Harriet Alexander – Trump demands January 6 Committee Tried for TREASON ‘Political Hacks and Thugs’ Panel should be Thrown in Jail for ‘Refusing’ to Show Videos Aired by Tucker Carlson

Trump demands January 6 Committee Members are Tried for TREASON, says ‘Political Hacks and Thugson Panel should be Thrown in Jail for ‘Refusing‘ to Show Videos Aired by Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump has called for the Members of the January 6 committee to tried for treason because they ‘knowingly refused’ to share the Capitol riot footage aired by Tucker Carlson.

The former president called Members of the Democrat Led PanelPolitical Hacks and Thugs‘ that have been ‘Totally Discredited‘ by the New Videos.

In his Truth Social Post he Also Called for the Release of All Jailed January 6 Prisoners and Suspects after the Fox News Host Aired More Clips on his Show on Tuesday Night.

It Included an Interview with A Capitol Cop Wearing AMAGA Hat During the Riot Who Resigned A Short Time Later, Believing he had No Future in the Force.

Carlson has been Handed 40,000 Hours of Footage from Inside the Capitol, which House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says was A Decision Made for Transparency.

Donald Trump has called for the members of the January 6 committee to tried for treason because they 'knowingly refused' to share the Capitol riot footage aired by Tucker Carlson

Donald Trump has Called for the Members of the January 6 c+Committee to Be Tried for Treason because they ‘Knowingly Refused’ to Share the Capitol Riot Footage Aired by Tucker Carlson

The former president called members of the Democrat-led panel 'political hacks and thugs' that have been 'totally discredited' by the new videos

The Former President called Members of the Democrat Led PanelPolitical Hacks and Thugs’ that have been ‘Totally Discredited’ by the New Videos

New January 6 Tapes Reveal Capitol Cop Used Initiative to Help Evacuate

Karine Jean-Pierre says Tucker Carlson ‘Not Credible‘ on January 6

Tucker Carlson shares New January 6 Footage;

Januari 6th Provocateurs Fleeing the Scene (video Telegram)

GREAT JOB BY TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT,’ Trump wrote Late Tuesday Night.


DAVID MARCUS The $ 3 Million, Two Year January 6th Committee was Destroyed by A Single Devastating Cable News Segment, because The Left was Never interested in Truth. They Just Wanted Revenge 

The closed-circuit security tape appears to show the notorious, so-called QAnon Shaman (a.k.a. Jacob Chansley) being lead through the halls of Congress by police.

The Closed Circuit Security Tape appears to Show the Notorious, So Called QAnon Shaman AKA Jacob Chansley Being Lead through the Halls of Congress by Police.

The Unselect Committee of Political Hacks and Thugs has been Totally Discredited

‘They Knowingly Refused to Show the Videos that Mattered. They should be Tried for Fraud and Treason, and Those Imprisoned and Being Persecuted should be Exonerated and Released, NOW!‘.

Treason is Punishable by Death in the US and the Lowest Prison Sentence is Five Years.

It is Described in the Criminal Code as ‘Whoever, Owing Allegiance to the United States, levies War against Them or Adheres to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort within the United States or Elsewhere, is Guilty of Treason and shall Suffer Death, or shall be Imprisoned Not Less than Five Years and Fined under this Title but Not Less than $ 10,000, and shall be Incapable of Holding Any Office under the United States.’

Carlson claimed that the Footage showed the Rioters were ‘Mostly Peaceful‘. On Tuesday, he spoke to Luitenant Tarik Johnson about the Unrest, and Johnson’s Infamy after he was Seen Wearing the Hat.

Johnson told Carlson that his Bosses had Failed them, saying the Capitol Police Commanders were Ill Prepared and did Not Answer when he Radioed Seeking Guidance.

He said it was Shameful that his Boss, Assistant Chief  Yogananda Pittman, who oversaw the Department’s Operations in the Days Leading Up to the Riot, had been Praised by Nancy Pelosi and was Now in A Cozy Role Heading Up Policing at the University of California in Berkeley.

