HDRCFX – 9/11 HOAX + 9/11 Leviathan + 9/11 The Deceivers

9/11 HOAX

9/11 HOAX (foto Brighteon)

Published 2020|

It’s been 20 years. Clear your mind, take another look. This is the full horror of “FAKE NEWS”. We knocked those buildings down. The media lied to us. There were no planes and no hijackers. They fooled us, and took advantage of our patriotism. They sent us halfway around the world, to kill completely innocent people.
It’s all in here, the original news clips, physics demos, logical thinking. I know it’s hard, but we have to face up to this. This is what Trump is trying to put right. He can’t do that unless we know. So help him, by taking a deep breath and watching this video.
It hurts, but the pain does not last for long.


9/11 Leviathan

9/11 Leviathan (foto BitChute)

Published 2020

This is the symbolism that we need to see. It is not what we were expecting. We have a very serious problem, and some very sick people in positions of great power.
Please check all of this yourself. You will see, that there is little doubt. There are a bunch of crazies that believe in God, but actually worship the devil. It will sound insane, until you watch the video, and then you’ll know.
One day, I’ll tell you what I had to go through to learn all this. You can do your part, by helping to spread the word. Trump can’t just step out onto The White House lawn and tell this to the world. They would lock him up. You’ll understand after you see the video.


9/11 The Deceivers

9/11 The Deceivers (foto Brighteon)

Published 2020

This hi res video, of 9/11 lays the hoax bare. I have been studying this for months, and it still leaves my jaw hanging open. It is going to hurt, but we were promised “Pain”, were we not?
They played us, really good, forget about shame, we didn’t stand a chance against the media onslaught of lies. I think with Trump, we have one chance to put it right. But he can’t tell the world, they will call him crazy, we have to tell the world. That is what Q wants us to do. It is time to step up and be counted, or we are lost.


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