Harry Hoogstraten – Harry Recycles

“I had come across the cartonbox (which is delivered to the home of the bicycle buyer when ordered thru postal channels). I took it home and put it downstairs where the storing-spaces of this building’s inhabitants are situated; however the next day it was gone, somebody had taken it away, it was stolen. Damn I should have chained it to the wall or something. Never thought there were people in my building who would do such a thing. And if there were such people how come I hadn’t seen them coming in or also possibly going out the other way? Anyway I got over it and soon I found another cartonbox in another part of town and walked it home. I still had this huge chain from when I did the all night shift as a firewatch man in the harbour and also the big Russian lock from the market. I cut 2 holes in the carton, one hole thru the frame and the other hole thru the frontwheel. Now my velo cartonesque was safe and ready to go places.”

Tom Raworth Notes, 8/12/2015