Henry Makov – Wilhelm Reich: Pervert or Martyred Genius?

Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) was a Jewish psychoanalyst who, like Freud, claimed sexual repression was the cause of neurosis. He falls into the satanist Jewish tradition of advocating the removal of all cultural limitations to “free sex” (marriage, pedophilia.) As Benjamin Garland says below, “We have this one blatantly insane, perverted Jew to thank — maybe more than anybody else — for the ‘sexual revolution.

On the other hand, he championed sexual energy as the divine life force and the orgasm as its necessary expression. He claimed to have captured it in an “orgone accumulator” this life-giving “orgone” which could cure cancer. He was ruthlessly persecuted and his books were burned. He died in prison at age 60 supposedly of a heart attack.

Was he an unsung genius like Nicola Tesla (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla)?
Documentaries make the case that he was (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wilhelm+reich+documentary).
So does this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0-xY3Gb1Vk.

Below is an excerpt from an article in The National Vanguard that sees him as a pervert. I have left out many shocking quotations and vile accounts of his satanist Jewish perversity.

The paradox is that married couples have a more satisfying sex life than people who believe in “free love” (a recent poll on this site revealed that twice as many married people were happy with their sex life as single people),

The Jewish Cabalist view that sex is sacred is a measure of our satanic possession.

Love, not sex, is sacred. To evolve, man must control his carnal desires and express them in marriage and family.

Nevertheless, I suspect there might be redeeming value in some of Reich’s work.

Footnotes are with the original
by Benjamin Garland

In The Mass Psychology of Fascism, (1933) Reich recognized the traditional patriarchal family as a microcosm of the authoritarian and theorized that sexual suppression within this structure is the root of fascism. Occurring first in the nuclear family (“the authoritarian miniature state“), sexual repression ensures “later subordination to the general authoritarian system,” he wrote (10).

In this view, it is an anti-fascist imperative to work towards destroying the traditional, nuclear family at all costs, as well as any and all sexual restraints, even (or even especially) in children. Marx had also called for the “abolition of the family” in The Communist Manifesto, and Reich took this declaration very seriously (11), Reich spoke of the family “as a disease” (12)

With his perverted mind, Reich found sexual symbolism everywhere in his analysis of fascism. Freud’s theory of the “Oedipal Complex” posits that all children want to have sex with their parents, and Reich wholeheartedly believed this (remember, he himself literally had an incestuous fixation with his mother).

According to Reich, the suppression of the so-called “mother fixation” found its ultimate outlet in the state, exemplified in things such as Goebbels’ (12).

Nationalist feeling,” Reich wrote, “is based on the unconscious, deeply anchored mother fixation.” (13)

Race theory, he further claimed, for reasons which fail to even resemble coherency, comes from a “mortal terror of natural sexuality and its orgasm function” (14).

He even went so far as to claim that the swastika represents “intertwined human bodies” having sex. The more sexually unsatisfied an individual is, he argued, the more powerfully they are subconsciously drawn to the symbol, conveniently drawing a direct correlation between one’s sexual repression and inadequacy and their level of dedication to National Socialism (15).

After effectively being kicked out of Denmark, and then Sweden, by those governments refusing to extend his visas due to the blatantly subversive nature of his political and theoretical work, Reich settled in Norway in 1934.

In 1936 he published The Sexual Revolution, which in part excoriated the Soviet Union for pulling back on the radical sexual policies they had implemented after the Bolshevik Revolution, and in part laid out Reich’s own ideas for sexual and social reform.

By this time he had been officially kicked out of both the Communist Party, and the International Psychoanalytic Association, and was under vicious assault by the Norwegian press and scientific community, who publicly denounced him as a “quack,” “destructive for the spirit and morals of society,” and the “slimiest kind of pornographer” (16).

Reich complained of “the almost daily dispute in the newspapers as to whether I was a charlatan or a genius, a Jew, a psychopath or a sexual monomaniac. They asked the police authorities to throw me out of the country; they tried to bring a charge against me concerning the seduction of minors because I had affirmed infantile masturbation.

Reich’s insistence on the ridiculous notion of child sexuality was as present as ever in The Sexual Revolution.