Lt. Tarik Johnson is seen on January 6 wearing a MAGA cap

Lt. Tarik Johnson is seen on January 6 wearing a MAGA cap

Johnson told Tucker Carlson (right) that when he radioed asking for guidance amid the riot, there was no response

Johnson told Tucker Carlson (Right) that when he Radioed Asking for Guidance amid the Riot, there was No Response

Tiger Woods Ex Erica Herman claims she was Locked Out of his Home

Grandmother, 75, Bled to Death in Hospital after Sexual Assault

Lilibet Christening: Is Harry and Meghan’s Daughter A Princess?

The Frontline Officers and Supervisors were Not Prepared at All,’ Johnson told Carlson.

We had No Idea we were Going to be Facing what we Faced that Day.’

Carlson Broadcast Footage of Johnson Appearing to Help Protect the Members of Congress Inside the Building when it was Stormed.

Johnson was Suspended the Day after the Riot, when Footage of him in the MAGA Cap Emerged.

He Then Resigned, Believing he had No Future at the Force.

Carlson presented Johnson Diligently Doing his Job.

Around 2 O Clock I hear an Officer say the Capitol was Breached. So I ran Inside to Assist,‘ said Johnson, Adding that he Locked Doors to Heep the Political Leaders Safe.

He then Radioed his Bosses for Help.

I said Something to the Effect of, we Need Direction,‘ Johnson said.

‘”What Do you Want Me to Do?Nobody Responded.’

Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman, who oversaw the department's operations in the days leading up to the riot. She was promoted on January 7, but resigned in July 2022

Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman, who oversaw the department’s operations in the days leading up to the riot. She was promoted on January 7, but resigned in July 2022

Johnson condemned Pittman’s leadership

Johnson is seen on January 6 working to evacuate the Capitol

Johnson is Seen on January 6 Working to Evacuate the Capitol.

Johnson Continued I was Requesting Permission to Evacuate the Senate Side, the Senate Chambers, because I had AClear Line of Sight to gGet them Out the Senate Door, and I did Not Get Permission.

The Dispatcher Called A Couple Times to See if I could Get Permission.’

No Response.

He said that his Superiors Failed, so he had to Take the Initiative.

The Person that I Thought was Going to Authorize the Evacuation did Not Do It,’ Johnson said,

I Wanted to Get those Members of Congress Out as Quickly as I could.’

That’s Why I initiated Those Evacuations.’

He said he Deliberately Ignored the Chain of Command, and Usual Procedures.

Me Being Disciplined, it wasn’t As Important as Not Getting the Members of Congress and Their Staff to Safety.’

Carlson asked him about the Moment he Donned the MAGA Cap.

‘There was A Demonstrator on the Right Side of Me, he Reached Over and Put the MAGA Hat on Me,’ said Johnson, A Self Professed Biden Voter.

He Asked for it Back and I said I would like to Keep it as the Hat is Going to Help me.

Carlson said ‘It’s your Passport through the Crowd.’ Johnson agreed.


‘I figured If I had the Hat On, it would be Easier for me to Navigate my Way through the Crowd.’

It was Basically Self Preservation and De Escalation and I needed to Get Up Those Steps.’

I couldn’t say What would Have Happened Walking through that Crowd without It.

Johnson said he was Never Contacted by the January 6 Committee,

I Asked Myself Why Every Day,‘ he said.

And Every Day I might Have A Different Answer but I Looked at How Pretty Much they Focused on Donald Trump, and Not the Failures of the Capitol Police.’

Asked by Carlson Why the Rioters were in the Capitol? Johnson said Some Wanted to Be Violent, but Others Believed they were Acting Patriotically.

I think that Some People There had Planned on Being Violent. Some People may have Turned Violent After What they were Going Through.’

I think that People wanted to Support their President.’

Some of Those People wanted Just to Support him and Some of Those People did Not Commit Violence, and Some of Those People didn’t Plan on It.’

Trump demands January 6 Committee is Tried for TREASON over Tucker Carlson Videos

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Why can’t you just go away?

Well, the Biden government should resign & hold accountable to all theirs bad deeds

Nope, doing better than the trump administration.

No one cares, Donnie.

Read the “best’ comments to make you feel, there is no hope for our democracy. Social media and news distortions will destroy it.

The reason why this discussion is ongoing is that the US DOJ has been pathetically incompetent in going after the ringleaders which has allowed extremists to try to rewrite history. When history is written on this the incompetence of the DOJ in focusing on easily replaceable pawns rather than the ringleaders and how the ringleaders escaped justice after the swearing in of the next GOP President will feature prominently. The US is asleep while the ongoing threat is ignored, are people too passive or stup!d to seek justice, you be the judge

Poor Wayne. Probably believes Kari Lake, too.

