Hal Turner Radio Show | Nation News Desk – US Troops TURNED THEIR BACKS To Biden: No Salutes either!

US Troops Turned Their Backs on Commander in Thief Joe Biden (foto YouTube)

US Troops TURNED THEIR BACKS To Biden: No Salutes either!

Commander in Thief Joseph Biden, who was sworn in as President of the United States today, got a rude welcome from his own military: THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ON HIM. Video below shows it happening!

Not only was his motorcade NOT SALUTED, troops openly turned their backs on him as he passed by.


This is what happens to an ILLEGITIMATE President. This is what happens to a man whose political party STOLE the election.

Joe Biden does NOT have the support of the rank and file US Military; only some soft support from yellow bellied, ass kisser, political coward, Generals, like those on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

It’s going to get worse.

Troops are already telling each other they absolutely will not “re up” when their contract expires; and Officers are already resigning their Commissions in disgust.

The loss of military personnel to resignations and refusal to re enlist is going to be staggering.

Our men in uniform, at least those that have any self respect, cannot and will not serve an illegitimate president. After all, Biden is personally wanted on Felony criminal charges by Ukraine, for embezzling American foreign aid to that country, and for unlawfully extorting Ukraine to fire a state prosecutor who was investigating Biden’s criminal son.

America is the laughing stock of the planet right now because Joe Biden got sworn in, corrupt judges at both the state and federal level, covered for it. Corrupt Congress members rubber stamped it. And now we have our first fraudulent president.

Fuck Joe Biden and fuck everyone who voted for him

Hal Turner Radioshow, 20 January 2021


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