[I]n principle,” he wrote, “unless we are charlatans or cowards, we must affirm the sexuality of adolescents, help them wherever we can, and do everything to prepare the final liberation of adolescent sexuality. This is a gigantic and responsible task” (17).

Children and adults should be naked in front of each other as much as possible, Reich argued. His reasoning was that first, covering up makes the child develop “guilt feelings,” and second, nakedness being “taboo” leads to “lascivious curiosity” (18).

In regard to having children watch their parents have sex, Reich could find “no argument against it,” except that it might disturb the adults’ pleasure.


Spartacus Detailed Biography of Reich

Reich as Cloud Buster

Reich Unique Private Recording

Sharaf, p. 157, gives Reich’s seven-point program in The Sexual Revolution (1931):

Free distribution of contraceptives to those who could not obtain them through normal channels; massive propaganda for birth control.

Abolition of laws against abortion. Provision for free abortions at public clinics; financial and medical safeguards for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Abolition of any legal distinctions between the married and the unmarried. Freedom of divorce. Elimination of prostitution through economic and sex-economic changes to eradicate its causes.

Elimination of venereal diseases by full sexual education.

Avoidance of neuroses and sexual problems by a life-affirmative education. Study of principles of sexual pedagogy. Establishment of therapeutic clinics.

Training of doctors, teachers, social workers, and so on, in all relevant matters of sexual hygiene.

Treatment rather than punishment for sexual offences. Protection of children and adolescents against adult seduction.

First Comment from Jeff:

Mind Control Reich (foto henrymakov.com)

Mind Control Reich

henrymakov.com, December 14, 2018


Peter G said (December 14, 2018):
Clearly a genius he walked a crooked path.
Many years before I started reading this website of yours Henry, I studied the inventions of Wilhelm Reich to some considerable extent and it became evident that they had gone after this man not because of his idiosyncrasies or his unconventional leanings but because of the fact that he had demonstrated that his devices did in fact work.
When it comes to cancer this cannot be tolerated and he suffered the same fate which has now been bestowed upon David Noakes at Southwark Crown Court a couple of weeks ago.
When a man who had been found guilty of selling and producing the unlicensable cancer curative gcmaf was sent down for quite a low sentence of 2 years following a mitigation hearing which lasted over a week.
David having pleaded guilty already to helping Humanity by bringing forward this suppressed cure for cancer.
And so it is that people who challenge the Cancer Monopoly of the pharmaceutical industrial complex have their Liberty curtailed.
Let’s hope that David Noakes doesn’t suffer the same fate in prison that befell Wilhelm Reich.
Lets also rejoice in the fact that he appears, judging by the previous comments, to have found Salvation in Jesus before his end I do hope that this was a genuine declaration on his part.
Having read his story of his childhood I find it bewildering to consider how he was not even more perverted than he was surely he had the naughty nanny that Freddie Mercury speaks of in his song Fat Bottomed Girls.
Didnt do Freddie any good either.

Art said (December 14, 2018):
Orgonite formulated by American Don Croft, based on Reich’s or gone works, no doubt about that.
Orgonite is made from quartz crystal, iron, or aluminium filings, & fibre glass resin.
I’ve made a lot of orgonite, & it has many applications. Quart crystal is a by-product of gold mining, & its to be found all over the place here.
Freud/Reich is toxic. Reich/Croft is good stuff.
Reich was a genius!

Gordon W said (December 14, 2018):
The overview of Wilhelm Reich’s work on your website leaves out the most important part of his life … after he came to America. Reich had been a student of Sigmund Freud, yet it is most important to acknowledge that Reich kept on learning. For instance = having lived under both = Reich coined the terms ‘red fascism’ to identify communism and ‘black fascism’ for National Socialism.
By about 1978, I had read just about everything I could find to do with Wilhelm Reich. I subscribed to the magazine published by the school which was still going at that time.
I wish I could cite the very title and page of one of those books which reported that just before he died in the penitentiary, Wilhelm Reich declared that Jesus Christ was his Saviour.
Reich’s work on ‘orgone energy’ … whatever that ultimately turns out to be … was a century ahead of his time. And he was no mere armchair philosopher. He worked hard as a scientist, and had the undeniable evidence to prove his devices were drawing-down orgone energy, with attendant moisture, in the desert. Wilhelm Reich, like so many pioneers, was a genius with flaws.


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