@Wayne, how was it criminally conducted?

I’m ready for some guilotine action on these traitors!

gremlin 423, Glad you agree all those GOP traitors should be be done away with and Take F ucker Carlson with them.

Oh, everybody knows tbey were just looking for the Gift Shop. Ask Tucker Carlson. Wait– ask someone else

Previously unseen footage, shown for the first time on Tucker Carlson Tonight, sparked controversy for its purported portrayal of the Deadly Jan 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol Insurrection as a “mostly peaceful” protest, but the intelligence community has gone on the record to claim all security footage from the event is nothing but Russian disinformation. “It is the consensus of the intelligence community that security footage from the Capitol building is part of an elaborate Russian disinformation scheme,” said White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre.

Trump should shut his trap up and concentrate on all those law suits he is about to face. If anyone needs to be tried for treason it is that orange idiot,who wants to be a dictator

As noted here, a childish edit by Frat Boy Tucker. You could show scenes from a hurricane that killed dozens with people drinking coffee and joking around. Lame Azz ( …) LOL

Putin’s fluffer says what?

All the Carlson footage of Jan 6 shows is that all the MAGA rioters weren’t rioting all of the time. His claims that it shows that the demonstrators were peaceful is about as sensible as claiming Oswald didn’t shoot JFK because there are photos of him drinking A cup of coffee in a peaceful manner. Carlson only makes such ludicrous claims because he thinks his viewers are so thick they will believe anything. Unfortunately he’s right – as the DM comments demonstrate.

He doesn’t think they’re thick, he know they are. You’ve got to be to watch these shows and believe they’re factual.

Humpty trumpty: you going to jail,you going to jail,you going to jail

It’s pretty clear that America needs to clean house.

beginning with the republicans!

Whatever trump accuses of others is invariably what he himself is guilty.

Well said President Trump the J6 committee was a completely staged sham to jail people without a fair trial. Disgraceful.

Just A reminder of why the only investigation into Jan 6 is by A House committee consisting mainly of Democrats. The sequence of events was: (1)
The House Democrats and Republicans negotiated a bipartisan agreement for an inquiry from the great and the good from the Republican and Democrat party with no Congress members. The Republicans got to choose half the members without any veto by the Dems on that and also had the power to veto any subpoenas. The GOP Senators stopped that with the filibuster.
Pelosi was left with no choice but to form A House committee, McCarthy then appointed two members who were alleged to be part of the insurrection and would have been investigating themselves. When Pelosi was forced to reject them – as he knew she would have to , McCarthy refused to participate. Trump and the Republicans didn’t want any inquiry. Wonder why?

Salford, you really need to learn the facts before spewing such garbage.

What kind of people srill support Trump?

Stupid peopl


Tucker hates you passionately. Time for rebuttal. Can’t wait.

Can this dude get any dumber. Hey Tucker hates you.

Yeah, I think most Americans think that Trump should be tried for a whole litany of crimes including treason and should actually go to prison for them!

TDS is a mental and spiritual affliction that renders its host into Zombies or if you will The Walking Dead!

I agree, let them stand trial for treason.

Every mass shooting or bombing resulting in multiple deaths in the US has come from the right. Not one anarchist or Antifa mass shooting has ever been recorded. Never. What does that say?

Conner Betts shot and killed 9, and wounded 17.

I agree with Trump. Let’s get them indicted and get this ball rolling. No delays. Let’s go!

Majority of Americans agree with Trump. Go Trump!

No, we do not.

I thought Republicans were morally against political prisoners. Once again, he proves Republicans no longer have any true convictions. The only thing Republicans believe in nowadays is beating the Democrats. That’s it, they don’t have any convictions beyond that.

Never seen such pathetic desperation from one man…poor trump, life is just so unfair to him.

Trump needs to read the definition of treason in the Constitution. If he can read.

trump DEMANDS (……..) LOL

trump incited the violence on jan 6th and when people, including his daughter, begged and pleaded with him to make it stop he did NOTHING. no one minute of tape will change that.

