Henry Makow – Boy Scouts: Model of Masonic Subversion?


Lieut. Gen. Baden Powell C.B. - Scouting for Boys

Lieut. Gen. Baden Powell CB Scouting for Boys

The Boy Scouts of America is rare among major institutions in banning homosexuals, atheists and agnostics as leaders. In a decadent age, the BSA is unique in upholding God, country and traditional values.

With 1.6 million members & 470,000 leaders in 50,000 packs, it appears to be an incredible force for good. But how many genuine forces for good are there in this World?

Like most major institutions, the Boy Scouts appears to have been subverted by Freemasonry, which has a hidden agenda of promoting homosexuality (https://www.henrymakow.com/_left_Albert_Pike_18091891 by.html) and denying God.

Freemasonry is empowered by cabalist central banking families who wish to redefine reality and hijack mankind. Evidence of their power is the modern discomfort with using the term “God” which denotes the natural and moral Order, truth and ultimate reality.

Scouting’s national honor society “recognizing Boy Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law (OA) in their daily lives” is a Masonic secret society called the Order of the Arrow (http://OABSA.org/). It has more than 180,000 members in lodges affiliated with more than 300 BSA local councils.

The Boy Scouts must ensure that their commendable work does not provide cover & recruits for the Masonic agenda.

First, let’s look at the commendable goals. The BSA website proclaims (http://www.BSAlegal.org/faqs-195.asp): That Boy Scouts also has traditional values, like requiring youth to do their “duty to God” and be “morally straight” is nothing to be ashamed of and should not be controversial. No court case has ever held that Boy Scouts discriminate unlawfully, and it is unfortunate here that anyone would characterize Boy Scouts’ constitutionally protected right to hold traditional values as ‘discriminatory.’ That is just name calling.”

The Scout Lawteaches youths to be “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.”

It defines God as “the ruling and leading power in the universe” to whom we are grateful for “favors and blessings.” It maintains thatBoy Scouts believe that homosexual conduct is not compatible with the aims and purposes of Scouting and that a known or avowed homosexual does not present a desirable role model for the youth in the Scouting program.


These are brave words for an organization that was probably founded by a homosexual to “scout” fresh talent for the British Empire’s pedophile elite.

The homosexual inclinations of Scout Founder Robert Baden Powell (1857 1941) have been noted by two recent biographers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexuality_of_Robert_BadenPowell). He liked being with young boys, especially if they were skinny dipping.

Although married with three children, he was probably a homosexual. His father died (https://www.henrymakow.com//http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baden_Powell) when he was three years old. Subsequently, Robert was raised by his mother, “a strong woman who was determined that her children would succeed.” Baden-Powell would say of her in 1933The whole secret of my getting on, lay with my mother.”

Although some Freemasons deny he was a member, lodges as far away as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand are named in his honor. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant General and fought with distinction in Britain’s colonial Wars subduing Zulus and Boers. His cohorts, from Lord Kitchener to King Edward VII were homosexuals, Freemasons and debauchees.

His gravestone bears a circle with a dot in the center, which is the trail sign for “Going home”, or “I have gone home.” This is also a symbol of the iLLUMiNATi, representing penis and vagina.


Lucifer recruits mankind using a combination of deception and seduction. Freemasonry is the Church of Lucifer, which is the real religion” of (post Enlightenment) Western “civilization.” It operates under many banners: Liberalism, Socialism, Zionism, Communism, Fascism, Feminism and “gay rights.”

Like all of the above, Freemasonry is a secret society, this means the membership is deceived as to the true agenda. The lower three Blue Degrees are fed platitudes about charity and making good men better. But, in reality, only the corruptible advance. Our whole society is based on this model which explains why our leaders, both political and cultural, have abandoned us.

Thus, it is quite likely that the Boy Scouts of America represent the innocent Blue Degrees. It is possible that The Order of the Arrow represents a recruitment pool for Freemasonry and ultimately other things.

John Salza is a former 32 degree Freemason and the author of the book Freemasonry Unmasked (http://www.nicenetruth.com/home/2008/10/FreemasonryUnmasked.html).He has written an essay (http://www.nicenetruth.com/home/2009/08/Freemasonry-has-infiltrated-the-BoyScouts.html) about the OA entitled Freemasonry has Infiltrated the Boy Scouts.” The OA was founded in 1915 by two 32 degree Freemasons and its rituals are patterned on Masonic rituals. Both have three degrees; both are organized into lodges, both rituals seek esoteric spiritual knowledge and Illumination. Candidates are conducted around the lodge while bound by a rope.

Salza writes:”These rituals – which include a blood covenant are being conferred upon innocent boy scouts (…) and are harming their souls. [This information] comes from a scout who has experienced demonic spiritual manifestations after his initiation into OA.”

America’s youths are being inducted into an occult secret society by stealth means. Scouts and Masons will deny there is anything wrong but this only proves their gullibility and venality. The BSA is doing the exact opposite of what it claims.


What is happening in the Boy Scouts is happening in society at large. Churches (http://www.onenewsnow.com/Church/Default.aspx?id=654508), political parties, the YMCA, the Media, schools no institution is immune.

Mankind is satanically possessed, and is being inducted into a satanic cult through sex, violence, money, drugs, secret societies or Media induced panic or psychosis. Movies today are mostly Mindless killing and mayhem, apocalyptic catastrophe and pornographic sadism.

The iLLUMiNATi (the highest rung of Cabalistic Freemasonry) intends to degrade mankind and deliver us to Lucifer as Tribute. This is what they mean by “change.” They spit in the face of God and much of mankind seems only too willing to go along.

Letter from a mother

I just read your article on the scouts, freemasons and Order of the Arrow.

I appreciate that the information is out there. I found your article after doing some research on it when my son was invited to be part of the Order of the Arrow. I had a bad feeling about it, because of the “lodge” issue. When I looked into it, I accidentally got into a boy scout password protected site and obtained a syllabus regarding the origins of the Order of the Arrow, and scripts from original ceremonies.

These included “blood oaths”, later changed to a verbal oath; it included sort of a baptism ritual and clearly stated to “cleanse of evil and selfishness” and many other things that I consider demonic.

I brought these to our Baptist preacher, and he validated my concerns. I have since left the items with the Lutheran ministers from the Church which sponsors our scout troop. I’m curious as to what they will say, but I don’t have the confidence that they will actually see anything wrong with it.

However, my son will not be joining the Order of the Arrow (….) and we are reconsidering his membership in the boy scouts.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Baden-Powell postcard (foto Wikipedia Commons)
Robert Baden-Powell postcard (foto Wikipedia Commons)

Boy Scouts Sued for Allowing Sex Abuse, March 30, 2010

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