the advent of state sanctioned sodomy, I believe we have reached that point. NO culture has survived the endorsement of the sin of Sodom.


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