Ugh! Trump is a revolting jackass. Why would the J6 committee not investigate the violence that occurred, the violence we all saw while Trump sat there for hours getting off on it. He knew they were his supporters and that’s why he did nothing. He thinks we’re as stupid and as ignorant as he is.

Yes-I love Joe & the Demonrats -There is always Plenty of shootins & A Burnins & A Robbins & A killens & wadchen thems A runnin from A fresh LICK with arm loads of Loot & dey Punts around dey Knees!!! Funniest Comedy you will ever witness Many Thanks Pet!.

Keep on topic you stupid MAGA halfwit. Why didn’t Trump as POTUS do nothing for hours?

I see that those GQP magat Mob in the House plan on visiting those Jan 6 criminals in jail. How pathetic. So these useless magats are going against America to visit Traitors of this country. Wouldn’t it be great if they all entered the prison and never leave. Lord knows they do belong there,

Yes-I love Joe & the Demonrats -There is always Plenty of shootins & A Burnins & A Robbins & A killens & wadchen thems A runnin from A fresh LICK with arm loads of Loot & dey Punts around dey Knees!!! Funniest Comedy you will ever witness Many Thanks Pet!

What ever happened to politicians passing bills that actually help the American people? Now days it’s all about trying to prove there innocent

He’s right. Democrats are harmful trash. Not a working brain cell among them. Their antics over the past six years proves it.

The only trash that comes to mind is Trump and all his brainless traitors.

The w/hiny little fr/at boy Tucker showed heavily edited, carefully selected scenes. You could edit scenes from a war and show a peaceful day. Also the fact that the cop had to wear a cu lt hat so he wouldn’t be lyyynched pretty much says it all. LOL

You mean like Nancy and the Democrats did at their little made for tv circus?

Yes-I love Joe & the Demonrats -There is always Plenty of shootins & a Burnins & a Robbins & a killens & wadchen thems a runnin from a fresh LICK with arm loads of Loot & dey Punts around dey Knees!!! Funniest Comedy you will ever witness-Many Thanks Pet!…

How DARE Tucker show us the truth! What A monster! And now we know why Nancy and the Democrats hid all the video, as if those of us without TDS brain rot didn’t already know. We know that our own FBI was in the crowd, instigating and breaking the law themselves, as admitted by the FBI under oath on national television. Why was Ray Epps, one of the only people caught on video encouraging people to break the law the ONLY person not arrested? Clearly he was in on it too. People who weren’t even there were arrested yet Ray, who was all but encouraging people to riot, was not. The cops were walking them around like it was a tour and opening doors for them, just as they claimed all along, but that was another Democrat labeled “conspiracy theory“. If the Dems call it a conspiracy theory, you can be sure it is indeed true. They do it so often it is now a tell to what is actually true.

Guess the hours and hours of footage of the violence that took place, filmed by MAGA no less, has escaped your lil pea brain. No wonder Trump loves y’all.

2 mins selectively edited out of 40,000 hours is not the truth.

A bunch of educated mentally challenged but mostly uneducated low IQ I d i o t s

They, along with the trump Trash are members of Q

That’s the pot calling the kettle black!!!!

These guys aren’t doing anything! The narrative is the same. They’re all still guilty of trying to interfere and stop a govt proceeding. They were everywhere in there in private offices wiping their stinky poop all over the hallway walls gross!! Don’t go away mad just go away that’s it!! They got off lightly compared to if any other mob that ever tried to pull that fiasco off!! It won’t change anyone’s mind in fact it makes people angry all over again (…) nothing is going to happen like that again. (.

Fake news.

Yes-I love Joe & the Demonrats -There is always Plenty of shootins & a Burnins & a Robbins & a killens & wadchen thems a runnin from a fresh LICK with arm loads of Loot & dey Punts around dey Knees!!! Funniest Comedy you will ever witness-Many Thanks Pet!…..

Agolf Mc$phincter being Agolf, who woudatod

This is the same I was up early in voting counting until Joe beat me by 7 millions routine. If you edit out the final count to when I was winning means I won. – Stable Genius

You can’t stop what’s coming, lil donnie.

Why would he want to stop what’s coming? We are loving seeing the videos of the truth that Tucker is releasing proving the Democrats liars and traitors.

adjpaa, Some people were born stupid and it snowballed from there, sound familiar

Acts more and more like a dictator every day

along with Seditionis

Okay whatever good luck with that Trump.

Trump, please go away. You are unelectable as you’ve alienated all those ‘evil’ people in the middle. We need a sensible, smart Republican. That clearly excludes uou.

And NOT any of those trump sympathizers or the ones who want to pick up where he left off.

He really throws the “t” word around a lot, doesnt he?

You people are nutso… and blind & deaf

So many easily manipulated fools on this site. Can’t wait to see the spin when rupert’s org is found guilty…

They’ll merely take it to the streets just like they like to do, remember Jan 6?

Can we just move on from this disgraceful man. Thank you

What a dumbo

Footage revealed Jan 6 was not an insurrection. Release all the footage.

You’re either a bot or truly dumb

Tucker exposed the regime narrative as the propaganda that it is. Official Washington and the establishment media are furious, which only confirms that Tucker is correct/

You must be proud.


Drucker at Frox,hates your guts Donnie. Get a clue loser!

A monster lie, well you should know all about that, such BS this, TC is in trumps pocket, trump trying to discredit the committee that called him out for what he is.. a traitor to democracy, he can try spin and lie his way out of this as much as he can, but what he cannot do is change how history will record his involvement and how he incited the crowd into a violent insurrection, it’s there in full technicolour, can’t lie that one away. What went on or didn’t go on inside the building is nothing to do with what he did.. and the hilarious thing is he too dumb to see that’s what he was found guilty of, not a few videos that are open to interpretation… my god America when is his deluded going to wake up to this disgraceful individual.

I agree that Trump should be tried for treason.

Remember the Rosenbergs

In President Trump’s defense, he did win the 2020 election. Until the vote counters started pulling out unverified boxes from underneath the bingo tables.

Wayne Hisler You really believe that? You are an example of why they make fun of the trump Trash being easily led and uneducated

The nihilism is strong in you (…)

Leftists don’t mind being deceived and lied to as long as they disparage the political people they’ve been brainwashed to hate, courtesy of the unholy trinity of Democrats, the MSM and big tech. These people are insane

What A L.O.S.E.R!!!!

Pot | kettle(…), demands, listen you lemon head, you can’t demand anything, your nothing, your not president anymore, thank god, only one person that should be in jail and the world and its mother know who that it, except his deluded supporters that is

In that case, we should try him for sedition

Withholding evidence is a crime. Enjoy the ride wherever it takes them.

I know, Fox should be charged for releasing 2 mins of selectively edited video out of 40,0000 hours worth.

Who did they withhold it fro

Democrats really don’t like to be told they were deceived. So they will now keep supporting the lie so they don’t look like gullible idiots.

Take off, hoser

@all above, bunch of conformists not ready to face the fact they were lied to. Need to keep the narrative they are comfortable with

Trump is right!

Actually, he’s left. But he saw a bunch of magats on the right, so he switched sides and became their magat king.

I agree with Trump

Says the person who is under investigation for subverting the election result in Georgia. And remember Tucker himself who has been exposed as intensly disliking Trump has himself cherry picked exerts that try to put their own narrative on events.

@i AF that’s ironic coming from liberal Canada where you can only buy alcohol and car insurance from the government. Sit down you clown.

@clown above, A place of residence doesn’t make me anything. I can think for myself, thank you very much.

Trump is ancient, he should quit rattling

Hope that 1st J6 Committee is interrogated, jailed, caged and put on ice for years, just like the folks in prison to this day that they incarcerated.

They were found guilty by a jury of their peers. Oops

Ahh heck Shrimpers…just admit you want people jailed simply because they criticize poor thin-skinned trump.

The FBI were also involved by inciting the riot ..Look up REVOLVER NEWS the evidence is all there for everyone to see….Why has Fox News other programs SILENCED the biggest story on their Network by Tucker Carlson…?

There was only one person who incited that riot because hes a cry baby loser

Revolver News is a far right conspiracy theory website that’s endorsed by Trump because, like the fat orange traitor, all they do is spout lies and BS. It has no credibility whatsoever and neither do you Cloetus. Don’t you have banjo practice to go to?

is this like his investigation into the democrats handling of his collusion with russia? did he not say that was the single biggest crime in the history of the whole world and then they charged one peon with like a bs charge and the jury found him not guilty? tucker carlson cut together a video of everytime someone was calm on jan 6. come on! my infant could do that. who cares?

Your infant must be far smarter than you. Well done. Maybe it’s not yours.

USA . Trump makes the rest of the world realize how lucky we are not to be living there.

Yes… while your Canadian prez beckons those spy balloons.

Nancy Pelosi should speak up on these issues! Notice how Nancy’s big, trap-door mouth has stopped muttering about the “insurrection”, when the Republicans are now calling the shots. She is petrified of being drawn into the mix!

Still cannot believe that the American taxpayer funds these running rampant Biden Mobbe as they do heist after heist of our constitution and escape prosecution.

Trump was our greatest leader. He is the gold standard of truth and honesty. I hold Trump in the highest regards. In my household he can do no wrong. He has the morals of an upstanding jackal. All my vultures and buzzards coo when he appears on the TV. My salamanders and crocodiles adore him. My orangutan has his picture in his cage. All my creepies and crawlies that slither by praise him. Trump is the man.


Old King Cole This goofball trolling isn’t funny anymore.

People lost their freedoms because of their lies. Now that the truth came out, as far as I’m concerned, this is government sponsored kidnapping. Also known as DICTATORSHIP.

People lost their freedoms because of trumps lies

Hot air from Trump as usual. He’s a blowhard

All but a few witnesses in the Jan 6 committee hearings were Republicans, many chosen personally by King Mar-a-lardo

TDS from our communist friends to the north.

Ivanka and Jared testified as well.

Trump, justice is very close to you…

You first, Dotard

Sounds like a plan. Will Joe Biden be included in the net of capture

“Be there, will be wild.” “You’ve got fight like hell.” “Be a hero, not a zero.

He’s in no position to demand anything.

Sounds like weaponization of the government to me. FYI Maga’s, the Qanon shaman pled guilty to all charges. Most J6 traitors have pled guilty – over 500 of them

Quanon Shaman pleaded guilty in September to a (single count of felony obstruction of an official proceeding)

^ He faced 6 charges but as part of his plea deal 5 of them were dropped. Quid pro quo. Although I doubt you, as one of Trump’s poorly educated, understand what that menas.

Does anyone really want to listen to him for the next few years,?

No way!

TDS is a mental and spiritual affliction that renders its host into Zombies or if you will The Walking Dead

T r u m p is over. Now, we have to wait for his minions to figure it out.

The Whole Reason we have this Issue is Thad Donnie sent the Mob to Capital Hill Refused to Accept his Defeat and Dishonored the Tradition of Peaceful Transfer of Power

You should have listened to trumps speech January 6th

Last I heard we had Freedom of Speech and Expression on J6. Now we have Biden Communism

What happened to Pelosi’s laptop and other laptops taken that day? There is video of men dressed like soldiers running down the stairs with them. What is on those laptops? Another Hunter type scandal brewing? Pelosi said they only contained power point presentations. If they contained info connecting her to this riot, she’d not want to draw attention to it. We shall see. Enjoy the show!

Conspiracy theories are big with you

Comments filled with weak democrats

Democrats aren’t the ones crying that their messiah lost, dummy.


That’s no way to address your mo

TDS is a mental and spiritual affliction that renders its host into Zombies or if you will The Walking Dead!

The traitorous terrible twos toddler throws another tantrum

You didnt watch the video. Should you will learn something. People still held in jail and no lawyer.

Walter, I don’t need to watch the video.

Obviously no one on here knows about Tucker Carlson saying he hates Trump and Fox News owner in a deposition admission of lies they told about the election.

Malignant mucous sliming America

Why didn’t he pardon them?

Idiot! If the shoe were on the other foot, he’d be screaming blue murder. This traitor has to be tried

Treasonous Dementia Donald J. Trump, Covfefe.

Demand all you want azzwipe.

80k of his *poorly educated* fans whom he loves so much.

It was Biden that got 81million votes not Trump. Keep up

Lots of globalist plants in the US govt whose allegiance is not to the United States.

Like Donald Trump?

Most definitely so.

Insurrection = Being escorted through the Capitol by police while you wave a flag.

@Tim, yeah, well sometimes John Wick is peaceful. But most of the time he’s not.

I laughed when Tucker referred to the day as peaceful chaos.

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